04 Excellent Tips For Creating Facebook Ads That Convert

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04 Excellent Tips For Creating Facebook Ads That Convert

There’s no doubt in it – that  if you really want high quality fans and followers for your Facebook page then you have to run FB ads.

But one major thing you need to keep in mind is – Your Facebook ads should be creative and should stand out amongst the lead. Then only you will be able to achieve more traffic on your Facebook page.

In this blog, I will introduce you to 04 amazing Facebook advertising tips.  That will definitely help you compose high-quality and winning advertisements on Facebook.

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Facebook Advert Types

Let’s take a look at the major types of the FB ads before straightly dwelling into the tips –

  • Sponsored Story (on mobile or desktop)
  • Video Ads
  • Sidebar Ad (desktop)
  • Mobile App Ad

Different imagery, layouts are entailed by each one of them.

Here Are 04 Sure Fire Facebook Advertising Tips For Creating Ads That Work –


Address The Clear And Right CTA

A fantastic looking ad is majestic but without a solid call-to-action, the viewer doesn’t know what to do next. Your ad should provide your viewers a reason to make a click. Your call-to-action is what you ask your viewer to do once they have read your ad.  For example – adding “buy one get free”, “Do it today and avoid disappointment”, “Sign up for free”, “We are having a Surprise Sale” can excite your viewer to take action promptly.

If you want to hike up your conversions, you must have a clear, cut to cut CTA.

Sincerity matters a lot to make you stand among the rest. Yes, it is true. Whatever information you provide in your ads and the reason you are giving your viewers to make a click should be believable and real. It should be not at all fake and fictionary.

Create a Benefit-Loaded Title

This is one of the major thing which you need to follow. Whenever you compose the title, make sure you include how your ad will be benefiting them. Convey your viewers in the headline itself your offers or whatever you are providing. Let’s say –  If you are providing 50% off on the particular items then mention it in the headline itself. Make sure you have a eye catchy headline with all the important things included – offer, number, the product/service. Example – Get 2 shoes for 799, Get 3 bottles of personalized wine for $30.

Your Title itself should be able to sell the product. Also make sure that the headline should be written properly by using right fonts, right size and with proper punctuations. The headline is the highlight of your ad.

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Use High Quality & Attractive Images In Your Ad

While creating your Facebook ads, you have to make sure that you use high definition images. Also your images should be –

  1. The size should be right
  2. It should be bright and captivating
  3. You can add images of happy people who are using your company product
  4. Keep off dull images

Your images should be able to create a long lasting impression on who ever sees it. Also, images helps you to earn leads. That is why you should put up images carefully. It is one of the most important Facebook advertising tips you should consider.

Keep Your Content Limited To 90 Characters

Your Facebook ad copy consists of 03 major parts-

  1. The headline is the main part of your ad which lies beneath your image. The major purpose of headline is to grab the attention of the viewers and sell the product.
  1. Below the headline of your ad is the description. Here in this part, the whole description about your headline and the offers.
  1. Above the image is the post text which is just similar to the description part. You need to make sure that your ad post should not exceed the limit – that is up to 90 characters.

Moreover, you can also use various ad spy tools like PowerAdSpy to spy on your competitor’s ads and create a best one for you.


These were the 04 major tips that you must consider while creating your Best Facebook ads. You need to be very peculiar and should plan your ads in a strategic manner. Remember, your ad headline should be killer, your ad copy should be enticing and you should have a strong CTA that one cannot ignore. Then only your ads will work. Your best Facebook ads should contain a powerful reason that makes and entices your viewers to like and click on your ad.