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Easy To Follow 05 Steps Facebook Marketing Strategy That Works!

Thinking of getting started with online trading? If yes, you may have possibly heard that you need to ensure that your brand is on Facebook.

In recent days, Facebook has been swaddled in defamation. Nevertheless, it is observed that there is no less in a number of Facebook users to date. Rather, people have started using more and more on a daily basis.

Facebook is one of the biggest trading platforms in the world, and it’s not going to change in the near future. Kill time and learn some of the wonderful tactics involved in Facebook marketing as it is worth this effort!

Do you need to spend a huge sum of money for marketing on Facebook?

Fortunately, the answer is “No”. You just need to share quality content that relates with your targeted audience and that’s all.

This blog is written with a motive of making the audience of PowerAdspy comprehended with the fundamental strategies to create a great Facebook marketing plan.

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Steps To Create An Excellent Fb Marketing Plan

Here are few steps to create excellent marketing plan for Facebook.

Know your audience


Just identifying your target audience is not enough. You need to spend some time and discover minute details about them.

What age groups do they belong to? Where do they reside? What are their likes and dislikes? What are their job roles? Are there any challenges faced by them? At what time they are active on Facebook?

You need to get acquainted with the vital demographics of Facebook. There are several reliable tools available on the market like PowerAdspy that will let you catch a glimpse on your audience insights. Utilize the tool to know the specifics of your prospective buyers. Find out nitty-gritty information like their age, interests, gender, qualification, languages known, location, Fb utilization and so on.

Some of the marketers and advertisers remain constrained to check out for only the vanity metrics. If your goal is only to acquire tons of likes on your posts, you can also do this. Else, make a solid marketing scheme that will not only help you obtain the desired number of likes but also will provide you with great sales returns.

Moreover, you can also use various spy tools like PowerAdSpy to spy on your competitor’s ads. It helps you understand your audience better and gain a competitive edge among your competitors and boost engagement.


Set targets


The goals of every business may vary. One needs to carry out those actions that will help you reach the targets of your business swiftly and efficiently. Your target can be to achieve social engagements on your posts, get sales leads, advance conversions and so forth.

Think about your content coalesce

Once you have already fixed your targets, now is the time to develop a strategy to accomplish them. I’d recommend you to get started with the Rule Of Thirds or 80-20 Rule. Let us now discuss both of these rules in detail-

1. The 80/20 rule

This rule was the golden principle for a powerful social media marketing at one time. It proclaims that 80 percent of your social posts should be highly instructive and the rest 20 percent can be used to boost your brand awareness. This rule is based on the Pareto Principle which indicates that 80% of effects are due to the 20% causes and the same goes will social media marketing as well.

2.The Rule Of Thirds

This is the rule of thumb that informs you what you need to post and with what timeframe. This will abstain you from making wrong assumptions for your advertising campaign. The thing is, you need to counterbalance your posts on social media so that the audience doesn’t get fatigued of analogous contents.

  • One-third of your posts should encourage your trade, push sales, and generate profits.
  • One-third of your posts should be on the notions, case studies and exemplary practices of other advertisers that can be beneficial for your audience in one way or the other.
  • One-third should captivate your followers, improve your brand and personify your trade.

Both of these approaches work wonders for creating content. Employ any of them and scale up your business without a hitch.

Create A Business page On Facebook


If you have successfully applied the above-mentioned steps for your business, you can now forge ahead to create a business page on Facebook. According to Facebook, a business profile is the bedrock of your individuality on the web. It is a fantastic platform where you can publish content and connect with your followers. You can create and post on the page for free and that’s the best part of marketing on Facebook. So, if you are low on your budget and can’t afford to spend much on promoting your products and services, this is the best way you can utilize to let your target audience know about your business.

How many followers can you gain on your business page on Fb? Well, there’s no limit in this, you can gain as many followers as you can. Currently, the brand that has the greatest number of Followers is “Coca-Cola”(greater than 105 million followers).

Start posting content


Before you start posting content, you need to know the different types of content on Facebook:

  • Facebook Text Post– This is the fundamental type of Fb post. You cannot hope to navigate people onto your website or to get better conversion by means of such posts, you can only use it to associate with your audience and lead engagements. I would recommend you to ask questions via your posts as I’ve observed that asking questions works brilliantly to drive engagement.
  • Facebook Photo Post– Make your posts interesting by adding alluring photos (relevant to your business) to your posts. Studies have found that posts with images usually get tremendous likes and comments. Use high-quality images and share information about your business.
  • Facebook Video Post– Create a powerful visual appearance on your audience by adding a short and compelling video to your post. People generally disregard the content written in an ad and so if you don’t add pictures and videos in your ad, the chances are high that most of the users will simply scroll down your ad.
  • Facebook Live Video– Facebook has recently introduced a feature by which you can go live on Facebook and share your thoughts on real time. This can be a superb way to develop a strong bond with your prospective buyers.
  • Linked Content post As the name suggests, you can include a link to your blog or site by means of Facebook ads. This is one of the simplest types of post to design, yet you have to be prudent to maximize your revenue.
  • Pinned Post– There must be some post on your FB page that you want to get pinned at the top always. The reason why people create pinned posts is simple. Particular posts may define their business appropriately and provide people with a reason to follow your business and so they want that specific post to at the top of their business page.

Create the type of content that helps you portray your business better. Entice your targeted group of onlookers by using quality images and informative content. Provide a backlink to your website on your ad. In this way, you can hope for better conversions.

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Facebook has been updating constantly and hence, you need to make improvisations in your marketing strategy. Use latest features, align with the transformations in the algorithm and incorporate elite practices sop as to get benefit with Fb marketing to the fullest.

What do you think? How marketing on Facebook will change in the forthcoming days? Do you have any plans in hand to accustom for your trade? Drop a comment below and let us know!