07 Shrewd Ways To Use Facebook To Spy On Your Competition [2019 Update]

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07 Shrewd Ways To Use Facebook To Spy On Your Competition [2019 Update]

Let’s start with certain stats…Almost every brand confronts competition in the marketing world. If you think you’ve no competition, you are most probably on the wrong track. So, if you’ve lots of competition there’s a reason you should be happy! Making money from trading is not at all an easy task nowadays.

If you are thinking of starting a business and are seeking for funding, Venture Capital(VC) wishes to see your long list of competitors, rather than to know how creative you are(with no competition).

Having competitors is also a serious trouble. They not only carry away your existing customers but also makes challenging to gain new customers.

I’ve written this blog with a goal of making the audience aware of the sneakiest ways to spy on your competition. Just continue reading the blog and get to know about this in detail.

1. Utilizing the Facebook Graph API to know about your adversaries

In the very beginning phase of Facebook, people could readily view the data stored about any user. The casements that withhold the data is the Facebook Graph API. Developers know it really well how beneficial can this tool be to nexus their website to Fb!

Notwithstanding the fact that you are not a developer, then also you could make use of this strategy in several ways.

Over the years, unethical hacking practices have increased stupendously and so Facebook has become way more stern about the data stockpiled on the Facebook graph API.

One of the most preferred techniques is to seize the data about a user by simply searching with his username. In this way, you can know what your adversaries are doing apart from the activities on their own Facebook page.

2. Know what messaging strategy is used by your competition

Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger can be a great tool that you can utilize to reach out to your audience. It can bring about a tipping point in your business.

Facebook is constantly upgrading the app and that’s a clear indication to the level of prominence Facebook is providing for the application.

3. Scrutinize the ads published by your competitors

“Info and Ads” tab is newly introduced in every business page on Facebook and that could be an influential tool.

With the release of this wonderful feature, people can now be comprehended about the strategies their competitors are utilizing for their business.

To use this feature, all you need to do is to search for your competitor’s page on Facebook and then select “Info and Ads” button. This will navigate you to a window where all the ad campaigns run by him would be demonstrated.

Sounds beyond belief… Isn’t it?

You can not only see the ad campaigns running in your locality but also you can see the campaigns of different locality. Just change the location from the drop-down menu and that’s all.

4. Ascertain how to deal with criticisms

Deal With Criticism

You may get positive as well as negative feedback from your customers. You need to ascertain how your competitors deal with their negative feedback and replicate the strategy to your business.

You can simply follow a thread on Facebook and get to the way the customer allegations are adjudicated by your competitors. This makes advertising on Facebook popular than any other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram etc.

5. Perceive the likes and dislikes of your competitor’s supporters

The best part of running an ad campaign on Facebook is that you can access a considerable portion of data and information of people are accessible to all. Irrespective of whether you’ve liked the page or not, you can just go to their timeline and have a glance on their posts.

Just Select Posts -> Visitor Posts and know what their audience’s opinion about their brand.

As you are working on the same niche, this information could be really beneficial for you in acquiring happy and satisfied customers for your business.

6. Promote your brand before the fans of your competitors

Promote Your Brand

You may think of it as a shady business, but Everything is fair in commercializing world. Most of the marketers already use this approach so as to attain higher sales leads. If you don’t employ this tactic, there is a window of opportunity that your business can trail behind.

How to apply this approach?

Well, you can target the group of onlookers who like a particular page on Facebook and make this happen.

Now if you are a man of principles and you feel that using this tactic is against your rudiments, you can opt for other targeting methods also. Like if you have just started with your coffee shop, you can target the ones who have visited or liked the Dunkin’ Donuts or other similar businesses.

7. Utilizing automation tools

A vast array of spy tools for Facebook are available on the web that helps spy your competition, you need to select the one that is not only legitimate but also fits well to your budget. I have studied a number of tools and discovered that PowerAdspy could be a suitable match!

Spy Tools For Facebook

Consider the following highlights offered by the tool-

  • PowerAdspy has rapidly growing data of a wide range of Facebook ad campaigns from more than fifteen nations. The database is updated regularly and so you can find out the trendiest Facebook ads on your niche in no time.
  • You can easily search for ads with particular keywords, publishers or domain name. You can even detect the best implementing ads and have a look at all of their advertising campaigns.
  • You may have viewed and liked a number of Facebook ads, you can simply bookmark them and revert to it later.
  • PowerAdspy maintains absolute transparency of ad analytics. You can even see the live ad posts of your competitors and perceive the feedback of their customers.
  • You can filter Fb ads on the basis of their orientation by means of PowerAdspy. Basically, ads are published either in the Newsfeed section or side column of the Facebook page. You can know which sort of ad placement is working brilliantly on your niche and strategize accordingly.

These were the best features offered by PowerAdspy. This amplifies the ad spend whilst substantially cutting back your outlay of customer attainment.

Wrapping words

There you have gotten the seven shrewd ways to use Facebook to spy on your competition.

Facebook is considered to be a bonanza for evidence of how your competition is targeting their onlookers, the way they contend with negative responses daily and a deep analysis of their social engagements.

Do you use Facebook for analyzing your competition? How do you do this? Drop a comment and let us know!

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