There are a lot of ways in which you can gain a competitive edge when you become an online seller or marketer. One of these ways is to use ad spy tools. It’s very important for you to know which techniques and ads your competitors are using so that you can stay on top.

Introduction of PowerAdSpy and SpyFu

Spying on competitors is the need of the hour for business success and survival. PowerAdSpy and SpyFu, both are top-rated amongst the best competitor spying tools. They help discover secret marketing strategies used by competitors and apply a much better approach for your business to be more successful.

Let’s compare the features for better transparency



Shopify Ads

In-depth Analysis

Filter by Ad-Type

Filter by Ad-Position

Filter by Gender

Filter by Location

Free Trial


per month



Pricing Table Plugin

SpyFu provides limited searches and data in the basic plan

So you will end up paying a lot more for limited features. Also, SpyFu does not provide a free trial.

PowerAdSpy is cheaper, provides a lot more data, searches, and is an all-in-one tool available at a single price.

With PowerAdSpy ‘PALLADIUM PlAN’, you can use all the tools for the same price, and can also take a 10 days free trial which includes all the features.

allows you to:

See all current, live and past
FB, INSTA, GOOGLE, YT, NATIVE, GDN ads that are WINNERS in any niche

See some of their targeting countries, group age, marital status etc…

See EXACTLY where the ad traffic of the winners is being sent off

Replicate the winners for your business

Hear What Our Clients Say

PowerAdSpy has been one of the most powerful tools, and has helped us take our ad campaigns to the whole NEXT level. It is inexpensive and provides us with a lot of value. We were able to get a complete insight into our competitor's ads and since we wanted to target the top ads in the market, PowerAdSpy helped us do that with great ease.

William C. McKinney Marketing Expert

One of the best social ads analytics tools in the market. PowerAdSpy helped me to search ads based on my niche keywords, and even the domain of all our competitors. The best thing is, the software comes with a user-friendly dashboard, and overall, my advertising efforts have improved a lot since using it.

Rahul Vasishtha Product Manager

Eliminate the Guesswork