PowerAdSpy Ad Integrations

Acquire competitive insights on the winning ads of the web from every online platform you can imagine!

PowerAdSpy Ad Integrations


Introducing Unconventional Pinterest Ads Spy Tool That Intensifies Your Competitive Precision

Extensive Database

Get the free Pinterest ad access across all countries supported by the Pinterest with a sizable database that includes all ad formats.

Exhaustive Dashboard

Underline major to minor aspects of ads and conduct a calculative search on the app.

Meticulous Search

Derive ad results of different niche keywords, advertisers, & domains and subscribe to them to stay updated.

Filter Ad Components

Strategically target ads in the platform by filtering them as per their ad components, i.e, Object, Text, Brand, & Celebrity.

Robust Configurations

Avail first-hand results based on specific ads via Country, Ad Type, & Ad Language filters.

Marketing Networks

Mark placement of ads as per the e-commerce platform, marketing channel, & marketing funnels.

Result Optimization

Refine your search results as per the date of the ad. This date can refer to the latest ads, longest running ad (successful), last seen, & date of domain registration.

Sound Ad Analytics

Get the ad reports of your targeted ad as per ad profile, lander details, ranking country, & crucial dates.

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