07 Tools To Spy On Competitors Facebook Ads In 2024 and Beyond

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07 Tools To Spy On Competitors Facebook Ads In 2024 and Beyond

Do you wonder how you can spy on your competitor’s ads on Facebook?

Are you worried which tool will help you out in this process?

Check out this blog to get more information about the ads spy tools that facilitate searching and identifying relevant ads by using different filters.

The brands spy on their competitor’s ads so that they can create appealing ads for their products by checking out what is trending the most on Facebook.

Now the question is, how can the companies view the ads of their competitors.

They have to follow some simple steps to do so.

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Steps to view competitors Facebook Ads

Step-1: Select a particular brand and go to the Facebook Business page of that brand.

Step-2: Then go to the Page Transparency section.

Step-3: Then select the See More option and then check out the relevant ads in the Ads Section.

In the Ads library, look for the advertisements of the related filters. It shows the active ads of that particular brand.

Facebook also allows the brands to view the advertisements of different countries.

If a brand wishes to check the ads that the competitor company posts for the users of a particular country, then they can select the country from the dropdown menu.

Then scroll down to view the active ads of the company in that country.

The alternative way is directly selecting Facebook’s Ad Library, which provides the brands with a better and easy way of listing the active advertising campaigns.

07 Tools To Spy On Competitors Facebook Ads


Here is a list of 07 tools that will assist the companies in checking for their competitor’s advertisements.

1. Facebook’s “Info and Ads” Tool


Facebook has issued a tool called “Info and Ads” tool to develop clarity within its users. It basically got released to show the ads of the brands that are active on Facebook to its users. But this can also help the brands that are willing to spy on the ads of their competitors.

Facebook has made it so easy to access that the brands only need to click on a button, and they are good to go. Spying on competitors ads is one of the best strategies to make the ads of your brand stand out. The brands only need to check out the relevant ads and create the most trending ads out of them.


Facebook’s “Info and Ads” Tool is excellent for both small scale industries and large scale industries. The companies that are not willing to spend a lot on a tool can also make use of this to spy on their competitors.

The tool facilitates in checking if the competitors of a brand are marketing in their preferred locality.


If the competitors get to know that a brand is keeping track of their ads, then they can report the ads of that brand.

Facebook can also report ads of a brand for no reason.

The brands may not be able to check the engagement that is likes, comments and shares on some particular ads.

2. PowerAdSpy



PowerAdSpy is an advertisement management tool which will help the brands search for ads at ease. It will help the brands identify and display relevant ads according to their searched keyword.

The brands can also bookmark the ads that they like. Other than Facebook, PowerAdSpy facilitates brands to search for ads on a social media platform like Instagram and Google, YouTube as well.

This tool will help the brands create appealing and winning advertisements by referring to relevant ads of other companies.


PowerAdSpy covers around 06 million advertisements which can get accessed from 15 countries all over the world.

PowerAdSpy- spy on competitors Facebook ads spy tool dashboard facilitates the brands to check out the Facebook advertisements that are already live on the platform.

Other than keywords the brands can search for relevant ads by selecting a location and other filters also.


So far, there is no obstacle found from the brands using this tool.

3. AdEspresso


The AdEspresso tool delivers the relevant ads of any industry to the brands. The brands can search for ads of any interest in the same platform.

In recent times they cover more than 167,422 ads of different keywords. Basically, we can say that this tool includes every advertisement that brands look forward to for spying on competitors.


Ad Espresso delivers its facilities to more than 25 industries by now.

The tool helps the brands to check out the user engagement on different ads that they search.

Ad Espresso provides some filters to its users such as attribute, industry, objective and placement which will help the brand find relevant ads.


The brands that use this tool have to disable the AdBlock section to put up the ads according to the filters.

4. AdLeap Software

spy-on-competitors-facebook-ads-spy tool

Some industries prefer picking out a free ad spying tool which is beneficial because the software does the job without any extra expense of the company.

But the ad spying tools that are available free of the cost miss out on some significant features that are necessary for the brands spying on their competitor’s ads.

AdLeap software will help the brands recognise and identify the ads that are trending on Facebook. It also helps in creating beautiful ads for a brand. The companies can also hold on to this software to check the top-selling products to market online.


This spy on competitors Facebook ads spy software allows the companies to pin the ads that they prefer over others, and they show up on a single page. Hence the brands do not have to worry about searching the ads that they like.

AdLeap software is easy to use by the brands because it shows everything about an ad that the companies are willing to know. The software puts up the texts, images and user engagement of all the relevant ads available.

The best part of using this software is it will show how a particular ad performs on the social media platform after an interval.

It will also notify the brands about the new advertisements of the companies that the brand follows.


While using the dashboard of AdLeap software, the companies will get to know that they work really slow.

The software requires its users to plugin to chrome for better results.

5. AdSwiper’s Facebook Ad Spy Tool


AdSwiper’s Facebook Ad Spy Tool will help the brands save time that they spend on checking out every other ad. The tool makes it convenient for the users to go for those ads that are already working well in the market.

The tool is available in both free and advanced versions where the brands can look up to those competitor’s ads that are already available on the brand’s news feeds. So if the brands like using the free version of the software, then they can go for a paid subscription and use the advanced version.


The software provides a lot of filters to the brands that go for searching ads on it. Some of these filters are the name of the page, keywords and word count.

AdSwiper’s Facebook Ad Spy Tool helps the users to create a separate folder for the Facebook automated ads that they like.

It will also help you check for the top-performing ads on Facebook by verifying the likes, comments and shares on the ads.


The free version does not contain a lot of advertisements or functionalities. Hence the companies have to get the paid version to know about all the features of this tool.

6. Swiped. Co


If a brand is willing to post advertisements on Facebook, then they have to create similar ads that are already working well on the platform. The tool has a swipe file for every other ad.

So the tool has a library of ads examples that are trending on the platform. In this day and age, it has about 481 categories of advertisements tagged as Modern or Classic.


Swiped. co provides different platforms from which the brands can gather creative advertising ideas.

The tool provides complete explanations to the brands to check the effectiveness of an advertisement.

If an ad or niche is unavailable in the collection of the swipe files, then the brands can request for it.


The software only has a collection of 04 real Facebook advertisements.

7. Adsova


Adsova has a collection of more than 500,000 advertisements. So the advertisers can check out what are the positive remarks on this huge collection of ads.

There is no free version available for this software. The brands have to pay at least $1 to check out the features that this tool provides.


After having such a tremendous collection still, Adsova keeps updating the list every day after new ads get posted by different companies.

The file contains a collection of both document and visual advertisements.


The tool does not offer a free trial version to the users. Hence the brands cannot check out the features of the software before going for a paid version.

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Final Words

The 07 spy on competitors Facebook ads tools mentioned in the blog are among the best advertisement spy tools that will help the brands check the trending ads from the lot and create a winning ad for their company.

I hope the article helped you know more about the best tools to spy on competitors Facebook ads. Is there something that we can include? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear it from you!