How to Target Audience for Facebook Ads

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How to Target Audience for Facebook Ads

With the change in the Facebook algorithm and a sudden decrease in the organic reach, Facebook ads have become the last resort for the marketers to fetch traffic. Facebook’s revenue from ads has been exponentially increasing over the past years- from USD 764 million in 2007 to USD 39942 million in 2017.


However, merely posting a Facebook Ad doesn’t get you customers. Remember, you are spending money for people to see it, you would not want anyone or everyone to see your ad because you will be charged for it. Therefore, it is essential to understand Facebook ad targeting.


With 2.2 billion people on Facebook imagine the probability of your ad being shown to the right audience if it is not targeted. It’s meagre, right?


Facebook ad targeting is a skill that you will learn with practice. But, for you to get started I have listed the necessary steps to get started with it. Every  brand needs advertising. it doesn’t matter what? it can be food, machine, clothing and many more.


1-         Know your Facebook target Audience:


Who is your audience? What is their age, gender, location, what do they like, dislike, what motivates them and what are they scared of.


The better you understand your audience the better commercials you can make targeting them.


You can target people in a particular country, city, even postal code or a specific address radius.


Similarly, you will be given many demographic options to chose your audience from. From their education to relationship status to parenting status you can laser target your audience.


But how do you know whom you should target?


Using PowerAdSpy to find your Facebook target audience


If you don’t have your own audience how do you know whom to target? Take a peek into your competitor’s strategy.


We can imagine how difficult and exhausting it might be to spy on your competitors’ digital marketing and tactics on your own. There are several Facebook spy tools available in the market which can help businesses and marketers collect all this information for them. With a wide assortment of options, we suggest choosing Facebook spy tools wisely.


PowerAdSpy is one such tool which can be used to spy on your competitors, and track their marketing activities and ad campaigns such as their landing pages, engagement statistics in a single dashboard.


Search, and Filtering Option – Its advanced search and filtering features allow businesses and marketers to search ads by keywords, advertisers, domains etc. and these can be arranged, classified by likes, comments, shares, date etc.

  •             Landing Properties – This unique feature of PowerAdSpy enables the user to spy on their competitors and know what products, offers and services they are promoting.
  •             Filter by Ad Position – Users can use this feature to research their ad interest and classify by their position in the news feeds, side locations etc. This enables them to know what is working and formulate their advertising and marketing strategy around it.
  •             Visibility – This platform lets users to directly check ad live and analyse their engagement and audience engagement and opinion on the various advertisement. This data once again can help businesses to know what is working and what is not working in the market presently and accordingly formulate and design their advertisement and marketing campaigns.
  •             Decide the call to Action – PowerAdSpy provides the user with a large volume of data of their competitors’ strategies, the hits and misses of their competitors’ activities, engagement metrics and response of target audience to their competitors’ marketing and Facebook ad campaigns.


2-         Understand what works for your target audience


Find out what types of ads works best for your audience. There is a wide array of option available such as video ads, lead magnet, offer ads, and multiple product ads. Select the best option and target your Facebook audience to get maximum ROI.



3-  Create your own audience

Now, go to your Facebook ads manager page and create an audience.

Here you get three options to create- Custom, Saved and Lookalike Audiences.


These are the people who are likely to be interested in your business and are like your existing customers. To create a lookalike audience you choose a source audience. A source audience could be your Facebook page fans or even the custom audience you had created.




In this option of creating a Facebook target audience, you can upload, copy paste or import a list of your existing customers or people tracked by Facebook pixel, who had earlier visited your website, app or Facebook page. The hashed list uploaded is matched by Facebook to find those people on the Facebook.




What if you run multiple ad campaigns. Will you create a fresh set of an audience each time? No. So, this option comes handy when you already have a preferred set of target audience. Your saved audience could be any of the following:

Your website visitors

Your email list

Your look-alike audience

Your Facebook fans


Many advertisers have found success combining Lookalike Audiences with interests. It’s a great audience to save!


Now that you know who is your target audience and what works for them you can go ahead and design Facebook ads.


Learning from the mistakes of others is a smart way of not just marketing, but any work. The information that you collect about your competitor’s target audience can help you save time.


The objective of this article was not to show you how to create a Facebook target audience but to give you a basic understanding of how to find your target audience for Facebook ads. And what are the factors you need to consider before creating your audience?


Did you enjoy reading the article? Don’t forget to comment and tell us the strategies that work for you.


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