The Best Native Ad Spy Tools To Seize Your Competitors Winning Strategies

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The Best Native Ad Spy Tools To Seize Your Competitors Winning Strategies

The Best Native Ad Spy Tools To Seize Your Competitors Winning Strategies

Facebook advertising can be very effective if you really know how to handle it well, in an efficient and easy way. Facebook Ad Spy tools are a must, to anyone who is looking forward to take their ads to the next level, by maximising their return on investment for each ad they craft. The best way to beat the competition is to analyse the winning strategies and marketing techniques used and followed by your top Facebook Ad competitors. Nowadays, Ad spy tools are very frequently used by all E-commerce and top CPA Affiliate marketers as well.

Today, all businesses make the best use of social media platforms like Facebook, to carry out their brand or business promotions, in order to ensure that they reach a wider target audience in a shorter time frame. Using Ad Spy tools will give you a complete and perfect idea about how well your competitors are using Facebook like social media platforms to carry out their business promotions and to make their products quickly accessible as well.

What Are Ad Spy Tools?

Ad Spy tools will let you analyse your competitor’s perfect Ad strategies and fetch you with meaningful information from it, so that you will be able to craft efficient and profitable ads.

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How Exactly Does Facebook Ad Spy Tools Work?

Most of the Ad spy tools designed for Facebook works by fetching to you, massive data from all successful Ads which are innovative, zestful and unique. Knowing about such ads of your competitors will give you an overall idea about how to craft similar ads, in a much better way. This will let you create better ads, by avoiding all sorts of mistakes by comparing it with your competitors. You will get to know your competitor’s Ad strategies, what they are doing exactly to keep their customers engaged and also know the offers that they are providing to their potential or target audience.

How Exactly Does Facebook Ad Spy Tools Work?

It is already proved that by posting ads on Facebook, you will surely be able to reach your exact and potential target audience accurately. So when you get to see some strategies, that has worked pretty well for your competitors, you can actually be happy because you can use them and create a difference, to craft super cool Ads of your own.

So, it is really worth investing your time, effort and money on Facebook Ad Spy Tools, because they provide you with all essential Facebook Ad details of your competitors. So, you should go ahead spying on your competitors along with these ad spy tools, they will simply let you fetch all necessary Facebook Ad data and insights about your competitors.  

Given here is a case study of all the top Native Advertising Spy tools, which have been found to satisfy majority of the customer’s Facebook Ad spying needs.


This has been regarded as the top Facebook Ad- Intelligence spying tool, which is much reliable and efficient to use. This will let you find out the best Facebook Ad strategies of your competitors and use it for your own business needs to succeed and gain a better competitive edge in the market. The PowerAdSpy database is really worth mentioning because they simply consist of great ads from more than 1000 people, who watch and submit creative and successful ad copies, to make the database rich.

PowerAdSpy lets you search for all relevant Facebook Ads of your choice, and you can search for all categories of Ads, based on your required criteria or categories. Either you can choose to fetch Facebook Ads specific to your region, gender, keyword, interest, landing page activities and much more. You can spy on all successful campaigns run by your competitors and also keep track their ads, creatives angles, all from one single dashboard. You can get In-Depth analytics about your competitor Ads using this super cool application and also you will be able to reach to your potential target audience, with just a click. For each Ads that draws your interest you can choose the market segment that it will be closely associated with, and target on people related to it.


The database of this application is definitely worth mentioning because, they just have a huge collection of incredible data, including 5,000,000+ ads, 2,000,000+ advertisers and 1,000,000+ accurate monthly updates as well. They keep updating the application monthly and that is how the application stands on top three, cause they have updated all possible advanced features on them. So you can get inspired from these ads and find out creative ways to stay ahead of your competitors in marketing.

The various search options that the PowerAdSpy tool provides you with are:

  • Filtering out Ads based on accurate Ad positions like news feeds or side columns.
  • Ad type based ad filtering which may include images or videos.
  • Gender-based Ad filtering based on your target audience.
  • Age-Based filtering based on your target age group.
  • Filtering Ads based on various relationship status like married, single or divorced.
  • Filtering ads based on specific location of your choice.

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This is actually one of the leading Ad spy tools being designed for Facebook. The platform is designed well, to be easily handled even by the beginners and also this tool lets you easily monitor and also check out all the promo materials like banners and data about the ads being exchanged from over 70 different countries. You will be able to spy on those ads which are running successfully from over 70+ countries. So you will get real-time insights about those successful campaigns being run by your competitors, running on a desktop or mobiles. This tool will help you to step up in the game of competitive marketing sector. Its layout is pretty impressive and has been found by users to be stunning as well. Many businessmen have been able to craft effective ads, using this tool.



They stand a class apart from the rest, with their exclusive feature of being able to search landing pages effectively. You will get a complete idea about the flow of data from keywords to their landing pages. So you can look out for cool landing pages, that stands out from the rest . You will also get to know about your competitors, as they have provided a notification for competitor alerts. You will be constantly updated about your competitors, and also be notified about any of the changes that they actually make on their profile like application updates, or new features being added, or their winning strategies and much more.  



This tool is found to be quite popular to perform competitive research, which includes both organic and paid searches. As you enter your keyword, into their search box, you will view the complete list of all Adwords report available for that particular keyword. Many people have benefited from this smart tool since its launch. They also provide you with a domain vs domain feature, that will simply enable you to see, which all keywords they target upon, and which they don’t target on as well. So this is just the right tool, that will enable you to carry out PPC research for Keywords, and also will help you to find new clients for your Adwords.

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Some Common Display Ad Spy Tools:

  • WhatRunsWhere
  • AdBeat
  • AdClarity Display
  • BoxOfAds
  • MOAT

Common App Spy Tools:

  • MixRank
  • AdClarity AppRank

Ad Spy Tools

Social Ad Spy Tools:

  • Adicted
  • AdEspresso
  • TrackMaven
  • SimplyMeasured
  • Native Ad Buzz
  • Ad Spider
  • AdVault
  • Anstrex

Common Tools that perform search, display and app spying

  • Follow
  • SimilarWeb
  • The Search Monitor

So, the market is rich with abundant Ad Spy tools that let you spy on your competitor’s Facebook Ads. You can choose tools according to your interest and business needs. Creating ads on Facebook is definitely one of the smart ways to reach your exact target audience and to be able to do it successfully, you need to start by looking into the successful ads run by your competitors. And to do this, Ad spy tools are the best choice because they will surely help you fetch all ad details, at once.

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