Facebook Ads Spy: 05 Reason Why It’s Treasure For Advertiser

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Facebook Ads Spy: 05 Reason Why It’s Treasure For Advertiser

Gone are the days when marketers were frightened and haunted by their rivals. But today, keeping an eye on a competitor is a great way to nourish and build your business. We did not imply that knowing your competitor is enough but apprehending their techniques and what they are doing is a fail-safe. In a business, you can spend billions of dollars on competitive research, especially on Facebook. But it will be an expensive choice. If you don’t want to splurge more and still want to know what your opponents are up to, then the Facebook ads spy tool is your best option.

Facebook Ads are the driving force behind advertising for brands and other advertisers. It provides the perfect place to turn an idle user into a customer. However, success on this platform is much more difficult due to the fierce competition.

So what is a Facebook advertising spy tool? And how to use it to make your marketing plans succeed? You will get all in this article, so without further delay, let us jump into this article.

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Facebook ads spy tool shows precisely what your contenders are accomplishing and how well they use social advertising in their business. It reveals everything from creatives to ad copies.

CAUTION- Do not try to copy and paste from a competitor’s campaign. Instead, you can use them as inspiration to create better ads. It also gives you direct insights and where you’re lagging.

The prominent motive is to gain valuable insights, analyze weaknesses, and discover new opportunities to create better ad campaigns.


Facebook ad spy tools will help you gain the whole perspective of the advertising scenario and provide a new level of understanding and awareness.

It assists you in following your competitor’s strategies and discovering the landing pages, ads, and sales copies that are performing better.

Using such tools, you can learn about new ideas and analyze what’s performing in the long term and current trends. With all this knowledge, you can create your own unique and successful campaign.

Facebook Ads Spy allows you to explore and find out what type of content your competitors are posting, what CTA they are using, how they are targeting the audience, and the additional types of content in their ads.

To search and explore Facebook ads, you can use Facebook Business Manager. Nevertheless, you should also invest in powerful ad intelligence tools that can ease your tasks related to advertising campaigns.

One name we recommend is PowerAdSpy! Our next segment is all about unleashing the power of this ad spy tool and why it’s worth investment.

PowerAdSpy: Ad Intelligence Tool

ad-intelligence-toolPowerAdSpy is a social advertising intelligence tool that provides a detailed breakdown of each ad, along with landing page URLs, last viewed dates, social engagement, and targeting options.

It is not only powerful to spy Facebook ads, but it also provides the ability to spy on platforms like Instagram, Native, GDN, YouTube, Google, and many more. 

You can search for ads by keyword, domain, advertiser, and sort by latest ads, longest-running ads, social engagement stats, targeting options, landing page properties, and more.

Some of the key features of the Poweradspy are;

Filter By Ad Positions

You can browse as many ads as you like and segment your social ads based on location, such as news feeds and side locations analyze the ads with the highest conversion rates in your niche.

Complete Visibility

PowerAdSpy allows you to access live ad posts directly from the platform to provide clear visibility into your ad analysis. You can access and cross-check real-time engagement with your audience’s views on your ad.

Millions of Data

PowerAdSpy has the fastest-growing data in millions of ads from more than 15 countries. So you can find the latest successful ads with just a few clicks.

Narrow down All Your Searches

It provides the ability to search for ads based on your niche keywords, advertisers, and even domains. You can also visit the highest-performing advertisers/competitors to see almost every ad served.

Bookmarks Best Ads

You may come across several ad concepts that you like to use in your upcoming ad campaigns. Bookmark with a click and move them to your personalized Ads inventory. No need to search for them over and over again.

Powerful Search Algorithm

Find the ads you are looking for by searching for popular keywords/phrases/terms within ads. You can then sort those ads by date, shares, likes, and comments to find the best ads to grow your campaign quickly.

Oriented Details

PowerAdSpy delivers you engagement-oriented details of Social Ads as social interactions help to identify which ads are a winner in your niche.


With its Huge Data center of Millions of ads, PowerAdSpy can provide precise information about the Geo-targets of your competitors, which helps you to identify an audience readily interested in your product/services.

Call for Action-Based Sorting

A call to action is the critical factor behind the success of your ad campaigns. And with PowerAdSpy, you can figure out the best Call to Action working in your niche.

Facebook Ads Spy gives advertisers and marketers the best opportunities to look for new ideas and analyze and grow their businesses while replicating them in your businesses.

As competitor analysis is the most crucial part of your advertisement strategies, investing in better and worthy Facebook ad spy tools makes your task much easier and less time-consuming.

Ad intelligence tools like PowerAdSpy, don’t limit your competing world to Facebook; they allow you to search and explore millions of ads within numerous social media platforms.

With easy and budget-friendly pricing plans and an easy user interface, Poweradspy makes the perfect choice for marketers and advertisers.


1. Log in to Poweradspy. Welcome to the dashboard in the center. There is a panel to search keywords, advertisers, or domain names.


2. Below that, there will be the options;

Search by
Sort by
Lander properties


3. After that, there will be options of;

Sort by
Ad is seen between
Post date between
Domain registration date


4. On the left side of the dashboard, you’ll see the social media platforms where you can search millions of ads.


In the searching panel, you can enter keywords, advertisers, or domains you want to explore the ads and narrow your search with filters as mentioned above. By default, it will show you only Facebook ads, and in each ad, there is a show analytics option that will show you all the details of the respective advertisement.

5. In the Ad Analytics panel, you will see;

Basic info (URL)
Outgoing links
FB post link.

6. Lander page

Further options like;
First and last seen, post date, gender, age, ad language, days running, and domain and RSGD date.

Age, gender, target profile, relationship status, and social engagement options give the details of each ad you search.

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In several ways, Facebook instream ad spy tools are like a gateway into the entirely new world of advertising and discovery but don’t expect them to do everything for you.

With the perfect ad tool, you can find and analyze the competitors’ campaigns to explore what will work for your niche and gain insights into why the particular ad is working or not.

Remember, avoid trying to copy ad campaigns. Instead, you get inspired and explore to find your unique position in the market, as we call it, innovative work!

Even with the Facebook ads spy tool, you still need to keep testing, and optimize your Facebook ads to enhance the changes of getting more clicks and revenue. With this, we bid adieu to this article, and we promise you to come up with the next trendy article.