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The Layman’s Guide To Native Advertising With PowerAdSpy

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The Layman’s Guide To Native Advertising With PowerAdSpy

No wonder, advertising has become a cornerstone for a flourishing business foundation nowadays. Without effective advertising strategies, it is very challenging for companies to survive in this extremely competitive realm.

As we all know, human beings these days have a lot of options when it comes to educating themselves with the desired information. In this digital revolutionary era, people always look for insightful content, be it, text, videos, images, or some other thing. Plus, they want all this with a flavor of creativity.

Not to mention, in this fast-paced lifestyle, people want access to valuable data, but without investing much of their time. And, from here, the struggles of businesses start, as they need to provide audiences with both quality and precise content. Well, it is applicable in the case of ad content as well.

Different forms of advertising get used in recent times. However, native advertising is buzzing considerably all over the places. According to experts, the use of native ads is growing immensely. And, with time, the preference of advertisers is tilting more towards them.

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In a nutshell, native advertising is all about presenting ads most organically. They come across viewers following the media feel and function of a respective platform. They usually get seen on social media platforms and web pages. The main aim of native ads is to present brands in the sink with the viewer’s experience.

That’s, of course, very important, because nobody wants to see an unwanted ad in between reading a blog. Isn’t it? But, if it will come in a way as per the pre-set vibe of that particular content, then all is good in the hood. Right! The recommended content on web pages and social media feeds are the most common examples of native ads.

Native Advertising Tips:

As the competition is getting enhanced in native ad territory, most often, marketers find it tough to create resonating native ad content for audiences out there. However, we have some practical and useful native advertising tips in our marketing trug that we want to share with you guys. So, do you want to hear them out? If yes, then continue scrolling!

Understand Your Buyer Persona-



You might find this thing very obvious, but let me tell you, half of the businesses make blunders when it comes to comprehending their buyer personas. In essence, buyer personas are the people who most probably will take an interest in your products and services. For example, if your business is about beauty cosmetics, then all the girls who love to buy cosmetics will lie under your buyer personas. So, you have to target them anyhow.

To make your native ads stand out, you have to make sure that they come across the right set of people. Don’t you think, if your native ad regarding some fitness products will pop-up in front of boys who are enthusiastic about health, then the chances of your native ads generating more conversions get increased? Right! So, analyzing different characteristics of your buyer persons is the foremost thing you should do before going for native ads.

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Compatible With The Platform-

As we know, native ads can run on different social media platforms as well on websites. However, they must meet the compatibility of any specific platform. For example, if you’re thinking of executing native ads for YouTube, then your ad template, dimension, and all related aspects should be compatible with YouTube.

Prefer Problem-Solving Tone-

The use of native ads as a salesy form of digital assets can considerably annoy audiences. As I said above, no one wants to lose their train of thoughts while going through any content because of an ad. But, if it is related to the context of that platform. Plus, if it provides users the answers to their queries, then there are high possibilities of that native ad getting more impressions, clicks, and conversions.

That’s why you should prefer a problem-solving tone for your ad content. Your native advertising motive should align to some broader perspective, not just solely dependent on sales and conversion of your business.

Main Elements Of Native Ads-

These are some of the most crucial elements that should include in your native ads. In short, these specifications help the audience to perceive a difference between regular content and native advertising content.

  • Image padding
  • AdChoices overlay
  • Ad attribution
  • Image elements
  • Text elements

Now, it’s time to meet our ad intelligence tool PowerAdSpy and how you can search the world’s best native ads with it. So, here’s a complete guide on it.

How Can You Analyze Native Ads With PowerAdSpy?


PowerAdSpy is one of the most advanced ad intelligence platforms for marketers. According to it, you can see and analyze Google, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Native, Quora, GDN, and Youtube ads. Moreover, using this tool, you can filter the most winning ads based on different search modes, advertisement networks, and much more.

To get started with PowerAdSpy, you have to first create your account on it. For this, go to or click here.


After completing the signup process, you will get your login credentials so that you can log in to the PowerAdSpy dashboard. Now, you’re good to go! Here’s a step-wise method to analyze native ads via PowerAdSpy.

Let’s understand this with an example!

Suppose, you want to target native ads of the United States based on digital marketing. Then, you can pick search keywords like “marketing” and the target keyword as “digital marketing”. Plus, if you want to see all the newly running ads, then accordingly, you have to set ” Ad Seen Between” and “Post Date Between”. Also, you can set your preferred language, and select an advertisement network, let’s say, “Taboola” for now.

PowerAdSpy Tutorial

 1: First, you have to log in to your PowerAdSpy account.



 2: Hit on the “Native” option given at the top of the dashboard window.


3: Next, you will come across a tab, where you can explore different native ads according to various search modes, filter alternatives, and all.

 4: As we assumed, you want to analyze native ads running in the United States for the digital marketing niche. So, to implement this, you have to set your preferences.

 5: Above you can find the filter option, you can see different ad filtration functionalities.

First, there’s “Search mode”, which is further divided into categories and that too segregated into subcategories-


  • Search mode (Keywords, Advertisers, & domains).
  • Keyword type (ad text, landing page text, text in the image, celebrity in image, logo in image, and object in the image).
  • Search keyword.
  • Target keyword.
  • Sort by ( newest and longest-running).
  • Ad Seen Between.
  • Post Date Between.
  • Domain Registration Date.

 6: Second, there’s “Filter mode”. Following it, you can see native ads based on Country, Network, and Language. Under each of these alternatives, you can choose any of the given choices.


 7: Next, there’s “Lander Properties” that we’re not using right now. But you can if needed. Beneath it, you can advance your ad search features based on “Tracking tools”, “Ecommerce Platform” (Shopify, Magento, & WooCommerce), and Funnel (Click funnel, lead pages).

 8: Lastly, you have to hit the “Search” button, and all is done. Now, you can see different native ads perfectly aligned with your search settings.

Well, your job is not done yet. Here, comes the analytics part of PowerAdSpy. In accordance with this, you can examine insightful information about your chosen native ad.

 9: You have to go to the “Show Analytics” option of the ad to explore more about the displayed native ads.



 10: Under that, you can collect in-depth information for native ads. So, go ahead! Like, here, you can see the ad analytics based on Country, Network, URL, and much more.

It was the complete overview of Native ads functioning with PowerAdSpy.

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The inclusion of Native ads in your advertising periphery can prove to be beneficial for you. As, it’s one of the prominent ways to introduce your brand in front of audiences, that too with high relevance metrics. Taking everything into consideration, you can say that the creation of highly-convertible native ads is not that difficult. But, it only requires complete awareness of your buyer personas, online trends, platforms compatibility, and suitable ad networks. And, all rest will automatically set into the place.

However, with the help of tools like PowerAdSpy, you can examine best performing native ads in no time.

Have I missed out on something valuable in this blog post? So, what strategy do you follow regarding native ads? What’s your take on native ads versus banner ads?

Don’t forget to share your opinions in the comment section below!