6 Facebook Ad Examples and Why they Work

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6 Facebook Ad Examples and Why they Work

Did you know that every morning for almost 90% of the world’s population, Facebook is the first point of exposure to daily events? It is also the last thing most people look at before going to sleep in the night. They browse through all sorts of posts such as news feeds, articles, funny cat videos, advertisements, etc. but they only like and share the cat video, not your ad. And then you ask yourself: Am I doing something wrong? Yes! You are. Facebook ads are the bread and butter of your digital marketing campaign. They represent your brand’s online image. If you don’t utilize its resources to the fullest, your brand will lose its credibility. But how do you make sure your Facebook ads are spot-on?

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. In this article we will explain to you how Facebook ads work and how you can optimize them, using some real-life Facebook Ad examples.

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How To Optimize Facebook Ads?


Optimizing Facebook ads is not as complicated as it sounds. As a marketer, you need to focus on the basics of marketing- consumers. If your ad can make an impression on the viewer, you are already one step closer to gaining a customer. Below is a list of some Facebook ad examples along with a highlighted feature of each.

1. Visual appeal:


John Keats wrote, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” His words ring true even today as all things beautiful and different catch our eye.

This ad from Buffer has a strong visual appeal as it displays soothing, rather rustic colors and when you look closely you realize it is using a pop-culture reference and asking you to think about your company as a candidate for Hogwarts, which evokes a feeling of both adventure and loyalty.

2. Relevance:


You know what is that one thing that speaks directly to a customer and draws empathy from him? Other customer’s stories. Your customers can relate to your product only if they feel validated in their choice and hearing other people’s testimonials can get them to believe in your product.

Another way of connecting to your customers is speaking to them through their cultural and traditional boundaries and reaching out to them through your ads as Nike does in this post.

3. Formats:


Facebook allows you to post ads in any format that suits you and brings out the USP of your product. Your Facebook ad can either be a photo image like this Samsung Galaxy Note 8 ad, a glamorous, class-apart video like this Samsung Galaxy ad which highlights the look and feel of the phone, even a GIF that doesn’t need a thousand words or any other format that you can explore (and Facebook can allow). But the best ads are those which speak directly to the customer.

4. Position:


Facebook ads like newspaper ads depend on their position. Just as the front page ads get more noticed than the ones that are tucked in some shady corners of the paper, similarly ads that appear in the news feed are more likely to get likes and shares than the ones appearing in the right column.

5. Value Proposition:


What kind of marketer are you if your ad fails to offer an enticing proposition to your customers? How else do you make them believe that not buying your product is something they will regret in life?

This Airbnb ad makes you want to book a home just to be a part of their amazing concert. What they offer holds enough value to make them invest in an Airbnb booking.

6. Strong Call-to-action:


If you want your anonymous bored browsers to become active followers and convert to your loyal customers, you need to jolt them out of their slumber and call them to action. The best Facebook ads always compel their customers to do it now, no matter the action, check, subscribe, buy, sell, taste- everything has to be now or it can be never.

This ad from Lufthansa creates an urgency in the minds of the viewers with its call to Book your flight now.

The only thing to remember for Facebook ads is to make sure they appeal to your customer in every sense and make your product seem to them like the only thing that is missing from their life.