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How Facebook Ad Targeting Can Fuel Your Business Growth in 2023

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How Facebook Ad Targeting Can Fuel Your Business Growth in 2023

It’s crucial to keep up with the times in this quickly changing digital world. As algorithms change and customer behavior shifts, businesses need to modify their advertising strategies to achieve the best outcomes. The appropriate targeting can make all the difference between average campaigns and extraordinary ROI.

Despite providing a vast platform for B2B and B2C businesses to advertise, many marketers are still struggling to make the best use of it. Mostly it is due to a lack of clarity about how to reach the audience and meet their needs

Therefore, to comprehend Facebook ads targeting and reach large audiences, we have provided some helpful information about Facebook ad targeting, how it works, how effectively you can use it, and how you can search for business owners who effectively generate their potential audiences from ad campaigns. 

Let’s understand;

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How Does Facebook Ad Targeting Work?



Running a Facebook ad might seem tempting but promoting without a specific strategy is similar to navigating a ship without a compass. Here, Facebook helps you define the audience for businesses and its targeting options help to create profitable ad campaigns and reach the target audience easily. This approach of targeting ads on Facebook can help businesses enhance brand visibility, engagement rate, and ROI.

Here Are Some Targeting Options Available Within Facebook.


Facebook targeting options can help you identify the proponents’ who can show interest in your products or services. There are three types of Facebook ads targeting options;

Core audiences: 

Establishing your Core Audiences is essential as it helps you to set up benchmarks for future customer segments. It is a foundation in which you can target more customers. Also, to gain more information about your Core Audiences, you need to analyze these three sources for valuable insight.

Demographics; The demographical analysis can help you with basic descriptors of the audience’s family, race, annual income, marital status, ethnicity, etc. This option can be great information to strategize your ads campaigns.

Behaviors; Audience behavior is a powerful targeting technique you can leverage using Facebook. You should pay close attention to recent purchases, device usage, and time spent on Facebook. Analyzing behavioral patterns can be a great source of information for targeting ads on Facebook.

Location; Location-based Facebook ads targeting can help you know about the exact position of your audience. This technique will help you target a specific geographic area, such as a small city or town, where you can set a central point of your ad-targeting endeavors.

Lookalike audiences:

It includes people who share comparable characteristics with your existing audiences. You can target people similar to your best customers who may not know about your business yet. This method is good for Facebook ads targeting because of the potential to expand your brand’s name to reach more audiences. However, you need further optimization of your tactics to get more from your Lookalike audiences.

Custom audiences: 



By now, you have got an overview of what the core audience is all about. Now let’s start researching custom audiences. These audiences already know about your product or service or have engaged with your website in the past. Such as;

Facebook sources; Customers who engage with your business on your Facebook page fall under the category of customer audiences. 

Website visitors; People who have already visited a specific page on the website. You can follow the on-site behavior of your audiences, such as time on site, which page they bounced, etc. 

Customer list; This section includes a list containing names, emails, and contact details of audiences collected from multiple sources. 

7 Facebook Ad Targeting Tips to Increase Your Engagement Rate:


Let’s talk about some expert tips to improve the engagement rate of businesses;

Include Facebook Pixel;

Marketers who run Facebook ads targeting should integrate their websites with Facebook Pixel. It is a little piece of code to provide better insights into your ad campaigns. This method will help you track your interaction and collect user data. You can create your customer audiences, a lookalike audience, or retarget visitors to create effective ad campaigns for users who visit your website.

Analyze competitors top-performing ad content on Facebook;

When targeting competitors’ ads, you need to keep an eye on the most popular ads to attract large audiences. Identify how often your competitor posts their content on Facebook. Whatever the specifics, you’ll find creative ways to engage your audience, add it to your marketing strategy, and fine-tune it to achieve more impactful results. 

Also, it is not necessary to blindly follow your competitor’s ad campaigns. Try to analyze competitors’ weak areas and utilize the opportunity to engage their consumers toward your brand. You can also review the comments and responses section of your competitors’ Facebook posts to know about their customer’s expectations and how the brand is responding. 

Identify Consumer Interest; 

Take your time to understand your audiences on Facebook and then set up your ads campaigns. You need to conduct market research, define potential consumer profiles, or collect information about their interest, behavior, demographics, etc to form successful targeting ad campaigns.

Track and Optimize Your Campaigns;

After creating or posting ad campaigns, closely monitor your performance using Facebook Ads Manager. Closely track the key metrics such as likes, shares, comments, conversations, and return on ad spend (ROAS). Also, to maintain your engagement rate, continuously optimize your campaign strategy based on these insights.

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A/B Testing for Continuous Improvement; 

Use A/B testing to try different Facebook ads targeting variation options to optimize your ad targeting. You can test multiple variations like photo, video, carousel ads, and more to identify what works best for your campaign objectives. An Ad intellectual tool like PoweAdSpy can aid in tracking the A/B tests of your competitors and what text you should run next. 

Understand Your Business Owner Audience;

Suppose you want to create more awareness about your brand or product. Then you must understand how to target business owners on Facebook and conduct thorough research to understand the target audience of business owners. Leverage Facebook ads targeting options like job titles, interests related to entrepreneurship, and pages they follow to business topics.

Use Social Media Ad Intelligence Tool:



To get Facebook ad insight, you can use an Ad intelligence tool like PowerAdSpy. It is a potent tool for acquiring a massive amount of valuable data, including demographics, interests, and locations of the core audiences. Analyzing information would help you create the best Facebook ad targeting strategies. 

Discover how PowerAdSpy features can help you generate winning ad campaigns!

Powerful Search Algorithm; Search by keywords, phrases, terms, and brand names within ads. 



Competitor Analysis; You can analyze competitor ads and see what type of strategies they are using. This tool will also help you analyze your competitors’ weak areas in ad campaigns.   

Ad-Filter and Sort; This feature allows you to narrow down your search based on ad type, ads performance, and more. 

Ad Engagement Insights; You will get information about user engagement and understand which ad campaigns resonate with the customer.

Ad Analytics; Analyze ad performance metrics, such as likes, shares, comments, and engagement rates of your competitor, and plan your ad campaigns accordingly. 


Using Facebook ads targeting options can increase your brand reach. One of the efficient ways to target an audience is to focus on a suitable set of people, know their requirements, and serve solutions with irresistible strategies. Also, you can expand your reach in no time by implementing the above-mentioned tips to improve your engagement rate. Follow the best tips to get your audience insight or consult.