Doubled Leads And Revenue With Aggressive PPC Campaigns

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Doubled Leads And Revenue With Aggressive PPC Campaigns

Client Overview:

The client has been a consistent leader for more than 3 years in the casino industry known for its exceptional gaming experience. Looking to expand its reach in the digital realm, the casino client partnered with us to develop and execute a strategic Google Ads campaign.


The casino client faced the challenge of increasing its online visibility and driving targeted traffic to its website. With a competitive landscape in the online casino industry, the client needed a robust strategy to stand out and attract potential customers.


● Increase website traffic and engagement.
● Generate qualified leads for the various gaming offerings.
● Improve ROI from online marketing efforts.


We devised a multi-faceted Google Ads strategy tailored to the casino’s unique offerings and target audience. The strategy encompassed the following key elements:

Keyword Optimization: Thorough keyword research was conducted to identify high-relevance keywords related to casino gaming industry, and special events.

Ad Copy and Extensions: Compelling ad copy highlighting the casino’s gaming unique features, promotions, and special events was crafted. Ad extensions, such as site link and callout extensions, were utilized to provide additional information.

Audience Segmentation: The target audience was segmented based on factors such as location, interests, and demographics to ensure ads reached the most relevant potential customers.

Ad Testing: Multiple ad variations were created and tested to identify the most effective messaging and design.

Budget Allocation: Budget was strategically allocated to different campaigns and keywords to maximize ROI.

Execution and Results:



Over a span of 45 Days, the Google Ads campaign yielded remarkable results:

Increased Click-Through Rate (CTR): The well-crafted ad copies and targeted audience segments led to a 6X increase in CTR compared to the previous period.

Higher Conversion Rate: The campaign generated a 2X increase in conversion rate, indicating the effectiveness of the strategy in driving qualified leads.

Improved ROI: The focused budget allocation and optimized keyword strategy resulted in a 7% improvement in return on investment.

Enhanced Online Visibility: The client online presence expanded significantly, with impressions increasing by 4x, reinforcing brand recognition.


Through a data-driven and strategically executed Google Ads campaign, Client was able to not only increase its online visibility but also attract a higher volume of qualified leads.

The successful collaboration between us and the casino showcases the power of digital marketing in driving tangible business results in the competitive casino industry.