Bidding Adieu To The Average Position Metric: Things You Need To Know!

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Bidding Adieu To The Average Position Metric: Things You Need To Know!

Adieu, Average Position Metrics! You were an extremely good metric for Google Advertisements!

By this time, you may already have informed about the news. Indications have been coming into sight for several days, but now the news has become official. If you aren’t in the know of this bulletin, let me reveal that the most popular search engine “Google” has announced that they are planning for the seclusion of Average Position Metric. It is one of the metrics that have been serving us from long ago.

Have no fear… It’s not the doomsday! This will not happen today or tomorrow, but erstwhile in September this year(i.e. 2019). So, we have a great deal of time to become accustomed to its alternatives.

What can be a good replacement for this metric?

Well, there are several alternative available online You can continue reading the blog and get to know some of the best ones that could be considered.

What Do You Understand About The Google Ads Average Position?


In each instance whenever your keywords get into the market, a rank is allocated to you appertaining to your Quality score and Ranking.

Most of the people have a misconception that average position indicates the position of an ad in the search engine, which is dead wrong. It’s simply the value that determines where your ad is positioned in contradistinction to your adversaries.

If your ad’s average position is 5, it doesn’t mean that it would be displayed on the 5th position on Google. Rather, it indicates that your ad will be shown to the viewers on the fifth position as against your adversaries.

If your advertisement has five imprints and they are shown at positions 4-5-2-1-3. Average of all these values are calculated and that is designated as its average position. In this case, your ad’s average position would be 3.

What Are The Replacements Of Average Position Metric?

The average position metric is sunsetting, but there’s nothing to fear… New metrics would be presented by the search engine. With these metrics, your ads will be audited on the basis of sales performance and search engine results page results.

This means that now you need to watch out ad impression rate also along with the rank of your website.

This latest ad metric may appear to be little complicated, but believe me… it’s not! The value of this metric indicates the number of times a particular ad is displayed on top of the search engine results or other websites of Google. Every time your advertisement appears on either Google or any other website in its nexus, it’s enumerated as 1.

Top Impression Rate

It is measured in percentage, it indicates the number of top impressions your ad get from the overall number of impressions.


Absolute Top Impression Rate

It is quite similar to the Top impression rate. It indicates the total number of time your ad has received impression over the top of SERP results.

Absolute Top Impression Rate
Top Impression Share

It defines the number of times your ad is appeared over organic search data as against the total number of time your advertisement was qualified to come up.

Top Impression Share
Absolute Top Impression Share

It indicates the number of times your advertisement got the absolute top place in the search engine result page of Google in comparison with the total number of occasions your ad was qualified to attain the absolute top place.

Absolute Top Impression Share

How To take Advantage Of This Transformation?

The transformation is going to happen soon and so you need to be prepared for the same. I have listed out some of the top ways you can consider to endure the storm.

Review the novel metrics straight off

Why wait for the month of September to know the newly introduced metrics! There is enough time now that you can utilize to become familiar with these metrics. Try contemplating these metrics at this instant and get to know what executes better on diverse artifices. By doing so, you’ll be all set to welcome the replacement of average position metrics with all your heart.

Put emphasis on your audience

The purpose of new metrics for Google ads is rather simple. It is meant to improve the searcher’s undergo.

Now the question arises, “How can you conquer these modern metrics?”

Make your ads pertinent to the search objective. You need to understand what are the desires of your audience and work in accordance with it. Study your audience’s behavior and get to know about them and make improvisations in your strategy.

Have Faith In Google’s Recommended Automated Strategies

In the dashboard of Google advertising campaign, you’ll see that the new recent ad metrics are already into the picture. If you’re not certain how to get started with them, you can simply have faith in the automated strategies suggested by Google and apply them to your business strategy.

Benefits Of The New Metrics For Advertisers

For advertisers, the way he creates search ads would greatly be influenced. Search ads are the ads that are displayed to the searcher after he enters any phrase or keyword at the search box. Now if your advertising campaign goes above and beyond the display advertising strategy of YouTube, you need to amend your current marketing approach.

The New Metrics: A New Benchmark For PPC

Do you administer PPC ads? If yes, you must be knowing the fact that the way the ad creatives are created and assayed transforms invariably. This is just an integral part of the advertising industry.

But most of the PPC advertisers were in a great shock to hear the news of ruling out the average position metric.

Concluding Words

There’s enough time to get familiar with the new metrics. Google is not ready to back off. So just consent to it and be ready for the change. Develop a deep comprehension of the latest Top and Top Absolute metrics and optimize your ad strategy.


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