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5 Expert Tips To Spy On Facebook Ads In 2023

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5 Expert Tips To Spy On Facebook Ads In 2023

If you are planning or making your business online and thinking that you do not have any competition, you are probably on the wrong track. The landscape to promote your product on social media platforms is highly competitive and constantly changing.

As you know, the popularity of Facebook is too high. Businesses are implementing various marketing strategies to improve their product awareness to large audiences. And if you want to grow your FB reach, it is crucial to spy on Facebook ads of your competitors and plan your ad post accordingly.

So, how many competitors are there in your niche? Have you ever researched your biggest competitors?  

Well! Knowing about your competitor is the first step to growing brand reach. But to improve your brand awareness, you should know about your competitors, what they are doing, and why. 

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Why Spying On Your Competitor’s Facebook Ads Is Crucial?


Well! Considering your competitor’s marketing analysis is vital for many reasons: 

It will help you stay updated with new trends and innovations in your niche. You can get all the insight into your competitors’ ad campaigns and how they are introducing new ad campaigns to target specific consumers. Facebook ad spy will help you stay relevant with your content to make informed decisions. 

By analyzing your competitors’ ads, you can get ad insights that resonate with your potential audiences. Also, you can analyze their call to action and engagement metrics and apply them to improve your advertising performance.    

Another reason to spy on Facebook ads is marketers can easily identify gaps in competitors’ marketing strategies that they have overlooked. This method will help you tailor your Facebook ads to enhance your brand reach.  

By tracking likes, comments, shares, or engagement levels of your competitors, you can understand customer interests and preferences. This practice will help you make effective ad campaigns as per customer expectations.  

Instead of starting from scratch, you can spy on the Facebook ads of your competitors to stay on track and be relevant to the audience’s preferences. This shortcut is one of the best methods to refine your ad campaign.

Tips To Spy on Facebook Ads And Improve Advertising Reach:


Here we have some tips to transform your marketing reach in an effective way;

Facebook Ad Library 

Facebook provides an ad library feature to search active and inactive ads marketers can easily search from their Facebook page. This library stores all the data or ads published by marketers. And the data can be stored in the Facebook library for up to seven years. You can use this feature to get insights into your competitors’ activity and track your progress over time. 

Facebook Page Transparency Section

Facebook also provides a Page transparency section to view FB page history, advertising activity, and its ownership. This feature is added to provide information about pages and their activity and maintain transparency and accountability. 

Keep Eyes On Competitor Page



As a marketer, you should follow your competitors’ FB pages. It is the most effective way to spy on Facebook ads of your competitor, understand audience interest, and improve your marketing strategy. Monitor their engagement rate and how your competitors’ potential audiences are engaging with their posts and ads. To analyze their ad performance, the best indicator is to glance at likes, shares, & comments. You can also follow your competitor’s landing page to get additional information on their marketing strategies.

Promote Your Brand Before the Fans of Your Competitors

Most marketers already use this approach to attain higher sales leads. If you don’t employ this tactic, there is a window of opportunity that your business can trail behind. You can target the group who likes a particular page on Facebook and make this happen. 

Also, you can opt for other targeting methods if you have just started with your coffee shop, then target the ones who have visited or liked Dunkin’ Donuts or other similar businesses. 

Add AD Intelligence Software 

Well! Getting insight into your competitors’ ads is not the only solution to improve your brand awareness. You need to take a calculated approach to attract a large audience. To identify your competitors’ loopholes in their marketing strategy, you can add software that provides all the activities of your competitors. 

Various tools are available that provide competitors’ marketing activity. One of them is PowerAdSpy which allows you to track the best-performing ad campaigns of all the social media platforms from a single dashboard. We have talked about this tool in detail below, you can check it out.   


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Utilizing PowerAdSpy Ad Intelligence Tool:


A vast array of software is available to spy on Facebook ads on the web that helps to get insight on your competition and select the one that is not only legitimate but also fits well to your budget. We have gone through several tools and found that PowerAdSpy could be a suitable match for your business!

Consider the following highlights offered by the tool

PowerAdSpy has rapidly growing data from a wide range of Facebook ad campaigns from more than 100+ nations. The database is updated regularly to spy on competitors’ Facebook ads in your niche in no time.

You can easily search for ads with particular keywords, publishers, or domain names. You can even detect the best-implementing ads and look at all the advertising campaigns. You may have viewed and liked many Facebook ads simply bookmark them and revert to them later.

PowerAdSpy maintains absolute transparency of ad analytics. You can watch the live ad posts of your competitors and their feedback.  

You can filter FB ads based on their orientation through PowerAdSpy. Facebook Ads spy tool allows you to view the published Newsfeed section or the side column of the Facebook page. You can identify which ad placement works brilliantly on your niche and strategize accordingly.

These were the best features offered by PowerAdSpy. It amplifies the ad spend whilst substantially cutting back your outlay of customer attainment. 

Wrapping words:

The primary intention of Facebook was to connect people from different parts of the world. However, Facebook has evolved as a marketing platform to promote brands or services to their potential audiences. Various organizations are utilizing this opportunity to increase their potential consumer count. 

If you also want to achieve success on Facebook ads, you need to get your competitor’s marketing insight. In this blog, we have talked about various ways to spy on Facebook ads and use them to improve your ad performance.