How To Promote Your Easter Campaigns With Native Ads?

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How To Promote Your Easter Campaigns With Native Ads?

All enterprises that utilize electronic commerce need to get ready for Easter, either fractionally or entirely. This is an exceptional occasion that renders a term for friends, family and lots of shopping!

It’s time to explode multicolored eggs and chocolate bunnies. To provide adequate assistance to get prepared for this chocolate swaying, egg-loving and fuel energized festival, we are providing a definitive guide on crafting a dazzling Easter eCommerce advertising campaign.

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What Are Native Ads?


Native ads are turning out to be one of the most authentic formats accessible today. Do you know what is it? Well, native advertising is the utilization of paid advertisements that correspond to the appearance, feel and purpose of media configuration in which they are embedded.

Well, the native ads doesn’t appear as a sponsored promotion. Rather, they show up as a recommendation that could be helpful for the viewers. The best part of native advertising is that it is uninterruptible in nature and goes with the flow of the content. The viewers are revealed to the ads without being pointed out extraordinarily.

Easter: A Good Opportunity For The Affiliates

Around 84% of the American populace is going to rejoice the festival of Easter this year. It has been observed that from the past recent years that festival celebration is inclined more towards gifts exchange and less about the religious aspect.

Last year, individuals of the United States alone spent about $18.2 billion to solemnize the festival of Easter, the previous year, and that ain’t incorporating Latin America, mainland Europe, South Africa, Europe, and other core regions.

Online marketers can cash in on the reckless spending on this occasion by running native ad creative on Facebook. Flowers, candy, drawing of lots, electronic mail submission and so on……all of these begets a huge sum of money!

Geo-targeting Native Campaigns


Now, let’s amalgamate geo-targeting with native advertising and see how it works! The brand new concept of native ads has proven to be very effective for social media marketing. People are utilizing it more and more in recent time in order to allure the audience and generate revenues.

Surveys indicate that people usually neglect the banner ads and less priority is given to them. As a consequence, ad rates are descending – which is awful for both the business and the publisher.

You need to keep a check on the number of wasted links so as to get a higher return on investments. If you are searching for the best restaurant on Google and the results include the ones that are halfway across the world, will it be of any use? Obviously not! The same goes with the ad campaigns. Show people the ads that may be relevant to them and eradicate the squandered impressions.

Best Geographical Regions For Easter Advertising Campaign

The people from most of the continents celebrate the festival of Easter, but there are some geographical regions that can yield fantastic outcomes when conjugating native ad creative with seasonal campaigns.

  • Mexico

There are 130 million residents in Mexico, and most of them are very religious. Some of them who are traditionalists are also aware of those egg symbols and bunnies. You can take advantage of seasonal native campaigns on this particular location and create an opportunity for success for your business. Your primary focus should be on creating an ad campaign that illustrates goods foods and snacks.

  • USA

This is one of the most prominent nations for associates creating an Easter ad creative. Millions of people are anxiously waiting for the colorful eggs and chocolate bunnies. If you are a marketer, make sure to build ad creative for this geographical location and maximize your gains. Include candies and chocolates while creating an ad campaign for the United States of America.

  • Brazil

In Latin America, Brazil is considered as one of the most crowded nations, and also the most up to date from the point of technological innovations. A great majority of its residents are Christians and so Easter is celebrated by many in this region. This makes it the most qualified country for running native advertising campaigns. You can utilize the images of colorful cats and dogs in your ad campaign.

  • South Africa

This is another country where native ad creatives for Easter can generate brilliant results. There is a national holiday on this day and so people celebrate it all across the nation along with masses. I would suggest you incorporate the national symbols of this nation while designing a native ad campaign for South Africa.

How To Write Content For The Ad Creatives?

You are now aware which of the geo locations could be targeted so as to get better results. Now, it’s time to understand what type of ad content works great on social platforms.

Write a content that is jolly and vivacious at its core. We have analyzed that focusing on chocolates, eggs, bunnies perform well on almost any sort of advertising campaign.

Provide your customers with limited time offers so as to create urgency in your ad. This will make people take quick actions. Scrutinize the culture and traditions of a nation and then design your ad accordingly.

Tips For Building An Effective Easter E-commerce Campaign

It’s a challenging task to create an effective eCommerce campaign. Enjoy the benefits of this seasonal boost and connect to your targeted group of onlookers by utilizing the proper setup. Here are tips that you can consider and accomplish your goal:

  • Customize ads, social posts, emails and other digital points of convergence

Easter is one of those celebrations when people can’t resist themselves buying chocolates, candies, bunnies, etc. I

Do prompt your audience that Easter is arriving so that they could plan their spending for this occasion.

People are greatly enticed with the graphics and advertisements that are based on a specific theme. Spend some time on knowing what your target audience expects and design the ad in compliance with it.

This is the time when most of the digital marketers use their creativity and technology to win the hearts of numerous people on this auspicious occasion. Game developers create games and videos based on the theme of Easter that fascinates a wide coverage of the audience.

  • Intensify your promo game

Well, some of the marketers are totally against it, but I’d say that providing discounts are no worse when you can easily build a relationship with your target audience by doing this.

At the same time, sales promotions will also permit you to stay ahead of your competitors. Ensure that you provide your customers with the supreme quality of goods so as to win the confidence of your customers.

  • Design Easter optimized apps and landing pages

Apart from producing extraordinary content, there are other important things also which you need to look out as a marketer. Like, you need to optimize your application or website so that it can handle enormous traffic efficiently.

When you are running an advertising campaign, your main goal is to attain a maximum amount of traffic so that it doesn’t get crashed up in between. Check if your app or website is capable to cope with heavy traffic and revise it accordingly.

Make your website mobile friendly so as to give your audience a chance to shop through their smartphones. I’ve found that most of the people are convenient with this method of purchasing. This is a unique combination of mobile and electronic commerce and is often aliased as mCommerce.

How PowerAdspy Can Help You Design An Effective Ad Creative For Easter?


  • The dashboard of PowerAdspy appears like the one illustrated below. Here, you can search for ads by clicking on the Search Mode drop-down menu. There are three alternatives by which you can trace the ads- Keywords, Advertiser and Domain.
  • If you wish to view all the Easter ads running on various social media platform, simply tap on the Keywords and enter the keyword “Easter”.
  • Similarly, you can catch a glimpse of the ads of your competitors by enlisting the name of a particular Advertiser. You can also provide a domain name and view all the ads associated with that particular domain.
  • There are various ways by which you can choose the order in which ads would appear before you. Have a look at the picture below-
  • Click on Show Analytics and get the complete analytics of the specific ad.

In this way, you can easily craft an effective ad copy with the help of PowerAdspy.

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So, this was an absolute guide on promoting Easter campaigns with native ads. Here, I have also included some of the tips that will help you in this regard.

The festival of Easter is impending very soon. Make sure to utilize these tips to level up your eCommerce endeavors and grow your sales at the same time.

Are you EGGciting for this Easter? What are your plans for this year? Drop a comment below and let us know!