07 Tips For Creating Weight Loss Facebook Ads That Will Work In 2021.

Facebook is the biggest social media platform with 2.45 billion monthly active users and1.62 billion daily active users. So, if you are thinking of making any kind of ads for people’s interest, you are on the right platform!

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Obesity and Overweight have become a major problem nowadays. Technologies have made our life easier. But due to the latest technology, the rate of physical work is highly decreasing which is letting the fats make a home in our body.

In this scenario, making weight loss Facebook ads will be beneficial for many people. You might have seen many Facebook ads providing services and products for weight loss with a guarantee. But are those ads becoming successful? Are people trying their services and products? What can we do to make our ads more effective?

Here are some tips for creating weight loss Facebook ads that will work and boost the effect of your advertisements.

1. Stick to weight loss Facebook ads policies:


It depends upon Facebook to accept or reject the ad especially when it comes to weight loss ads. Facebook is very strict on that part. Thanks to Facebook advertising policies through which you can get a clear idea about the segments which is acceptable and which is not.

What are those policies? Let’s have a look at Facebook policies which will make your weight loss ads get accepted by Facebook.

Unsafe supplements:

Some weight loss plans include supplements. These may be safe, but it is Facebook’s own decision to decide whether it is safe or not. Even if you include supplements that are safe in your weight loss plans, Facebook takes it as unsafe.

So, it is better not to include any kind of supplements in your weight loss ads. You can suggest any prospects that contact you for more information.

Have you ever tried dietary supplements? What was your experience? Share with us at the end in the comment section.

Personal attributes:

Ads should not have content that includes personal attributes like a person’s sex, disability, medical condition, race, and more. It means that you should have to be creative while making ads that do not indicate that the person seeing this ad is struggling to lose weight.

Let me explain to you with an example.

Ad 1. “Get back in shape with our diet plan”.
Ad 2. “Are you struggling with your weight? Give a try to our weight loss program”.

In these two ads, which of these do you think will be accepted by Facebook? If you are saying the first one, you are right! In the first ad example, there is no particular declaration about the person seeing this ad. But the second ad example is going to get rejected due to the personal attribute policy. Here it is indicating that the person who is viewing the ad is overweight.

So, the best way to avoid personal attributes is not to mention “you” or “yours” in the ad. It will take some effort to make ads avoiding personal attributes but this creativity can save your ad from getting rejected and run in the long term.

Wrong information and misleading claims:

The wrong information is simply the false statement that some people give to make their advertisements better or they want us to believe in their words. It is sometimes done to make sure that people believe in their words where they will be successful to sell their products.

But remember, there is a Facebook fact-checker that when exposing a claim on a submitted advertisement, your ad will get rejected.

Misleading information is similar but slightly different from wrong information. It includes truth but the way it is represented is too good to be true. In the case of weight loss, people involve too good results like “ lose 30 kg in one week”.

If you want to include someone’s story in your ad, you should add it at the end of the text(“results may vary”).

Non-functional landing page:

Facebook viewers not only see the advertisements, they also review the landing pages. But as Facebook has instructed guidelines about the issues of landing pages, you should hire a marketing agency to provide a customized landing page for your weight loss clinic. In this way, you can avoid those problems and save your ad from rejection.

Personal health:

In general, weight loss ads include before and after pictures to attract and convince the audience for their weight loss program. But Facebook does not allow adding before and after pictures. Unreal ads with negative insight get rejected by Facebook. So, it is better to get creative with your images and videos where people maintain a healthy lifestyle.

2. Set an objective:


What do you want to achieve through your ads? What is your goal?

You should have a specific goal for your ad that will help you determine ad format, visuals, ad copy to create your weight loss Facebook ads that work. You can determine your level of marketing from awareness to conversions.

You can run multiple campaigns with different ads. Just ensure that you are marketing to the right people.

Increased awareness:

If you have started a new weight loss program and want your consumers to be more aware of it, then probably a brand awareness ad campaign is the best way. It means that you are targeting people who are at the top of the marketing funnel. Here the goal is not to attract audiences, the goal is to make them aware of the existence of your weight loss service.

In other words, for increased awareness, you have to focus on a reach or how many people view your advertisements. Don’t be confused between reach and impressions. Reach is, if one sees an ad twice, it will be counted once. But Impression is, if one user sees an ad twice, it will be counted as two.

Increased interest:

The next step of your marketing funnel is increasing interest. Once your audiences are aware of your weight loss services, it is time to make them more interested in it. Because more seriousness will make them search more about your weight loss program and they will be considering it seriously.

There are different kinds of interest-based ad objectives like-
Lead generation

Increased conversions:

When a viewer takes some desired action, conversion takes place. The desired action varies from person to person and depends upon your business goal. Some examples of conversions include:
Submitting information through the contact form for more details.
Signing up for newsletters
Downloading an app
Making a purchase
If you want more conversions, you have to create an ad that is designed to convert more audience.

3. Target your audience:


If you want to know your objectives and want your ad to be successful, you need to know your audience first. Facebook ads are charged by cost per click(CPC) and cost per thousand impressions(CPM). It means that if you want to make your Facebook ads successful, make sure that it is getting in front of the right audience.

Once you know your audience, you can display Facebook ads to particular people according to their age, sex, location, interest, and behavior, lookalike audiences.

4. Write the weight loss ad copy:


Once you are aware of your audience, you can start with writing a copy. Do not think about ad formats because you have to go through some revisions.

Make sure to follow Facebook’s ad policies. It will help create high-quality advertisements and also be beneficial for your prospects.

While writing ad copy, you should keep in mind the character limit. It varies with ad formats. You can expect character limits according to your selected ad format. These are the limits:

– Text: 90-125 characters
– Headline: 25 characters
– Link description:20-30 characters.

You can use emojis to describe your ad that will circumvent the character limits and catch the viewer’s attention. Just make sure how to use it and where to use it.

You can also use image text. But use it in limit because too much image text or videos will get rejected by Facebook. You can take the help of a tool that Facebook provides to know whether you are using a lot of image text or not.

5. Use high-quality visuals:


No matter how good your ad’s copy, without high-quality visuals, it is not going anywhere. Visuals can be images, gifs, videos, etc. Think twice before using visuals. It should be relevant to your ad and make sure to use a customized landing page for uncountable conversions.

The images or videos you are selecting should match the ad formats. Still, confused?

You can take a test trial by creating and running ads to see which ad copy and visuals will work the best.

6. Choose an ad location and format that support your content:


After writing ad copy and selecting visuals for them, now let’s know how to choose the ad location and ad format. Thanks to Facebook, that offers many options. You can select one for your ad copy and visuals. Not all ad formats are an option for weight loss advertisement programs.

Also, every format is not suitable for all locations. Like image and carousel ads can be placed on Facebook’s right-hand column, but video ads will not fit there. The ad formats that will benefit weight loss programs are image ads, carousel ads, video ads.

7. Attract your audience with a value proposition and CTA:


One of the best ways to engage audiences is to offer them something of value. It may be a free consultation, discounts, coupon codes, and more. Offer something in a creative way that will make your prospects take desired actions.

You can use CTA buttons like “contact us for more information”, “sign up” etc. On Facebook ads that are customized.

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Wrapping words:

Creating ads for the betterment of people is a great idea. The rest of the things you can follow from this article like how to create ads, which are the requirements etc, but the only thing that you should keep in mind is, never give false hope to your audiences. It can be the reason for the downfall of your brand and services.

In case if you are confused with ad selection, you can take the help of an ad management tool like PowerAdSpy, the best ad management tool that can help you search ads for exact and relevant keywords.


PowerAdSpy also provides you the platform where you can create ads and improve your social advertising campaigns. Here you can also save ads of your interest which you can use later for your ad campaigns.

Are you getting started for your next weight loss ad campaign? What are your plans? Which parts of this article are you going to implement in your ad campaign? Share your views and experience. I would love to hear from you.

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