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PowerAdSpy is an All-in-one Ad Intelligence Tool and has the world’s largest Facebook Ad Library, which allows users to access information about any ad running on the respective platform.

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Social engagement, age, gender, target profile, post date, outgoing links etc

Ecommerce platform, Funnel, Marketing Platform, Source


Like, Share, Comments

Facebook Ad Library

Keyword and Advertiser's name

Country, Platform, and Impressions

Active and Inactive Ads

Customized keyword searches

Pending totals, spending by specific advertisers and spending data by geographic location

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The ad library in PowerAdSpy is a place where you can search all the ads that are running across Facebook and its services.

Apart from active ads, you can also get information about inactive ads. Just enter your dashboard, click on the Facebook icon at the left corner, and you can see unlimited ads on the dashboard.
Anyone can explore the PowerAdSpy ad library unless they have a PowerAdSpy account. You do not need to have a Facebook account to access the PowerAdSpy ad library.
You can search any type of ads running across Facebook and Instagram as well, whether you have seen them or not.
Ads will appear in the library within 24 hours after getting posted. Any modifications or additions to an ad will also be reflected in the ad library within 24 hours.