7 Clever Tricks To Make Your Facebook Ad Successful

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7 Clever Tricks To Make Your Facebook Ad Successful

Trying out something new can be a little scary, especially for the new business owners. I felt a similar vulnerability when I began creating and running promotions using Facebook ads.

That is the point today, I’m constrained to share Facebook advertising hacks like to create Facebook ads that functioned great for me — and I hope they’ll also work fine for you.

While these tricks are simple and hope they would expand your conversion rates and would help to achieve the ultimate objective you have. Without wasting more time, I’ll directly get into them, so make a plunge!

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Facebook Ads Hacks That Generate Good Results


#1 Spy On Your Competitor’s Ads

Are you aware of the fact that there are more than 6 million advertisers associated with Facebook? This makes Facebook a very decent platform, especially for spying on your competitors.


Spying on a contender’s FB advertisement helps to take their thoughts, renovate and promote them — but make sure not to forgery.

It results in better outcomes. Spy on your ads, pursue these advances:

  • Check out their Facebook page.
  • On the left hand of the page, search and click on Ads and Info.
  • Choose a country to verify if your rival runs advertisements in that particular area as well.

The main drawback to this strategy for spying is that you won’t most likely observe the engagement ratio(likes, shares, and comments) in the advertisements.

Thus, there are various ad spy tools which will help you in creating great ads using all the latest technologies and tactics.

Poweradspy is one of the best ad spying tools amongst all. It helps in getting the complete data about the ad campaigns. You as well can check the entire analytics.

Click on the “Show Original” option given at the bottom of the ad. From there, you can check the insights of the whole page, particularly the number of engagements, comments, likes, etc. depending upon the gender, age, etc.

#2 Target The Right Audience

Running Facebook advertisements is worthless, until and unless you exactly know who you are focusing. There are a lot of flaws to focus on your followers. Some of the fundamentals, which you should inquire about being are:

target-the-right audience

  • Are they female or male?
  • Place, where they are situated?  
  • Which language do they communicate?
  • Target them by considering their age.
  • Things, in which they are interested?
  • Have they visited your site before?
  • Are they your new clients or returning clients?

Facebook Ads Manager gives you a chance to characterize your targeted group of the audience using Ad set. These are some of your options:

Design New

Under this option, you can focus on Lookalike Audience and Custom Audience. The main difference between them is:

A Lookalike Audience is an approach to contact new individuals who are probably interested in your business as they’re similar to your best existing clients. To know more about How a Facebook Ads spy tool can help you in creating Lookalike Audience.

A Custom Audience are people, with whom you can build your business and make them your recurring customers. These people can be your app users website visitors or the ones who are associated with your Facebook data.

Use a Saved Audience

A Saved Audience is a kind of crowd you make for an ad campaign which you’re preparing. It is a decent choice, if you are aware of your targeted group of audience (depending upon the age, language, locations, etc.) and will utilize this data to pull in new customers.

Apart from these options, you can also use Poweradspy, as with its fantabulous custom searching feature you can target the right group of audience easily. It allows to filter the ads related to a particular niche and provides an option to find ads depending on the keywords.


Directly need to login to the dashboard, choose the option depending upon your niche, then add the keyword and click on the search option. You can also use a call to action filter, ad position, type, etc. by which you can target the desired group of audience.

#3 Write Catchy Headings That Lead Clicks


With such a large number of advertisements competing to gain your follower’s attention, it is recommended to utilize catchy headlines to stand out of the crowd. The truth is that 80% of the readers don’t read beyond the headline as seen in many Facebook ads examples. Hence, you ought to propel and pay attention to the headings in Facebook advertisements pretty seriously.


Here are some of the reasons, why this feature of using catchy headlines works well:

  • It states the followers, what they ought to do.
  • It is advised to use numbers, as numbers make your content reliable and minor.

#4 Show Social Proof


Do you wish to know a secret to get good results and more engagements from your Facebook ads? Then use Social proof. Social proof is where individuals follow the performance of a large part of the audience.

How to use social proof in your Facebook promotion? Here’s a basic hack I utilized that helped me to gain 20-21% ROI. I included customer reviews.

#5 Use Pictures To Your Benefit In Your Facebook Ads


Are you aware of the fact that people who are coming across your ad stops and learns more? Pictures grab more attention if you are aware of the tips to use them. In reality, there’s no compelling reason to know about your images. You can check these steps:

  • Show individuals wearing your item.

If you have an e-commerce site and sell products, then you can show how your loyal customers will look by wearing the products. This constructs a more profound association between a client and your products. Armani’s advertisement is an example of this.

  • Make your pictures and content work together.

A large number of images in Facebook advertisements aren’t pertinent to the duplicate itself. Hence, make consistency by utilizing visuals that coordinate with the description.

  • Put a face on your image.

The customer experience can either break or shape a business. For example, you can see AWeber presented general people who are associated with their company in the back end. All this demonstrates their truthfulness and devotion to their group of audience.

#6 Add Content To Video Ads


According to a recent survey, it states that more than 80% of people respond negatively when the ads play unknowingly. Thus, this is one of the most important reasons why you should add subtitles, captions, and overlays in your ads.

Adding captions to your videos has tons of benefits, out of which some of them include:

  • Video ads with content, help watchers with hearing challenges.
  • Anybody can see your advertisement even in noisy places.
  • Captions or subtitles give individuals the motivation to watch until the end.

Hence, create Facebook ads using captions or use the ones which are automatically generated by Facebook.

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#7 Change Elements To Prevent Fatigue In Your Facebook Ads


Have you noticed any drop in the performance of your Facebook ads? It might be because people might be seeing similar ads many times, which usually leads to advertisement exhaustion.  Hence, try considering these different things and gain great leads.

  • Utilize an alternative feature and content.
  • Pick another picture with hues that emerge.
  • Pick another campaign goal.
  • Modify your offers.

Apart from these, you can use Poweradspy to spy on the best Facebook ads examples which are very hard to find. Explore with particular keywords which Shopify sites are using, for example, Shipping. It will display all the ads having the keyword shipping. Results can also be narrowed down by specifying gender, age, country, etc. Therefore, more people will be attracted to your ads.  


Zest up your advertisements by creating them using these Facebook hacks and traps. Use them in your next campaign. Even, if you wish to gain brand awareness and are hoping to build transformations, even then these hacks will spare the day.

Do you have any virtuoso Facebook ad methodologies to share? Have you utilized any of the ones which we referred to? If yes! Then don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.