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PowerAdSpy boasts an All-in-one Ad Intelligence Tool with access to the world’s most extensive Google Ad Library.

This resource empowers users to glean comprehensive insights into any active advertisement on the respective platform, providing invaluable data and analytics for informed advertising strategies.

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PowerAdSpy Google Ad Library

Explore, analyze, and optimize Google ads effortlessly with advanced insights and comprehensive data

Comprehensive Database

Huge collection of Google ad databases from 100+ countries.

User Friendly Dashboard

Easy-to-use dashboard for accurate ad search.

Niche Based Search

Find relevant ads using niche keywords, advertisers & domains.

AI-Based Filters

Narrow down search results via specific country, ad type, & ad placement filters.

Date Wise Results

Search ads based on the date to find the latest and longest-running campaigns.


Save your favorite Google ads to add them to your personalized ad inventory

Lander Properties

Find ads from targeted e-commerce platforms, marketing channels, and funnels.

Competitive Ad Analytics

Comprehensive reports to uncover lander, ranking details, & targeted hashtags.

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What is PowerAdSpy Google Ad Library, and how do I search Google Ads on it?

Using PowerAdSpy’s Google Ad Library you can explore and analyze ads running on Google and its related platforms.

To search for Google Ads within PowerAdSpy, simply access your dashboard and click on the Google Ads icon. This will grant you access to a wealth of information on Google Ads, helping you stay informed and make data-driven decisions for your advertising campaigns.

Do I need to have a Google Ad account to use Google Ad Library on PowerAdSpy?

No, you do not need a Google Ad account to use PowerAdSpy’s Ad Library. PowerAdSpy provides access to a database of Google Ads independently, allowing users to explore and analyze advertisements without requiring a Google Ad account.

What kind of ads can I search on the PowerAdSpy Google Ad Library?

You can search for both text and image-displaying ads using PowerAdSpy. This comprehensive library covers both search ads and display ads to provide you with valuable insights for you

How long does it take for ads to appear in the library?

Ads will appear in the library within 24 hours after getting posted. Any modifications or additions to an ad will also be reflected in the Ad Library within 24 hours.