How To Uncover Your Competitor’s Display Ads Using PowerAdSpy?

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How To Uncover Your Competitor’s Display Ads Using PowerAdSpy?

It is quite fascinating to see the growth in the popularity of display ads, as marketers are also earning a nice profit from it. But still, there are so many challenges with display advertising that marketers do not know. One of the best ways to uncover these challenges is by analyzing competitor’s display ads campaigns.

Especially if you are a beginner marketer and want to start a marketing campaign for your business, a competitive analysis can help you learn about the precious marketing insights that can bring more value to your display ads. For that, you can utilize the best ad finder tool- PowerAdSpy, which allows you to find the most converting ad campaigns on GDN (Google Display Network).

Here in this blog post, we are going to show you how you can find the most converting Competitor’s display ads while you can replicate those in your ad campaigns to ensure more conversions in your business.

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About Display Advertising-


You might have seen display ads with some texts and visuals on different websites or social media channels. These kinds of ads are usually used to attract viewers’ attention or simply to enhance brand awareness. To run such campaigns, you will have to pay for the ads based on the CPC model. It means that whenever somebody clicks on your ads, you will be charged a specific amount for that.

Besides that, you can also use display ad campaigns for retargeting audiences who have shown intent in your product but have not made a purchase yet. Even with such benefits, display ads are widely used at the awareness level of the funnel. And the reason behind that is that usually, people see such ads when they do not intend to buy them. On the other hand, if they are searching for such ads and find one, then there is a higher probability of conversion.

Still, as you can see, display ads only make you pay when you get clicks. And in comparison to search ad campaigns, they have lower price options as well. That is why investing in display ads is worth it.

How To Find Most Converting Display Ads?

We have the brilliant ad finder tool (PowerAdSpy) using which you can easily search for the most converting Google display ads. PowerAdSpy ad analytic tool has this feature, which lets you find the top-performing competitive intelligence within a few clicks.

  • First, open the PowerAdSpy dashboard using your user ID and password.
  • On the left side of the screen, you have options with the different ad networks (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google PPC ads, Google display network, Native ads, Reddit, and Quora).


  • There you can select the GDN ads option. It will show you some of the random display ads running on the Google display network.
  • On the top of the dashboard screen, you have the search box, where you can type text keywords to search for relevant display ads of your competitors.
  • Below that you have further options to refine ads based on – Search by, Filters, and Landing properties.


  • Under the Search by section, you have the choice to look for ads based on a specific text, brand name, any object, or celebrity in the image.
  • In the Filters section, you can target your search results based on Specific country, Positions (Top or Bottom), Language, and Image size.


  • If you are exclusively targeting the landing pages, you also have the option to mention the eCommerce platform (Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Click bank), Funnel, Marketing platform, and Source (which lets you target ads on Desktop, Android, and iOS devices).


  • Now after setting your preferences, tap on the explore button icon.

There you go! It will find you the best of all competitor’s display ad campaigns.

Know About Your Target Audience-


After finding your favorite ads, you can further analyze the details of the campaigns. Bookmark your favorite ones and tap on the show analytics button. It will show you all the basic information about the entire engagement details. There you will also learn about the locations and information about the target audiences based on-

  • The Age, Gender, and relationship status of audiences
  • Graphical representation of audience engagement
  • Countries where ads are targeting
  • The time for which the ads are running etc.

Using this information, you can also learn more about your target audience. Accordingly, you can plan your targeting strategies to boost ROI in your business through display advertising.

Different Formats Of Display Ads-


When searching for GDN ads using PowerAdSpy, you will find ads in 3 different formats- text ads, media ads (with images, videos, and gifs), and HTML ads (containing both images and text). Also, you have the option to filter banner ads based on their image size.

Here we have mentioned some of the most common display ads that you may often see-

Banner Ads- These kinds of ads are quite popular, as they can fit into any space on a website. It seems like a regular banner with images and text on it.

Interstitial Ads- These ads appear as a pop-up whenever you open a landing page. While most people dislike such unwanted pop-ups. However, such ads can also help you drive more conversions when you are targeting mobile users.

Rich Media- These are interactive ads with images and text that let you engage with users. You can use graphics and interactive videos or CTAs, surveys, or poll buttons.

Video Ads-  Now along with images and banners, you can also use videos on your display ads. Videos are more interactive and engaging to the audience, that’s why such ads can bring you more audience and conversions.

Reasons To Find Competitor’s Display Ads-

As you know, display advertising has become quite convenient for marketing. And it provides a great opportunity to build brand awareness. However, if you are looking for instant growth and conversions, it’s better to play by expert rules. There are already so many experienced marketers gaining through display advertising. While competing against them, you can also learn one or two strategies to bring more success to your business.

Gets You Better Reach-

Based on the survey, the Google display network has a reach of over 90% of internet users around the world. And almost half of them see display ads daily at least once a day. With such a huge reach, it gives you a great opportunity to gain more audience engagement.

Build Brand Awareness-

Especially in the initial stage of the funnel, you want to build awareness for your business. Display advertising completely fits in that role, gets better visibility and engagement for your brand’s website.

Attract Audience-

Using interactive videos and images with engaging captions on your display advertising, you can drive more traffic to your business website.

Targeting Options-

It also gives you many targeting options through which you can define your target specific target audience so that you can ensure getting better revenue out of your investments in display ads.

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Ready To Start!

So are you ready to incorporate display advertising for your business? Your competitors may have already taken their steps on the Google display network. While you can also follow the same, use a powerful ad intelligence tool – PowerAdSpy to uncover your competitor’s display ads campaigns.