Top 5 Brain-Dead Facebook Ad Mistakes & How To Fix Them

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Top 5 Brain-Dead Facebook Ad Mistakes & How To Fix Them

You must be spending a sizable amount of money on Facebook advertising. Isn’t It?

Like you, many other marketers spend a lot on Facebook ad campaigns. And they don’t get enough returns out of their investments.

Since Facebook advertising is not easy as it may seem, you might unknowingly commit Facebook ad mistakes that could cause a significant dent in your company’s wallet.

The thing is that every year Facebook comes up with some new trends and updates, which most marketers do not even notice. And to optimize those new features, you should keep yourself updated about the current trends in Facebook marketing.

That is why here we are showing you these 5 Facebook advertising mistakes that you must avoid to ensure better returns and lower losses through Facebook advertising.


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#1: Mistake: Inefficient Facebook Ad Account Structure:

The Facebook ad manager has a built-in system that organizes the structure of your Facebook ad account based on ongoing campaigns and ad sets.



You need to have a systematic structure for creating campaigns with a defined number of ad sets to run Facebook ad campaigns. Otherwise, your ad account may get disorganized, and your campaigns won’t be able to obtain optimum results.

As we know, every single campaign has at least one ad set with several ads. Although it’s suggested to create multiple ad sets and ads under each campaign, this may also turn into Facebook ad mistakes.

Suppose a marketer creates multiple ad sets having a similar kind of promotion running in each of them; what would happen? The algorithm will optimize the promotions that are performing the best in each ad set.

If you have created multiple ad sets, you would have to pay even more to optimize each of them. And it would definitely affect your ad budget, as your account would be struggling to optimize each ad set in a limited time frame.

So to be on the fair side, it would be much better to create extra ad sets only when you have a proper advertising strategy and budget to optimize every promotion.


#2: Mistake: Selecting The Wrong Ad Objective:

Based on your advertising goals, you can set your Facebook campaign objectives. However, even veteran advertisers may sometimes make Facebook ad mistakes by selecting the wrong campaign objective.




And selecting the wrong objective may cause total failure of your advertising campaign. So, you need to be very careful with that.

Suppose- you have two campaign objectives- getting traffic on your website and generating leads for your business. Then you need to create separate campaigns targeting each different objective.

There you have options, whether you want to create awareness, gain web traffic, engagement, generate leads or gain more downloads for your app.

Before opting for any objective, you need to be clear about the audience you want to reach and what response action you expect from your audience when they view your campaign.


#3: Mistake: Failing To Consider Ad Fatigue:

Have you been using the same older creative formats for months and months? Then this could also be one of the Facebook advertising mistakes you might be making.




Even if you are gaining results from similar types of content for some time. After a time frame, people will get bored with it. And it would put more pressure on your ad budget than what it will get you in return.

Since seeing a similar kind of content may cause ad fatigue in your audience. That’s why you should introduce more new ad creatives in your campaign.

If you lack more new ideas for your Facebook advertising, you can rely on an ad intelligence solution like PowerAdSpy to check on the other relevant competitors’ ads.

It will help you to analyze the best-performing Facebook ads. So you can replicate their marketing strategies in your own campaign to ensure better performance.

Let’s know how an ad intelligence solution can help you!


PowerAdSpy – A Perfect Ad Research Software



To make your ads win, it is important to do detailed research on successful advertisements on Facebook. And that’s where PowerAdSpy can assist you!

It is an ad research tool that can serve as in-depth analytics of all winning ads of your domain. Moreover, it allows you to check your competitors’ Facebook ads uncover their strategies and gain insights into what’s working in your industry!

PowerAdSpy provides comprehensive ad research features! You can search for ads based on dedicated keywords, URLs, and more.

Moreover, PowerAdSpy’s users can easily:

  • Filter By Ad Positions
  • Clear Visibility Of Ad Analytics
  • Access To Millions Of Ads
  • Domain-centric Ad Research
  • Bookmark Best Ads
  • Search By Keyword/Phrases/Terms/Brands
  • Engagement Oriented Details
  • Geo Targeted Results



#4: Mistake: No Control Over Ad Budget:

The good thing about Facebook advertising is that it allows you to control your ad expenses based on your budget. However, marketers often overspend on Facebook ads by crossing over their ad budget. And that’s one of the Facebook ad mistakes you won’t want to make in your advertising campaign.



Nowadays, it is quite a struggle for marketers to opt for the right budget for their marketing campaign. The amount you need to spend on your campaign depends on the goals of your advertising.

And if your ad budget is low, there is a chance that your ad campaign may not perform well enough. It is also the reason marketers overspend and exceed their Facebook ad budget.

In such a case, marketers can utilize ad analytics information to review their ad bidding. It could help them to adjust their ad budget to reduce their expenses and generate better results for their business.

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#5: Mistake: Not Keeping Track Of Campaign:

Another one of the common Facebook ad mistake is when marketers fail to keep track of their advertising campaign. Just after the creation of the campaign, they think that their work is over. But that’s not really the case!


Due to this approach, marketers spend more on campaign optimization than needed.

If you are not tracking the performance of your ad campaigns, how would you know about the campaigns that are not performing well? As you will lose the opportunity to improve and optimize your campaign. And that could result in a failure of your advertising.


Time To Stop Making Facebook Ad Mistakes

Now that you know about some of the most common Facebook ad mistakes, it is time to get the solution. One of the best ways to overcome all these challenges is by using the best Facebook ad analytics solutions.

Although you can use ad manager to quantify the performance of your ad campaign, that won’t be enough. These days, marketers have many other options with ad intelligence tools to squint their competitors’ ads. It could easily help them to learn about current marketing trends and strategies that work the most.

One such tool is PowerAdSpy. You can use this tool to search for competitors’ best Facebook ad campaigns within a few clicks only.

Not only that, it has ad analytics features that allow you to check the overall performance of ongoing campaigns. It might help you gain more ideas on- how to optimize your own advertising to obtain better results.



Are the above Facebook ad mistakes holding you back? Don’t worry! If you are diligent with your efforts and keep a check on these mistakes, you can easily avoid them.

However, I would also suggest you use Facebook ad analytics tools to gauge the performance of your campaigns. It would help you discover problems in your marketing campaign which you can quickly fix.

Hope you find this blog post information helpful. If you want to share your own marketing experience and thoughts, mention them in the comments section.