How To Captivate And Transform Mobile Users With Native Advertising?

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How To Captivate And Transform Mobile Users With Native Advertising?

Do you still read newspapers and chronicles on a regular basis? I don’t! Most of you probably don’t either. However, some section of people still prefer to read the newspaper daily and watch the television to become aware of trending facts. But, it is uniquely true that a large portion of folks have been tempted largely towards the mobile web world in the past couple of years.

Not surprisingly, the Internet on smartphones has opened so many new doors for human beings, especially, in the field of information. Back in the days, getting aware of something was a big deal. But, now it has turned out into a matter of a few seconds. Nowadays, you can Google anything anywhere on your mobile phone advertisement and become acquainted about it in no time. So, that’s the power of web mobility.

With this technological progress, competition in the virtual world has become brutal these days. Businesses have to give their best foot forward vis-a-vis surviving and emerging victoriously every single day. And those who aren’t able to provide an audience efficiently will be left behind terribly.

So, let’s glance at the most fundamental tactics through which every business can benefit from the influence of native advertising on mobile to the fullest.

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Mobile Marketing Practices:


Concentrate on content quality-

It seems very easy while daydreaming that a large number of visitors land on your site and want to study in depth about your services and products. However, in reality, this is not the situation. In actuality, people always pursue content that educates them and at the same time entertains them. Entertainment should be your first goal for native advertising strategy.

Well well well, what do you comprehend about potential customer’s favorites and dislikes? How are your business services related to them?

For instance, if your product is about food delivery application, then your content most apparently always centralized towards food. That’s nice! Although, you can also write about the famous cuisines of the world. Right!

Showing that you know the necessary likes and interests of people is very crucial to creating compelling native ad content. That captivates the audience deep down and undoubtedly causes a long-lasting impact on them.

Your content should all the time concerned with the trending facets of the web and answer all doubts of people in any way. Through all this, you ultimately know the interests of the audience in a pretty transparent way.   

Content is the king without it, nothing going to work for you. Keep this in mind!    

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Strengthen Your Referral Systems-

It is not wrong to say that we live on our phones nowadays. Our mobile always stays with us everywhere. So, an authentic referral system can prove to be a miracle worker for our business. And even help us reach people that have never heard about your organization before.

There is nothing better than Native advertising when it comes to enhancing awareness about your referral connections all over the place. So, motivate existing customers to create buzz around new people in their friend circle about your business- that’s called free advertising. What an idea!

Ensure that your referral system goes smoothly on mobile phones. The mobile-friendly referral system will surely add a large number of mobile users to your business customer list.

Take benefit of Short Message Service (SMS)-

Providing quick access to your content in return for an SMS can prove to be a substantial marketing tactic to promote more engagement and indirectly high conversion rates.  

Short Message Service is an excellent mobile-friendly feature, mostly because of two reasons. First, they can be read out anywhere in a heartbeat. All this somewhat pushes to develop promotions and marketing offers that trigger FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) in minds of people and end-up generating high conversion rates.  

Other than this, SMS is best referring to word-of-mouth recommendation, a traditional but sometimes most effective marketing tactic.

Boost Your Trust Element-

Trust plays a vital role in getting perceived as one who is savvy in his field, so, people can trust him blindly. This factor should be at the top of your bucket list of native advertising strategies.

Well, it is not about only new users if your existing customers are also unsure of your security protocols, then they also not going to use your services either.

From your daily customers to newbie online shopping audience, everyone becomes concerned about making payments online. That gets twofold to making payments on mobile.

Make use only of widely recognized payment mediums like Google Pay, PayPal, and Escrow. Also, always showcase the payment amount at all the stages of the payment process. So, people won’t get anxious about the fact of extra hidden charges and all the nitty-gritty.

Expose your payment page precisely. Hence, by glimpsing it, people feel confident about their payment trust factor and supposedly make payments. Always remember, that the incognito payment system scares people half the time.  

How To Spy Competitors Ads By Using Poweradspy?


Poweradspy is one of the best Facebook Ads Spy tools in recent times. It can show you thousands of Facebook ads in no time on the basis of keywords and many other aspects related to your business niche. So, for example, if your business is about watches, then you can watch different ads by putting the most suited keyword relevant to your niche.

You can also spy ads of your competitors based on different search modes, which are as follows:


  1. Running longest.
  2. Sort by.
  3. Ad seen between.   
  4. Post data between.

On top of that, you can also obtain information cum filter data about several Facebook ads as per the following categories:


  1. Call-To-Action.
  2. Country.
  3. All Types.
  4. Ad Position.

How To Manage Native Ads By Using Poweradspy?

Native ads are the paid version of advertisements that automatically fit in the nature and feel of the media format of every platform no matter what your product is all about. So, for example, if you have created a Facebook native ad for your business, then it gets automatically converted into the media format of Facebook and comes across people in a much more organic way rather than looking like an ad.

The biggest two problems that are often evoked in the case of banner ads can come to an end through Native advertising are-

  1. Relevance
  2. Fitting

Best Practice Principles:

Mobile Web Design 101-

Talk about any form of Native advertising on mobile, the common thing that pops out everywhere is simplicity. These days, thousands of mobile models are launched in the market. Even though, the most expensive smartphones also consist of a small screen. So, making the most out of that tiny space should be your foremost priority.

All of you may know these rules already but for making sure that we’re on the same page revise it all.

  • Always ensure that your content is set into a vertical column. So, people don’t need to scroll horizontally. Shorten up the titles and sub-titles of your content. Therefore, everything looks well-honed and tidy.
  • Sidebars are a very powerful attribute to make the content look neat and clean vis-a-vis links and ads. However, on mobile phones, they can make your screen look cluttered, so, move the content of that side to the footer of the page.
  • The most popular website-building platforms are WordPress and Squarespace. That also makes you examine all the things quickly from mobile too. Other than that, all you need to look for are the plugin’s settings with the format of the pages.

Simplified Forms-

A successful native ad campaign can convert the audience into consumers by making them follow call-to-action nuance, create an account, and make some purchases.  But, not all your website visitors like to do so.

All this is because of an obstacle between the user and conversion- the lead capture form. So, the more you reduce the barrier, the higher your conversion rate is.

For this, you can change the aesthetics of your form by making it look less leggy. However, people often don’t like to fill out these forms. We cannot change this process in and out. Although, make it less boring by making it auto-fill compatible.

Visual Quality-

Adhering to simplistic design is a great way to create something visually enticing and sober. It also prevents various screen issues as all mobile phones lack display size. But, you can make up for these lapses with resolution properties and color vibrancy mobile features.  

Always make use of high-quality images with a proper caption if needed.

To bypass mobile screen clutter, you should go for a fewer number of images for your blog post.

SEO and Loading Time-

As we are all aware of the glitches that arrive as a barrier in Internet speed. So, we cannot always rely on the network speed via which a user most probably tries to visit your website. That’s why it is critical to optimize our websites according to the prompt loading speed.

Watch out for auto-playing aspects of videos. It can gradually slow down the loading speed of the site. That’s key for blogs-as people will find our content interesting, but because of the slow load time, they might end up losing your website tab.

It is very imperative to test out the load timing of website pages. Therefore, the site can work even under a weak Internet connection. If your page gets loaded within 3 seconds, then it’s excellent! And if unfortunately not, then it’s not great news for you. According to a study conducted by Google, 53% of visitors don’t wait if your site doesn’t get started within 3 seconds.

Now the time has gone when businesses could get away with slow site loading time. Today, excellent website loading speed on mobile has become the need of the moment. So, visitors don’t get irritated and get answers to their queries in no time.  Mobile-friendly website design can lead your business from strength to strength in direction to triumphant.

Native advertising can play an enormous role in converting mobile users into a potential lead for businesses.  

I hope the above article helps you to know about tactics that let you convert mobile users into your customers by using native ads. Please comment in the section below to share your opinions on the above blog.