Instagram Video Ads – The Complete Guide for Marketers

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Instagram Video Ads – The Complete Guide for Marketers

A picture is worth a thousand words……..and a video is worth a thousand pictures!

Though, Video may have killed the radio star but, it’s working really very good for Instagram.

When Instagram Videos were first launched in the year 2013, users acted immediately and uploaded over more than 5 million videos to this platform in just 24 hours.

And this excitement has not stopped even in 2019. Thousands of Insta-users, spend more than 80% longer time in watching videos and viewed quarter more videos than earlier.

With more than two billion active users on Instagram, it is a great deal of video content being devoured.

Instagram clearly observes the value of video for advertisers, thus, Instagram is launching many new formats for advertisements.

Like, last year Instagram story ads have acquired many latest proficiencies starting from carousel ads to interactive shoppable tags.

Not only these, but Instagram is expected to launch many new features in the near future. Not only this, their latest long-form videos, IGTV, also provides a large opportunity for brands. On the whole, this is the best time than before to elevate your Instagram Video Ads.

If you wish to increase the engagements, brand cognizance, ROI, using these video ads, then below mentioned are the best proven tips for you to perform…


Portray Your Ad In Smartphone


Instagram is one of the best mobile-friendly application and it absolutely depicts. There are various features available on Instagram, and its design and layout feel great in the palm of your hand.

To use this mobile-friendly social media platform you need to check whether your video ad format looks great. Instagram video dimensions should be either square(1080×1080) or vertical (1080×1920) – but not horizontal.

As, Insta-users do not prefer to tilt their phones, to obtain a full-screen experience, that is the reason, Stories are becoming so successful and the reason why IGTV is constantly working on the vertical video format solely.

The Instagram mobile first design also states to keep the length of video sweet and short. As according to Facebook research it is found that people are most associated with shorter ads compared to the larger ones.

Hence, edit your videos to small bits and record vertically if you can.

Publicize About Your Brand In The Beginning

Publicize About Your Brand In The Beginning

According to the same survey mentioned above, an outstanding comparison has been depicted between latest and traditional video ads.

Mobile-based and mobile-first advertisements both received a good brand image within a couple of seconds but the traditional ads didn’t. This is because Instagram and Facebook users are more likely to remember the ones who mentioned about their brand in the first few seconds of the video.

The moral of the story is that the mobile viewers on Instagram have a very short span of time and concentration, thus, the videos which get their brand name in a short and significant way are more effective in raising the brand awareness compared to the longer form of videos.

Develop Your Instagram Video Settings

Develop Your Instagram Video Settings


If you wish to have your videos displayed more often to your users then it is highly recommended to follow the guidelines for video format, settings, file size, etc.

Instagram videos should be of high resolution and should not contain any black bars on the screen.

Mostly, MOV or MP4 video formats are preferred but almost all the mainstream video types work.

Technically, Instagram recommends H.264 compression, with fixed frame size, square pixels, AAC audio compression at 128kbps or higher. The maximum video file size allowed is below 4 GB. As videos in Instagram feed can only be 1-60 seconds long and the stories can be less than 15 seconds.

Make Use Of Captions To Add Value

Make Use Of Captions To Add Value


Instagram video ads are played with sound off, by default. Now, happily, these ads have an icon which shows, “tap on video for sound” while playing on silent mode to remind people and once the sound is on, then the future videos will be playing automatically by default.

But, while creating videos you need to make sure that your ads look good even with or without sound.

If the viewers are watching on quiet mode, they can be persuaded to switch the sound on if your captions are truly convincing.

And even if they don’t turn the sound on, you can even communicate and ensure that the users pursue the story which you’re telling.

Make Your Video Feel Organic

Make Your Video Feel Organic


Insta-video ads should appear to be very organic to all users… which actually means that these ads should not look like the paid ones and appear to be natural in the stories and feeds.

The more stuff and effects you add to your video, the number of users will go off and they’ll disregard your message.

This doesn’t mean you need a low-quality, amateurish video. It just implies that all you have to make a fruitful video advertisement on Instagram with a tad of imagination.

Try using this strategy to your videos, views, and engagement will definitely come running to your profile.


What do you think about video ads? Do you use Instagram video ads? Which is your favorite ad format?

Try using these above mentioned proven strategies as an initial point for designing your Instagram video ads in a very effective and compelling way. On a different note, while running video ads always make sure to analyze the growth and engagement rates and don’t forget to share your views and experiences in the comments section below!!

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