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A Versatile Ad Spy Solution For All Agency Peeps!

Get imaginative ideas to write compelling ad copies via analyzing the text, image & captions of an ad creative.

Run clever & targeting digital marketing ad campaigns via attaining the know-how of back-end advertising strategy.

Explore the new trends & get innovative with your graphic designing ideas for your brand marketing projects.

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Reduce your team’s bandwidth of ad research & align your resources towards bigger goals!

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Spy competitor ads from local advertisers to global ones. Because we cover everything!

With our best ad spy tool, you can track down the marketing funnel & divert traffic to you.

Locate the game-changing adverts of popular e-commerce outlets & participate in trends.

Engagement stats, ad placement, ad types, CTAs, & whatnot! The configuration goes on.

Powerful Integrations

Run Down Your Research Through Multiple Advertising Platforms


Get access to the Facebook ads spy tool sustaining one of the biggest ad databases in the world so that you never run out of ideas.


Avail the convenience of locating the most trendy ads & their placement option via the comprehensive filters of the Instagram ads spy tool.


Get your hands on the most exhaustive Youtube ads spy tool that lets you discover the ads in every format supported by the platform.


Enhance your research potency with google ad spy library under the dashboard functions that target keywords & text ads.


Gain competitor advertising insights with Google display ads spy tool via the personalized suite of exclusive filters.


Hone your campaign success with the help of a data driven native ad spy tool and start decoding competitor’s ads!


Reinvent your research strategies with the assistance of your own Reddit ad spy tool.


Witness the edge of the competitive ad query research space via the unparalleled Quora ad spy tool.


Pinpoint the ads of your entail and optimize your research strategies with Pinterest ad spy tools.

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Social Media Influencer Charlotte Neilson

I started by using the premium plan of PowerAdSpy. And it reduced my time on research tremendously! It felt like having a team of social media professionals by my side. Now I get to know all those little things that make an ad work.

Co-Founder Archie Gilbert

We were spending a lot of money. But despite every effort, nothing worked! So we purchased the Platinum plan of PowerAdSpy. And, it came out to be the best investment ever! We have reduced A/B testing costs and also have improved revenue!

Marketing Manager Steve Decker

I have been an affiliate marketer all my life but never thought that I could save time, money, and effort doing my job. Using PowerAdSpy has improved my efficiency in handling multiple projects and conversion prospects all at the same time!


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