YouTube Statistics for Your Upcoming Marketing Strategy 

Since the time YouTube has been launched, it has become very popular around every corner of the globe. At present, this platform is considered to be the no.1 platform for sharing videos, tutorials, series, and many more. The launching year of YouTube was very profitable because just a year later, it used its 100 million […]


Competitor Ad Finder- Decisive Metrics For All Business Investment

Competitor research or analysis is a significant parameter for businesses or marketers which provides detailed insights into the competitor’s well-serving ads and how they are monetizing the best-performing weapons to hit the market.  To compete in the advertisement universe your fundamental strategy will be analyzing and researching the enemies or competitors, right? Competitor’s ad finder […]

How to do Facebook live streaming from Computer or PC?

In 2016, when Facebook announced the new live streaming option, it wasn’t so popular at that time. But now you can see every individual know how to live stream on Facebook. Live streaming may sound complicated and technical, but it’s too easy and highly obtainable procedure for everyone. It’s also a beneficial marketing approach for […]

Social Media Ads To Make Money

5 Most Effective Social Media Ads To Make Money

Social Media Ads is a kind of digital ad that places advertisements on many social networking sites. It has three major purposes: branding, response, or both.  Nowadays, you can run funded advertisements on multiple social media platforms. And running an effective campaign gives you a very potential opportunity to generate revenue for your business.  Social […]


06 Profitable Cyber Monday Marketing Strategies That Will Escalate Sales

Cyber Monday- The virtual Doppelgänger of Black Friday is all set to hit the market in just a few weeks. By now, every eCommerce marketer has grabbed their war boots in order to compete for limited ad space while also bolstering their marketing strategies. Needless to say, you will need to be decked out in […]

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