Top Brain Dead Facebook Ad Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

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Top Brain Dead Facebook Ad Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

Cookies are fine but the typical ones are not!

Each of the platforms are distinct and so are their strategies. If you’re brilliant in Google ads and are hoping that you can apply the same strategy for Facebook advertisements as well, you’re mistaken!

Facebook, for instance, doesn’t have a similar goal like that of Adwords. Which makes a huge difference. You can’t expect conversions in a similar way. Similarly, you can’t design similar advertisements either.

It would be silly if you’re publishing ads without considering this difference. Isn’t it? And, this would direct you to take decisions that appear to be completely fine at your end but the truth is that you’re vandalizing your own endeavors.

Wanna figure out why it is the formula for fiasco? Review some of the common Facebook ad mistakes that are done by advertisers and abstain yourself from committing the same mistakes.


Anticipating Facebook Advertisements to convert in the same way as Adwords

You have become pro in AdWords and thinking of replicating the same strategy on your Facebook advertisements as well?

And, what’s the result? Nothing!

Your outcomes are ceased. Your expenses get worsened. You lose your hope thinking that investing in Facebook ads are waste.

Possibly, you’re not doing it correctly!

There no platform in the world where individuals hunt, click and make purchases like it is done with AdWords. There is a reason it shows up beyond $75 billion (with a B) for Google. Irrespective of their insane pieces of stuff, they still wind up a greater part of their income.

People are so much engrossed in the Adwords that it is turning out to be an Advertising bonanza. Which, is still a tremendous opportunity.

The AdWords work on CPC which is obviously not the case with Facebook ads. People use platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc for relieving their mind and not for taking any decision by filling a lengthy form.

Then, what matters more on Facebook? The answer is PPC.

PPC stands for Pay Per Click which means you need to pay for each click got on your ad. Basically it’s a procedure of purchasing clicks for your website rather than focusing only on organic clicks.

It works with a concept or retargeting. In this, people who have interacted with you anytime through your ads would be targeted again for your future ads.

Targeting is the greatest factor that should be considered for a brilliant Facebook ad. Along these lines, you need to lay the foundation first, developing custom groups of onlookers that you can later return to and promote your goods inevitably.


Offer + Audience mismatch

You’re acquiring new audiences day by day and that is multiplying the complexity.

You’ll now have to entice new customers, thereby entertaining the ones you already had. Looking for ways to convert the one who is willing and likewise. All these things create more issues for you.

Principally, two factors are prominent to drive more conversions. They are-

  • The group of people you’re aiming at
  • The offers you’re providing

If these two things are done wrong, your FB ads won’t be able to succeed.

Different brands ran a test on this when Facebook presented pertinent score for the first time. We created a Facebook ad campaign and made it run for two distinct groups of onlookers, of which one group was well targeted while the other was ineptly targeted.

The first one got 1103 clicks. The CPC was also very low (about $0.03).

The one which was shared to a generic audience got only 278 clicks with a CPC  of $0.142.

Can you guess the reason behind this?

Well, it’s all by dint of audience targeting. Target the right group of people and make your ad work brilliantly.

You also need to know where you’re positioned at the sales funnel.

There are several types of users for a business. Those who haven’t really heard about your trade ever or don’t have much idea about it sets at the top of the sales funnel. If you’re posting ads with “Buy now” tag to such people, they won’t give a damn about it! How would you react if you meet a person at a bar for the first time and he is asking to marry you? Insane! Rather, you should display them with some content-specific overtures and let them gain knowledge about your brand.

Then comes the people who are in the middle of your sales funnel. These are the individuals who have visited your site at some time or communicated with you via Facebook. They comprehend you and your thoughts, but perhaps they’re unaware of your trading activities. For them, you can consider to provide webinars, software trials or so and gain their confidence.


Not ruling out the converted clients

This is a basic point that is usually overlooked by most of the ad managers and that’s where they’re going wrong. If you’re running campaigns to acquire new customers then create a list of all of your clients and exclude them from your Facebook ad campaigns.

I was being chased by a casino site for some days. They were trying harder to provoke me for the enticing welcome bonus offered by their site.

But actually, they were wasting their time and energy as I already have it!

If they had excluded the existing customers previously, these efforts wouldn’t have squandered.


Not being experimental with ad placements

I was that sort of guy who likes to view the FB ads only on the newsfeed. I thought that this is the best type of ad and works well.

But, there is a wide range of ad placements that one can prefer! They are a little expensive but are way more efficient than the conventional type of ads.


Meanwhile, you can choose to post an ad on Facebook stories. Earnestly, Facebook stories perform considerably good. Like this, be experimental with your ad placements and note the difference!


Not testing images before use

Pictures are the primary thing that Fb users will see. Making a suspicion that you comprehend what picture will get your Facebook advertisement tapped on the most is a terrible thought. There are some incredible prescribed procedures with regards to Fb advertising cliches, however in case, we don’t test our theories, we are passing up on a contingency.

Always examine your Facebook advertisements, specifically the images.

The fact of the matter is, the point at which you can put a couple of images to test and determine which of them would work better, just do so. You’ll set aside extra cash over the long haul and make an advertisement that will draw more attention and would get more number of clicks on it!


Why spy Facebook ads?

Facebook ads
Facebook ads

The number of advertisers are increasing expeditiously and crossed over 3 million and I bet, a pocketful of them are your antagonists. When you are up to creating an extraordinary advertisement, it’s not enough to just acquire the copy and structure the ad. There is a need for doing competitive analysis and know the winning strategies of your niche. Various tools are available online that you can consider and spy on your competition. Of which, PowerAdspy is the best and the most efficient in my opinion. It helps you get the in-depth analytics of your competitors’ ad. You can use this detail and develop a great strategy for your ad!

Which spy tool do you use? Comment below and let us know!


Wrapping words

This is not an infallible way to fabricate a productive Facebook advertisement and fallacies may take place anytime. Posting ads on Facebook are affordable and most of the marketers are doing this now. You should comprehend the things that you’re doing appropriately and the things that you’re doing in the wrong way. Mistakes are made by everyone, but it’s essential that we learn from our mistakes. This was the actual motive of writing this blog. Hope the points mentioned here are clear to you and you’d refrain yourself from making similar mistakes.

Which spy tool do you use? Comment below and let us know!


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