Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Ad Relevance (7 Top Tips To Improve Relevance Score)

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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Ad Relevance (7 Top Tips To Improve Relevance Score)

Ad relevance, why does it matter so much? If you have ever wondered about it, then you have come to the right place.

Running ads with a low relevance score is like burning your ad budget for just the sake of the show. Every advertising platform is maturing with time and intends to deliver the best possible ads for the users. 

They are determined to improve the quality of ads that they show to their audience. Advertising platforms like Google and Facebook are trying to reduce the amount of misleading products or services on the platform.

So it is high time for the advertisers to pay attention to the quality of ads content and ad relevance score. In this article, we will discuss what is ad relevance? The latest Facebook ad relevance metrics updates, and how to improve ad relevance score? So let us get started!

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What Is Ad Relevance?


Simply put, ad relevance indicates the relevance of your ads to the customers. It is the factor that determines if your ad is suitable for a user’s queries or needs. 

Every advertising platform intends to serve the most relevant content to the audience. And to do so, filtering and ranking of the ad relevance are crucial for the platform to provide the appropriate ads for the users.

Facebook and Google ads have their methods, which they use to rank and show relevant ads to the target audience. Let us dig in deep!

FB Ads VS Google Ads


These two platforms can be seen as rivals, but it is different in practice. Many businesses use Google and Facebook ads for maximum visibility. Most of the organizations leverage the strength of advertising on these two platforms to target a wider audience, better reach, higher conversion rate, better ROI, etc.

Advantages of Facebook ads:

Un-parallel Audience Granularity:

Facebook has more than 2.6 Billion monthly users, but the true strength of Facebook lies in the flexibility in targeting the potential audience.

Inseparably Visual Platform:

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms and the advantage of that is that its ads blend completely with the other social media posts.

Incredible ROI:

 The Facebook advertising campaign budget may vary sometimes, But it is one of the most affordable platforms, from small to large every scale of the company can utilize this and has high ROI rates.

Advantages of Google Ads:

A Tremendous Audience:

The main advantage of using Google AdWords is that Google has an immense audience reach, and no other platform can provide such an audience.

Quality And Relevance:

There is a misconception that the higher the bid, the higher the chances of ranking. It is not quite true. Google AdWords focuses on the relevance of the ad, not how much you spent.

A Variety Of Ad Formats:

Google AdWords offers numerous compelling ad formats which advertisers can choose from.

What Is Facebook Ad Relevance Score?


In simple words, the Ad Relevance Score is the way to determine how much any ad is relevant to the audience. Facebook knows that serving irrelevant ads to the audience will harm the platform. Hence Facebook is trying to improve the relevance of the ads for the users.

To achieve this, Facebook scores ads from 1-10, and ads with less than 3 scores are less relevant. The lesser the score, the chances of getting shown to the audience is also less. Only high-relevance scored ads will be displayed to the users.

Even if any company bids high on the less-scored ads it will not display. The only way to show ads to the audience is to get a high relevance score. Here is how the scoring system works:

  • Relevance Score From 1-3: 

These ads are considered not relevant and have low impressions. These require higher bids.

  • Relevance Score From 4-7: 

These ads are considered relevant and have solid impressions. These require average bidding.

  • Relevance Score From 8-10:

The ads with a relevance score from 8-10 are considered extremely relevant. These ads have higher impressions and require the lowest biddings.

But as mentioned, Facebook is continuously improving its strategies to deliver the best relevant ads to the users. There was much confusion with the relevance score. So to improve this, Facebook changed some metrics in March 2019.

Facebook Ad Relevance Score Or Ad Relevance Diagnostics?


The Facebook ad metrics of ad quality ranking may have changed, but the main goal is the same. Instead of wasting your time on irrelevant ads, that might not work. Facebook relevance diagnostics help you to understand what your audience needs. And if you learn how to score well, you will be able to increase ad relevance for the audience.

Is Facebook ad quality ranking not showing? The reason is, that you will not be able to see the ad relevance diagnostics if the ad has less than 500 impressions.

With impressions of more than 500, Facebook forms a notified ranking. Facebook categorizes this into 5 levels:

  • 55th percentile and above: Above Average.
  • 35th to 55th percentile: Average.
  • Bottom 35% of ads: Below Average.
  • Bottom 20% of ads: Below Average.
  • Bottom 10% of ads: Below Average.

With the higher ranking, the chances of displaying ads increase.

What Are The New Ad Relevance Score Metrics?


Instead of just giving scores, these new rankings provide details on where advertisers can improve.

  • Quality Ranking:

The quality ranking determines the quality of your ads with the other ads competing for the same audience. This rank is completely dependent on the feedback of the audiences. If a user views or hides an ad, Facebook uses all these collected data for quality ranking.

  • Engagement Ranking: 

Engagement metrics help you to create compelling ads designs. It shows you if users are going to react, share, or comment on your ad. It compares the expected engagement of your ad with the competitors targeting the same audience.

  • Conversion Rate Ranking:

This metric ranks your conversion rates as compared to your competitors targeting the same audience. It determines the chances of users clicking CTA buttons. It depends on your ad optimization or conversion goals defined.

How To Improve Ad Relevance Score?


Here are some tried and tested tips to improve your ad relevance score:

Choose The Right Audience

Facebook offers to filter the audience by interest, location, age, demographics, etc. Use it to your advantage and target the best suitable audience for your business. You can also target your existing customers from your website, customers list, or mobile app.

Provide Quality Content

You may have heard it many times that content is the king. When it comes to marketing on any platform, providing quality content plays a vital role. Facebook is determined to deliver the best possible ad experience to the users. And if you create quality content, your ad relevance score will increase.

Add CTA Buttons

Engagement is the key factor for proving your relevance. Always add clear Call-To-Action buttons which encourage the user to engage with you. It might be like, comment, clicking on your ads, or any possible way to take users to any action.

Follow Latest Trends

Trends on social media platforms keep changing, so marketers need to use the latest trends in their ad campaigns. It is the best way to grab the attention of the audience. Your every strategy needs to transform with the latest trends.

Use Video Ads

People love to watch videos more than static images, and videos are a great way to deliver a constructive message. Videos are the best tool to grab users’ attention.

Keep Ad Frequency On Check

Users get annoyed when they see the same ad again and again. It may result in clicking in block or hiding the ad, so try to change the content with time while keeping the ad frequency to the minimum.

Pay Attention To Your Competitors

FB ads quality ranking ranks your ads by comparing them with your competitors. Before building a strategy for ad campaigns, visit the Facebook page of your competitors and try to analyze them. 

PowerAdSpy: Ad Intelligence Tool


Implementing all these tips can be overwhelming and time-consuming, but do not worry. PowerAdSpy can help you get the latest ads and improve your relevance score for every platform.

Filter By Ad Positions:

PowerAdSpy gives you the control to research through various ads. You can choose a position like the news feed or side location, and implement the best ad position working for your niche.

Complete visibility:

PowerAdSpy offers you clear visibility on the ad analytics and allows you to visit the live ad post directly from the platform.

Combination of Videos and Image Ads:

PowerAdSpy gives you the flexibility to choose the latest strategy that works best on social media platforms. It has the fastest-growing library of image and video ads.

Bookmark The Best Ads:

You can bookmark your favorite ad concepts to use in future ad campaigns with just a single click. It will be saved in your personalized ads inventory.

Engagement Oriented Details:

Engagement plays a vital role in any social media platform. PowerAdSpy provides you with engagement-oriented details on every ad and helps you analyze what is working and what is not.

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Final Thoughts

You can use any advertising platform, and spend a lot of money on ad campaigns. However, the way to improve your relevance score is by creating quality content, engaging with your audience, and proving what is relevant to them. With the help of PowerAdSpy, you can find the best ads in your niche and improve your ad relevance score.

I hope it was helpful. What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!