Facebook Sales Funnel: Step By Step Guide For You

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Facebook Sales Funnel: Step By Step Guide For You

Facebook permits every business to sell on the popular social media platform. It also provides different marketplace categories under which the companies can trade. It is convenient for both marketers as well as shoppers to sell and buy on Facebook.

The companies put up different content on their official Facebook profile. The audience sharing a similar interest gets intrigued by these contents and initiates a purchase.

They can purchase from the company’s official website whose link is present either on the top or bottom of the page. Clicking on that particular link will redirect the user to the brand’s official website where they can check out the top-selling products of the brand.

Doesn’t it sound so easy? Well, it is. But the companies cannot put up tons of posts on their profile and believe that they will create engagement. The companies need to have the Facebook sales funnel at the perfect place.

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What Is Facebook Sales Funnel?

facebook-sales-funnel-meaningFacebook sales funnels serve the purpose of reaching out to the audience and moulding them to initiate a purchase. It aims at capturing the interest of the target audience so that they will get interested in checking the products and services of a brand.

The companies can send relevant messages and can post organic content for their target audience at any stage of the Facebook sales funnel by creating perfect Facebook ads according to their niche.

Facebook ads have more potential to appeal to numerous audiences, but it is not at all possible without the Facebook sales funnel.

The users of Facebook do not always log on to the platform to buy products. But while scrolling down their news feeds if they see an advertisement that captures their mind, then they will get interested in checking out the stock.

The Facebook sales funnel assists the companies to create engagement on their website by putting up ads of the relevant content so that the user gets reminded of the products that they have searched for recently or a similar niche they are looking forward to purchasing.

What Are The Stages Of Facebook Sales Funnel?

stages-facebook-sales-funnelThere are some around four to five stages included in the digital sales funnel. Facebook incorporates four steps in the sales funnel. Here are the staging’s that the companies have to go through to attract more customers to their website.

1. Facebook users first get aware of the company and the products and services they are dealing with.

2. The users that are interested in the products and services of the company may now get interested in initiating a purchase.

3. Now comes the purchase stage of the sales funnel. In this stage, the company is aware who among their target audience is interested in purchasing products from them.

4. After the users have purchased from the companies website, now the companies should consider them as an asset. The companies should not forget these consumers because they can later apply the Facebook remarketing strategies on them.

The stages of a digital sales funnel and Facebook sales funnel are the same. But with Facebook, companies can execute their advertising ideas in a better way.

How To Create a Facebook Sales Funnel?

how-to-create-facebook-sales-funnelThe companies can go up to any extension of their creativity to design appealing advertisements to grab the attention of their users. Facebook is one of the best platforms to advertise about a company because they can create ads that are trending and according to the preference of the users.

How PowerAdSpy Helps Advertisers?


PowerAdSpy is an advertisement management tool which assists the companies to create winning advertisements. It will also help the companies manage all the chaos of advertising on different social media platforms at ease.

The companies can search the keywords according to their niche on the tool. Then it will display the relevant advertisements of the keyword, and the companies can then check which are the most trending on different social media platforms.

The tool also facilitates to bookmark the advertisements. The companies can view the ads later and accordingly design their advertisements.

This facebook ad spy tool tool helps in searching the top ads of different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube.

Are you ready to create a Facebook sales funnel for your company?

Follow these simple steps to create a sales funnel perfectly.

Create Awareness

The first step to create a Facebook sales funnel is to generate awareness among the users about the brand. The companies can use different strategies to reach out to more audiences with their products and services.

The ads that the companies post on Facebook should target those audiences who are interested in the brand’s products and services. The target audience of a company also includes the audience those are unaware of a particular brand but share a similar interest.

So the ads that the companies put up especially for the audience sharing the similar interest of niche must include the top-selling product of the brand and should give an overall idea of the products and services of the company.

The companies can also go for organising contests for their audience. They can keep special discounts or other offers for the users who invite other users to participate in the trials. It will create engagement within the audience. It will also help in reaching out to more audiences as the users themselves will be referring to the brand to others who might have an interest in the same niche.

Once the users and their reference customers have participated in the contest, the companies will gain their information which can be of great help while retargeting them later.

Creating awareness also includes getting involved with their customers to let them know more about the company’s services before they initiate a purchase. The companies can go for Facebook live sessions or interact with the audience through comments.

The live session or the comments on the posts will show up to different users on their newsfeeds which will serve as a social proof that the company is truly getting involved and addressing the queries of the audience.

Overcome The Obstacles

The products of the companies need to speak how they stand out from other companies’ products. The companies should create such engagement that the users must be clear in their head that if they wish to buy a product, then they should go for that particular company.

It means that the companies have to design their ads in such a way that it should speak about the positive aspects and the top-selling products of the company.

We all know that Facebook runs a retargeting campaign in which the companies can easily target those audiences who have shown interest in their products or have already initiated a purchase from their official website.

As we have discussed earlier, companies need to get involved with their audience on Facebook. They cannot only put up the posts and do not check for the comments and queries on them.

The audience will get impressed if the companies are active on Facebook and reply to their comments and provide a solution to their queries. After getting a reply from the companies about the products and services, the audience might get interested in purchasing.

The companies can check relevant ads on tools like PowerAdSpy and look at how other companies advertise about their products and engage their audience on Facebook. Hence the companies can remind and retarget the users those who have shown interest in the companies products and services.

Run Special Discounts

The users at this stage are interested in the products and services of the company. They will definitely initiate a purchase. But the companies can take some initiative in making their purchasing experience more happening.

The companies can arrange special discounts and offers for the users. The offers can be for first time buyers or regular buyers who refer to the brands to other customers as well.

The offer can also include deals that last only for 24 hours. It can be free shipping or discounts on some products. So if there is a sale of short duration and the companies advertise about it on Facebook, then they can generate huge traffic on their website.

The companies can use strategies of reposting. They can repost the old advertisements that have already created maximum engagement. The users will get interested because it might be the product that most of the users will be looking forward to buying. So putting up those ads will be beneficial for the company.

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If the companies wish to raise their sales through Facebook, then they need Facebook sales funnel. The companies have to design their sales funnel according to their niche and their target audience. It will not only create engagement within regular customers but also attract those users who share similar interests.

I hope the article helped you know more about Facebook sales funnel. Is there something that we can incorporate? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear it from you!