15+ of the Best Landing Page Examples That Convert Best In 2023

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15+ of the Best Landing Page Examples That Convert Best In 2023

If you are new to the online market, you might want to learn new things from the ones who are pro at this game. If they are coming out with flying colors by excelling in their respective industries, then they would definitely be doing something right, something which is worth learning.

Thus, when it comes to digital marketing, it is vital for digital marketers to check the top-leading industrialists to know how their post-click landing pages look. Along with that, they should also check the solution-oriented web pages, which help them move through every stage of the journey.

As if well-established businesses use post-click landing pages, it has to be an integral part of any marketing strategy — especially at the enterprise level.

Therefore below, I have shared about some of the best landing page examples, along with a complete review of – how the pages work and A/B tested to produce better conversion rates potentially.

Check them out, to create a landing page of your own.

15+ Top Companies With Outstanding Post-click Landing Page Examples




What Does This Page Do?

  • The headline states what exactly this platform is all about.
  • The image shows visitors what they can use the platform or how they can use it for free.
  • Bullet point copy allows the page visitors to know about the services and features provided on the main page itself.
  • Seamlessly integrate a white-labeled website builder into your existing ecosystem.

What Could Improve Through A/B Testing?

  • The CTA button could be improved. It should be personalized and creative, which attracts more people.
  • The font size and style should be changed to make it more appealing and stylish.




What Does This Page Do?

  • The main headline showcases two benefits by signing up for a free Zoho CRM plan – it provides free for ten users and enhances better customer relationships.
  • The word “Free” used in different places on the page — in the CTA’s, headline, and also used many times in the descriptive copy as well.
  • This page provides the complete list of the features offered by the CRM platform.
  • Various CTA buttons are available in Red color, that contrast well with the page and makes it look outstanding and attractive. An anchor tag is available at the top, which takes the visitor to the form available at the bottom.
  • Mouse icon is available, which indicates to scroll the pages—also provided with an anchor tag, to immediately get transported to the desired section.
  • Quick login – Requires email, password along with the name — 3 field form.
  • Easy Opt-in designs – 2-step process – no form is visible until the visitor clicks on the CTA button.

What Could Improve Through A/B Testing?

  • Withdrawal links — the social media links, along with Terms and Conditions – could distract people and move them away from the page before having a chance to convert.
  • The images are relevant to the offers, but using live pictures of people being friendly could be more attractive.
  • The CTA button could be improved. The “Signup” button available below could be changed and add up some converting CTA’s.




What Does This Page Do?
  • It enhances the User experience with “The click-to-call” phone number CTA option.
  • Encourages more people to the page by encapsulating the form that helps it stand out from the crowd.
  • The heading of the image immediately shows the offer and allows the visitors to know the way it benefits them.
  • Bullet points, Short paragraphs, and stylish font allows you to scan the Hubspot landing page easily, quickly, and conveniently.
  • The opt-in checkbox is unchecked that allows prospects to select whether or not to subscribe to the HubSpot blog.
What Could Improve Through A/B Testing?
  • Long 12-page fill-in form that would intimidate visitors. Eliminate few fields, make multi-step forms, drive organic customers to complete the form.
  • There are high chances to get off visitors by Social share buttons without providing them time and opportunity to convert.
  • The CTA button copy is unclear. Changing it to an actionable structure might excite and entice more customers.




What Does This Page Do?
  • The “free” word in the banner section is likely to bring visitors interest quickly.
  • Easy and Clear Signup page, the image shows it all.
  • The 3-field form is short and doesn’t ask highly secured personal information.
  • No minimalistic footer or header navigation keeps prospects concentrated on the page’s target – to sign up for a free account.
What Could Improve Through A/B Testing?
  • Adding social facts like MailChimp statistics or customer testimonials are much likely to generate more signups.
  • The CTA icon is translucent and does not stand out as much as it could. Having this darker and more contrasting will attract more clickers.
  • Also, the CTA copy button could be enhanced to include more personalized and appealing words, such as “Create my free account!”




What Does This Page Do?
  • Valuable resources are available, and it also uses a “Free” word, which attracts more customers.
  • Bullet point copy help best in converting.
  • CTA’s are available in the first person form.
  • The picture acts as a representation of the bid, which shows visitors what they will get after they get converted.
  • A short form makes it easy to convert on this page.
What Could Improve Through A/B Testing?
  • Social media links should get added, which helps to keep people engaged in the page and helps to get high conversions.

Midas Media



What Does This Page Do?
  • The different or odd headline attracts the user’s attention.
  • The points available in bullets quickly communicates the benefits of the offer.
  • Attractive CTA color.
  • The image shows the visitors what they will get after converting into customers.
What Could Improve Through A/B Testing?
  • The form fields must get rearranged to add the CTA button in the middle to increase the page’s visual hierarchy.




What Does This Page Do?
  • The heading of the page displays a clear view of the site.
  • The bullet point copy shared the benefits of the services.
  • The offers are available in the form of images that attracts more customers and helps to convert quickly.
What Could Improve Through A/B Testing?
  • The CTA button might be personalized and also a little bigger.
  • The form is long in consideration that the deal is just one free chapter of the novel.
  • The link-filled footer lets prospects escape without converting this page.




What Does This Page Do?
  • The Top banner line provides beginner-friendly offers.
  • The color of the CTA button pops off the screen, well attracting attention from prospects.
  • The CTA’s are available in the form of the first-party.
  • The arrow to direct the prospect’s eyes to the CTA button acts as a visual aid.
  • Reviews from top-clients affirm the post-click landing page’s persuasiveness.
What Could Improve Through A/B Testing?
  • The busy footer offers far too many opportunities for prospects to leave the page.

Sam Ovens



What Does This Page Do?
  • The clear benefit seems with the headline of a case study – and analysis of getting clients.
  • The CTA button pop’s on the backdrop of the image.
  • Clear CTA’s are available, which attracts customers.
  • The available CTA’s are available in the First Party form.
What Could Improve Through A/B Testing?
  • It seems that autoplay video decreases conversions. If your visitors want to watch your video, then they will press the “play” button.




What Does This Page Do?
  • Heading describes the offer, and subheading provides a detailed description.
  • The bullet points allow us to highlight the important aspects of the information.
  • The contrast between the framed and the color around the shape makes it stand out on the screen.
  • The orange CTA button contrasts well with the rest of the tab, making it clickable for “pop” and enticing prospects.
What Could Improve Through A/B Testing?
  • The content unavailable at the top pages looks unprofessional.
  • Make personalized and attractive CTA’s.
  • Add essential elements – helps to stand out from the crowd.
  • Multiple links are available in the footer, which makes customers more engaging.




What Does This Page Do?
  • The banner contrasts well with the backdrop, helps in attracting customers easily.
  • Only one form of field helps visitors to convert easily.
  • Customer reviews and company logos work as social proof, which indicated Shopify is a big-name business and serves highly satisfied clients.
  • The available images provide the real user-dashboard view of Shopify Landing Page.
What Could Improve Through A/B Testing?
  • Try changing the CTA button color options.
  • People’s eye gaze in the image should point towards the CTA button or form, which would encourage more people to come to their page and convert.




What Does This Page Do?
  • The CTA options are available, which offers to know more about the site.
  • The color combination of the CTA with the white background contrasts well.
  • The amount of content available makes reading this page more accessible.
  • Screenshots of the Percolate dashboard are available, which helps people to understand its working procedure.
What Could Improve Through A/B Testing?
  • Various links available in the header and footer serve as an exit from the main page, which makes customers leave before they convert.
  • The heading and subheading show that Percolate is one of the best content marketing platforms.
  • The customer reviews available on the site without name and details seem to be inorganic and appears as if the team of Percolate has written themselves.

Colonial Life



What Does This Page Do?
  • The available images show what they will get when they convert.
  • The bullet points highlight the important things of the ebook.
  • The subheading states that the ebook is free.
  • If they want additional information from the sire, people can check or uncheck the box themselves.
What Could Improve Through A/B Testing?
  • The CTA buttons available are tiny in size, which is hardly seen by the visitors.
  • The available links in the header redirect visitors to either the social media profiles or home pages.




What Does This Page Do?
  • The bullet points share the benefits of using the platform.
  • The available images help visitors show the things they will achieve after converting.
  • CTA color options are quite attractive.
What Could Improve Through A/B Testing?
  • The links mentioned in the footer section needs to decrease, as it moves the customers away from the page without converting.




What Does This Page Do?
  • Bullet points allow visitors to get an idea of the things they will get in the report.
  • The minimum amount of text in the sites allows people to have a quick read easily.
What Could Improve Through A/B Testing?
  • A type of 7-field is much likely to intimidate prospects of abandoning the website.
  • It has too egocentric a title. It does not communicate any advantages to the tourist at all.




What Does This Page Do?
  • In this headline, the word “free” lets people know that the deal does not come at any monetary cost. The same goes for the subheadline for the text “No credit card required.”
  • The “Get started in 30 seconds,” CTA communicates to the visitor that it is quick and easy to start a trial.
What Could Improve Through A/B Testing?
  • A lack of content makes the visitors unlikely to fill in this form.
  • The 9-field form may make people leave the page immediately.
  • Light-gray type labels can foil visitors as they disappear after each field.
  • The CTA color looks similar to the background, which makes it invisible.




What Does This Page Do?
  • The title has a clear advantage of the site.
  • Bulleted copy expresses the advantages of a bid easily.
  • Big-name company logos enhance credibility by aligning the brand with a few well-known companies.
  • The picture acts as a visual representation of the bid, showing visitors what they will be getting after they have converted.
What Could Improve Through A/B Testing?
  • The footer with various links to other web pages makes it possible for prospects to exit the website landing page.
  • By using a personalized copy, the CTA copy will improve conversion rates.

So, these are some of the trending landing page examples in the market today. Can you beat the best post-click landing page examples mentioned above? Did you make any of the mistakes the brands above did? How do your post-click landing pages look in comparison?

Are all these questions arising in your mind too? Thinking about,

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