How To Make The Best Use Of Native Ad Spy Tools For Your Business

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How To Make The Best Use Of Native Ad Spy Tools For Your Business

How To Make The Best Use Of Native Ad Spy Tools For Your Business

Advertisements are the best way to get connected to your potential customers and to make them aware of your products or services. They have also become quite popular among publishers and marketers. And this is the perfect reason why there is an increasing demand for Ad Spy applications. They help you to analyse best performing advertisements across popular display networks like Google Adwords, Facebook and also on native kind of networks like Adnow, Taboola, RevContent and more.

Why Is Native Ad Spying Becoming Popular These Days?

The main fundamental reason why they are so popular is because of people’s increasing urge to enhance the traffic to their website or business. This is basically a process called traffic arbitrage, wherein you will be purchasing traffic at a lower rate and will be monetising it at a higher price. For an effective and assured arbitrating strategy you should be well aware of all the best performing native Ads. And amongst these, two most important categories of Ads that you should never miss out are:

Native Ads which are engaging and also contribute to high CTR on almost all available platforms.
Native Ads which have been running successfully for a longer period of time by the advertisers.

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So Ads which satisfies these criteria are sure to give you more click-through rates, at affordable and cheap prices. When the CTR or impression ratios fairly rise up, then the native ads experience a drastic reduction in cost per clicks. So, if you wish to gain a higher CTR, then actually you need to spend just a little on your Ad’s cost per click. For those native ads which get low CTR,  their ads will be generated a number of times to ensure that they get enough number of clicks, thereby automatically enhancing CPC. And this is exactly where native Ad spy tools come into action.

How Do Ad Spying Tools work?

Ad spying tools will basically work to spy on various ads from different Ad networks like Yahoo, Taboola, Outbrain, Dianomi, AdBlade. They will also collect the most important information about them like duration, a number of shares, impressions and much more. Keep reading to check out the latest list of Ad Spying tools, which are high on demand now.


This is one of the top leading applications being available for fetching Facebook Ads. This tool lets you spy on your competitor’s Ads, their campaigns, creatives, landing pages, all from a single dashboard. Everybody is pretty active on social media these days, and the importance of marking your social presence can never be neglected. So if you would like to check out the successful Ads run by your competitors, then you should definitely try out this tool for the same. Ad spying helps you in a number of ways like to find new profitable keywords for Ads, to run Ads that will give you more clicks and also to uncover your competitor’s winning strategy. The best thing about PowerAdspy is that they allow you to filter out effective Ads based on any criteria of your choice like gender, age, relationship, interest, keyword, or filter by what is happening in the landing page itself.

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This tool will work towards reversing your competitor’s successful strategies on yours and earn a better return on your investment. They almost spy 10 Ad networks from about 12 countries. The filter options that they provide include duration, network, device, country, ad keyword and much more.

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#Ad Spider

This is yet another tool, that is used to spy on as effectively. They help you to spy on top Ads from 11 Ad networks, across 28 different countries. This tool is also capable of tracking any device which can include a desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhones and Android phones.

What Are The Advantages of Native Ad Spying Tools?

They provide you with quite a few advantages out of which few of them are given below:

It Significantly lowers your CPC, enabling you to get more clicks in the same budget. Saves your time, by avoiding the time taken by you to fetch top ads, as these tools instantly provide you with the best list of top Ads. And you can use this to replicate their winning strategies on your Ads. Gives demographic and content insights.  Native Ads which have high click-through rates are likely to get more attention and go viral as well. So you can choose to create similar content, that will help you to convert your ads better.

Who Should Use Ad Spying Tools?

If you are already running a traffic arbitrage website, then you can increase your ROI using native Ad spy tools. You will be able to generate more CTR, by reducing your CPC. So with the same budget which you were using earlier, you will be able to increase the number of visitors to your site. If you have planned to start off a new traffic arbitrage website, then you should definitely think about including some native ad spy tool, as a part of your business tools. This will help you to enhance your insights and also to get higher returns both in the long and short run. If you have planned to start promoting affiliate marketing products, then in order to be successful you need to use the right creatives and set for yourself clear and focused targeting rules. Next is the turn for content marketers. You can choose to create a native video Ad which you can choose to promote across various advertising channels. Native Ads are actually very effective for any content marketing strategy.

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What Is The Future Of Ad Spying?

Though some people may refer Ad spying to be unethical, it is actually worth the try, cause it provides you with many benefits.  There are bigger brands like Adbeat which will help you to spy on Adwords and provide you with better competitive intelligence, higher ROI, invest on your competitor’s winning strategies, connect you with more potential advertisers and also to build successful campaigns. Ad spying is the best way to plan how to succeed in advertising, by analysing your top competitors in the field.

So choosing Native ad spying tools will surely help you to better understand the top-rated  Ads, and this will help you to create better ads with more promising content, which will attract many potential people. There are many such tools available, so be sure to use the most reputed tool for your Ad spying, and stay ahead in your business.

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