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Target Ads for Dating Offers: A Complete Guide On How To Target Facebook Ads

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Target Ads for Dating Offers: A Complete Guide On How To Target Facebook Ads

Before getting into target ads, let me ask you a question, when was the last time you watched that quirky Tinder advertisement? Forget about when, how do you exactly remember which advertisement I am talking about? See, that’s the catch.

Dating applications are a new trend, and so are their smart, little advertisements. Not only apps but all gift vendors, sweet sellers, flower shop owners, etc. benefit from this trend of romance. How? Statistics show that about 66% of users have dated someone they met online, and about one-fifth of committed relationships began online.

Shocked? I guess not. We are all aware of how the dating industry is growing. So why not benefit from it and implement some similar strategies in your business too? So here we are, with our complete guide on how to target Facebook ads this dating season and gain more conversions in no time.

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Choose Your Targeted Traffic

One of the biggest mistakes that marketers usually make is spreading their marketing wings among as many viewers as possible. But what’s the use of advertising among the masses if they aren’t interested in your products and services in the first place? Never forget to target ads by filtering the audience, or you will end up minimizing the potential clicks, and reducing your overall ROI.

Before proceeding ahead with anything, first, learn to analyze online audiences, and target only the ones who are looking for the services and products for their date. It may be a bouquet, teddy, chocolate, ring, or a simple card. Your users may even be looking for a date to spend the evening with; dating apps, come to the rescue here.

Types Of Traffic


Traffic arrives on a page via a variety of mediums, but the most popular ones are pop, Facebook, and push traffic. Let’s discuss each one of them in brief: 

Pop-ups: A pop-up is a display area containing graphics and texts that suddenly appear in front of your visual interface (screen). It appears as a small window and usually has the most compelling CTA buttons. You might consider this option if you are a newbie in the online market, as it comes with a commendable audience reach and a comparatively lower price. 

Facebook: To be very honest, Facebook ads are a bit expensive. The only reason behind it is the conversion rate that you get out of it. The kind of exposure that you get on Facebook, especially when looking for an audience interested in dating and stuff, cannot be compared with any other marketing channel. Also, people use Facebook to connect with the online world, so it is pretty easy to entice them into a dating application. 

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Push Ads: It is a form of an automated message from an application or website that reaches the users even when they have not opened it. Unlike pop-ups, push ads can reach the audience anytime and anywhere, independent of whether they are on that site or not. They establish a sense of personal communication with the potential audience but have the potential to annoy them when used in excess.

Promoting Target Ads On Facebook

Today, we are going to talk about the best option for enhancing your CTR- Facebook target ads. As already mentioned earlier, the amount of traffic that you can get from Facebook is ENORMOUS. Learn to channel them in your favor and be ready to rock the online market.


We previously talked about Facebook ad bidding strategies and how one can maximize lead generation through it. Nevertheless, here is how you can get the maximum traffic and conversions on your ads:

1. Decide your Ad objective- do you want awareness, consideration, or conversion?

2. Analyze the type of your bid according to your niche, geo-location, and specifications of the audience like age, gender, etc.

3. Make the most creative and relevant ad, alluring enough to catch your audience’s attention.

4. Estimate your viewers’ action rates, choose from the manual and automatic bid, and decide your ad placement.

5. Learn how to target Facebook ads by using the best keyword combination that defines the type of audience on whom you want to focus. 

Make sure your campaigns are unique. Use pictures and videos that your competitors aren’t using. Just imagine looking at the same girl in different dating advertisements with different messages. You may or may not get an instant click on your target ads, but you are going to confuse the audience. You can keep an eye on your competitors’ ads using tools like PowerAdSpy.

Creative Examples

Enough with the theory, let’s practice a bit. When you create target ads for dating purposes, you have to make sure that you target the audience by their age and gender. The number of male users on Facebook is approximately 50% more than that of female users. Create and organize your campaigns accordingly.


Here’s how you should organize your Facebook ads, to get more clicks and conversions in no time: 

Example 1

Your first impression in front of your audience must imitate a new message in the messenger- something that has the maximum potential to make your approach look more personal and engaging. Just insert the symbol of receiving a text on the icon, type something like, “Text message from” or “Hey there. Wanna chat?” and then insert a high-quality picture that looks like a selfie of a real person, and not a model.


Example 2

With the expectations v/s reality trend popular on the internet, it is pretty tricky to convince your audience that the products that you are selling are appealing in real life too. So when you target the audience for selling your products as gifts, make sure you use more and more user-generated content, along with high-quality pictures. This way, you can convince your audience that your products are genuine and as appealing in real life as you are showing in the promotional photographs.


Example 3

Always use pictures that look like a friend clicked them and not a professional photographer. For instance, insert mirror selfies, and couples’ photos shot at a party; if you’re selling gifts, click them on a table or sofa. Make your target ads look as personalized as you can and not like clickbait, or else you will end up making your campaigns look too fake. 

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Your Message Language

It is no no-brainer when I say that your audience will find you more relevant when you speak to them in their native language. Use the language English only for the campaigns intended to reach the worldwide audience. Look for the language that the people speak in the region/country that you are targeting, and create your ads catered to it.


You must, especially, consider this point when you release your ads in multi-language countries like India(Hindi and English), Belgium (French, German, and Dutch), Germany (German and English), Canada (French and English), etc.

Geo-Targeted Ads

Always optimize and target Facebook ads according to the geo-location on which you want to focus. For instance, when you advertise for Diwali lamps, your ad campaigns will get little to no clicks when targeted at viewers from Italy or France. It is self-evident why and how geotargeting on Indian locations can get you more clicks and conversions.

Marketing to the masses often results in irrelevant ads for viewers from different locations, wasting time, resources, creativity, and money.

You can use Facebook ad spy tools like PowerAdSpy to keep an eye on how other advertisers are doing among different demographics, age groups, genders, etc.

Maximize Your CTR With Personalization

With knowledge of targeting by gender, location, and language, you can enhance personalization by integrating additional factors into your campaigns.

The reason behind this approach is that Facebook is a place where people share their personal lives. This platform efficiently promotes ads that seem more relevant to the audience. 

This boosts clicks from interested audiences, allowing for deeper funnel engagement with your subsequent strategies.

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Wrapping It Up

Never miss out on the occasions to maximize your brand reach among the audience. Dating never goes out of fashion. Make the best out of this Day by grabbing some of this love and affection for your brand. Implement the strategies mentioned above, and wait for the fantastic results. Was this helpful for you? Do you have any queries? Did I miss any point? Leave us a note in the comments below; I would always love to hear from you!