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Best Facebook Ad Examples That Can Boost Your Business – Making Facebook Ads

Before going on into the topic in depth, let’s first understand what is Facebook Ads and why it is so necessary for running a business in online platform?

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Facebook ads – A need of Digital marketing

These are the advertisements created for business purpose and are posted in Facebook. They are the best ways to provide an extra reach and exposure to the brand and get them highlighted in the platform. It has been a revolutionary step in the field of digital marketing through Facebook.

Ads are so necessary as they are the most effective thing that can attract the people to know more about the product. It is the guarantee that your product will be seen. Now glamorization of the ads have been a good addition, which has added to the prosperity of the Ads.

But still there are a certain set of ways to follow for creating genuinely nice ads. And I will tell you exactly about the same here in my blog. I am going to tell you about the different ways to create Facebook ads, that can really help you to run your business.

Here are the most effective ads by category for a perfect facebook marketing –

Right Column Facebook Ad Example 

One of the most traditional ads, they are the advertisements in the right column of your Facebook’s newsfeed. This is one of the very first advertisements forms Facebook had, and it is still trusted and treated with all the respect.

Usually the facebook ads of this category are very relevant regarding their product, and have strong call-to-action. The best part is that they are completely visual and simple to understand as well.

Desktop NewsFeed ad

As the name suggests, this type of ad appears in the desktop news feed of the Facebook. The ads are visible when you access with your facebook account in the Desktop computer. This form is looks more of traditional advertising, hence it is quite popular among the marketers and the people at the same time.  

These ads also have a good call to action and visualization. Especially visual effects, as the image is larger as compared to the right column ad display. Also the colors can be used in a specialized manner, including the white spaces as well. Good thing is that it may include an enticing value prop as well.

Mobile Newsfeed Ads

Similarly like the desktop newsfeed ads, there are the mobile newsfeed ads that are used to give advertisements in the mobile applications. Generally it displays like an organic post, with proper relevance with the product.

Facebook has millions of its users who operate through mobile phones, so its been necessary for the business owners to give mobile newsfeed ads, and they are in huge numbers as well.  

So here were the facebook ads by category, now let’s focus on the different types of facebook ads which are the most popular among the people.


Different types of Ads –

The Video Ad

Yes you got it! It’s the most effective ad type among all the common ads by type. It is also the most profitable on potential basis. You can see the ratio of the ads that working through video content. The reason is that it’s easy to see and understand the things through the picturization of it. In terms of solid call to action, no one can beat the video ads, that’s why its creation and popularization is a must in terms for any company which wants lots of fan following in facebook.

The Picture Ad

The picture ads are very common and one of the rich media advertisements. Ever since the facebook began with the visual content, the picture ads began to gain high popularity standards. You can use any of the images, photos to promote your products, or create your own new one as well. Chances of getting more likes and followers determinedly gets increased by using this type of facebook ads for promotion of products. And this is exactly what you want right!

How can you Compete with your Rivals through Ads?


So I know what are you thinking about, you aren’t alone in the business, you got many good(few better too) people to compete with your products. So how will you make an effective ad, better than your rivals? Well, knowing their tricks will be a fascinating step ahead.

There are many tools that can help you out in this matter. PowerAdspy is one such tool, through which you can get the full information about the latest ads and do advanced searches to see them. You can also spy on your competitors and figure out their every move.

Whatever the business you run, you can find your target audience in a minute. This will be extremely helpful for you to make your plans and ads as per the target audience. With the tool’s ability for in depth analytics, you can view the ad reach and social engagement statistics as well. So you can use this tool to manage your ads campaign!

Plus Note –

Here I am adding a plus note which will tell you about the different points in which your ads should satisfy the users. Here are they –

Relevancy –

The very first term is the relevance of the Ad. What the content is, and the what the aim of the ad is, should match the product. If your content will not match the product needs, then your ad will not be that relevant though, so it an important term to consider an follow in order to make nice ads.

Visualization –

What the customer wants to see in the ad, a perfect visualization of the product. And if you will not give the exact thing, the ad will be of no use. So add perfect pictures that are relevant to your products, also make good videos in favor of your product. Take care of the pictures size and video length as well, as this is also a necessary thing in order to impress your followers and turn them into your customers.

Call to Action appeal –

I am not saying that your ad should be provoking, rather compelling your customers to see, know and use that product. The best facebook ads have the call to action appeal in them, and it is shown in a perfect, clear way. So whether you are creating a local ad, offer ad, event ad, retargeting ad or boost post, you need to have a really good content which can make the people to look on to the product.

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So in all these ways, you can get the full use of the making of facebook ads. You can go with all the options provided here, whether you want to create a video content or picture ad as well. Take care of the points for getting the best out of your ad. In this way, you will be able to make more profit through them.

I hope you have liked my article, thanks for reading. Also share it with your friends as well.