Smart Ways to Increase Your Facebook CTR

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Smart Ways to Increase Your Facebook CTR

Any business that is running ads on Facebook obviously wants to know how their campaigns are doing and adjust things if necessary to obtain the best results possible. Now that we know that one of the ways to measure your advertising campaign’s performance is by monitoring the ads’ click-through rate, let’s see what you can do to increase your Facebook CTR.

There are actually several smart ways to improve your Facebook CTR. We compiled a list with the best ideas that could help you out.

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What Are The Ways To Improve Facebook CTR?

Here are some ways to increase your Facebook click through rate:

#1 Choose the Right Audience for Your Ads


This might seem redundant to advertisers, but it’s a crucial step in building a Facebook advertising campaign. One cannot advertise meat-based meals to vegetarians and expect great performance for their ad. Businesses simply need to target the right audiences for their ads in order to achieve the desired results.

Considering there are now over 2 billion Facebook users, you really need to be very specific when setting your audience targeting. It’s important to narrow down the group of people your ad will be targeted at. Remember to select the geographic location, age and gender, demographics, behaviors, interests, etc. By carefully filtering out an ideal audience for your ads, the chances of getting clicks and engagement increases considerably.

Another great idea is to target your website visitors. They already know and recognize your brand, so they are more likely to click on your advert.

#2 Improve the Design of Your Ad


The most important part of any Facebook ad is the image or video. A great image/video can tremendously increase your Facebook CTR, thus leading to cheaper traffic and more results from your target audience.

Keep in mind that bland images and generic stock photos are usually ignored by users. Make your image stand out in the News Feed. Use high-quality, professional-looking images to grab the limited attention span of web users. Better yet, use a video to boost your chances of getting seen. The human eye is much more likely to stop on video content and absorb the message.

#3 Use a Compelling Headline For Facebook CTR


Granted, the image or video of Facebook ads is the first thing viewers notice. Aside from that, the headline text is the next thing that pops up. As such, headlines are equally important. They can determine whether people consider the remainder of an ad worth viewing or not.

A cleverly worded headline can instill a desire to learn more about your offer. That’s why is important to provide just enough information to incite their curiosity and make them continue exploring your ad. Try answering the questions that instantly form in their mind. Cater to their needs and problems. Also, it’s advisable to avoid using product names or your brand name in the headline, unless you are targeting people who are familiar with your business.

#4 Choose the Right Call-to-Action


Though the call-to-action might seem a small element of Facebook ad trends and some people overlook it, it has been shown that it can improve Facebook CTR by over 80%. That’s why it’s important to create ads built around a call-to-action that is suitable to what you want your viewers to do. Also, the CTA button must be an integrated part of the advertising message itself.

At the moment, there are six options available for call-to-action button text, from “Shop Now” to “Learn More” and “Download.”

Another way to grab attention is to include a first call to action in your ad itself. For instance, when you create an ad with the “Learn More” CTA button try including the same text inside your ad image. This basically provides two opportunities to get clicks on the same ad.

#5 A/B Test Your Facebook Ads


Conducting split testing on your ads is paramount for increasing your Facebook CTR. No advertiser in the world, regardless of its expertise, knows for sure what images, copy, headline or Facebook audience insight will work better for an ad and get the biggest response from their audience. A/B split testing, however, can help you learn exactly what elements are the most effective.

So in order to achieve success with your ads, it’s essential to test different ad variants to find the top performer. As such, test at least five different images, several headlines, and a couple of ad copies to get an understanding of what your target Facebook audience responds to best.

This strategy helps you weed out the bad ads from your campaign and only keep the best ones. You will thus avoid spending money on ads that aren’t effective.

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#6 Create a Sense of Urgency For Facebook CTR



Urgency is one of the most powerful aspects of human psychology. It is an important marketing strategy any business can use. When it comes to Facebook ads, there are various ways to make people feel a sense of urgency and push them to make a decision. For instance, potential customers are more likely to take action if there are presented with limited-time offers, limited product runs, or future price increases.

Also, the use of phrases such as “act now,” “while supplies last,” or “buy now” is very helpful. Ads that include this kind of wording in their copy give users the sense that they came across an opportunity they cannot pass by.

Similarly, the countdown ads strategy is proven to be a very effective way to create a sense of urgency and increase your Facebook CTR. These are quite suitable for special offers and promotions and can greatly improve conversion rates.