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Ad Data Selection

Ads Volume

Ad Networks Supported

Ad Alerts

Pin Liked Ads

Ad Creatives

Ad Placement Tracking

Ads Library

Ranking Selection

Ad Type Coverage

Language Supported

Ad Performance Metrics


Ad Demographics

Competitor Analysis

URL/ID Search

Search Through

Ad Search and Filtering


Customer Support




Manual Curation

75K+ Updated Ads

Shopify, Facebook

Trending Products

Image, Video



Basic audience target

Ad Performance Analysis

Search by Product and Advertiser

Subscription-based plans with a Trial

Email and Chat Support



AI-Based Advanced Research

500+ Million

Facebook Instagram, Google, GDN, YouTube, Reddit, Quora, Pinterest, Native, LinkedIn, Shopify

Notification alerts

Ads Bookmark

Downloadable images

Detailed Ad placement data

Extensive Size Access

Search by Ad Ranking

 Image, Video, Carousel

English, Arabic, French, Portuguese

Engagement, CTA, Likes, Shares


 In-depth Audience Insights including Interests and Behaviors

Detailed Ad Research

Lander Page and Ad Copies

 Ads Information, Domain, Keywords, Advertiser, Position, and more

Advanced filters with 5+ filtering options

Subscription-based plans with a free plan

24×7 Support through Email, Chat, Knowledgebase

Pricing Table Plugin

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Each feature is designed to make your advertising journey more efficient and effective!

500M+ Ads Database

PowerAdSpy offers access to an extensive ad database that spans various platforms, industries, and regions. With millions of ads at your fingertips, you can explore a vast array of creative ideas and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in advertising.

Advanced Search Filters

Effortlessly find the ads that matter most to your business with our advanced search filters. Narrow down your search by platform, ad type, keywords, demographics, and more. Precision in your searches ensures you get the insights you need.

Competitor Analysis

Success in advertising requires knowing your competition inside out. PowerAdSpy empowers you to analyze your competitors' and strategies, dissect their creative approaches, and understand their ad performance metrics.

Ad History Tracking

Trace the evolution of ads over time with ad history tracking. Monitor changes in ad creatives, messaging, and targeting strategies. Use historical data to refine your ad campaigns and adapt to market trends.

Ad Performance Metrics

Make informed decisions with comprehensive ad performance metrics. Track engagement rates, click-through rates, conversions, and more. Our insights help you fine-tune your campaigns for maximum impact.

Ad Save and Export

Save your favorite ads and organize them for future reference. Create a curated library of successful ad examples. Plus, effortlessly export ad data and reports to collaborate with your team or impress your clients.

Multi-Device Convenience

Access PowerAdSpy across various devices and never miss a beat in your ad intelligence activities.


Windows All Version, Server 2003/08/10/12, bit 32-64


Mac 10.8 and Newer Versions


Linux/Ubuntu 16,18,20 Versions

Global Reach, Local Insights

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