Facebook Ads Guide For Beginners : How To Rock Your First Campaign (2020 Updated)

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Facebook Ads Guide For Beginners : How To Rock Your First Campaign (2020 Updated)

Facebook Ads is one extraordinary platform but a huge number of businesses and brands find it scary. I don’t censure them. When I at the very first time took a look at the Power Editor, I pondered what the hell I’d gotten myself into!

At first, the more research I did, the more I felt overpowered by this platform. There were simply such huge numbers of choices to look over thus numerous experts declaring that their development hack techniques was the one to take over and use.

A couple of campaigns in, I was able to get hanged into it. Presently after managing tons of Facebook campaigns on Facebook Ads in the course of recent years, I am now prepared to instruct you.

Facebook Ads has a great number of options present, however once you’re comfortable with the stage they don’t appear to be so overpowering. In this Facebook Ads guide for the beginners, I am going to present you everything that you need to know about making your very first Facebook campaign incredible.

Why Facebook Ads?

There are a lot of solid reasons to put on your precious time and money on Facebook ads. The variety of options they offer plus immense customization and a great creative command over your Facebook ads.

Want to target vegan parents of young kids near Soho?Want to target these individuals but only if they’re already connected to your Page or business? You can in reality do both. The targeting and retargeting options accessible through FB Ads are uncommon and truly exceptional.

Facebook Ads are likewise associated with Instagram Ads. You can run both in a single solo campaign greatly connecting you to the users present on both the platforms. Since the greatest objective of Facebook Ads is to put your content before more and more number of viewers.

And keeping in mind that a few people stress over the cost of Facebook Ads, it’s still quite moderate and affordable contrasted with the other alternatives including Google AdWords. This is especially obvious when your advertisement campaigns are given a supreme relevance score, which implies Facebook trusts and believes that your advertisement is a solid fit for your targeted interest group, and they will  bring down your CPC.

Facebook Ads Guide

There’s no doubt in it – that  if you really want high quality fans and followers for your Facebook page then you have to run FB ads. But one major thing you need to keep in mind is – Your Facebook ads should be creative and should stand out amongst the lead. Then only you will be able to achieve more traffic on your Facebook page.

Composing winning Facebook Ads is not in reality as difficult as it seems to be. Because numerous brands as well as small businesses choose FB’s Ads Manager to the high tech Facebook Power Editor we are abiding to employ the Facebook Ads Manager’s Create an Ad process for this Facebook Ads guide.

#1. First, Shape Up Your Strategy

Before you even look at the Ads manager, you need to have a solid strategy in your hand. Without having a proper plan and strategy you will be dazzled by n number of options present over there and will end up creating an ad campaign that does not target any person worthy because you are composing an ad for no one in particular.

Before you step in creating campaigns you need to ask yourself few questions –

  1. What services/products am I particularly promoting?
  2. To whom I am basically targeting?
  3. Are they going to be a warm audience or a cold one?
  4. How the product will be used by them?
  5. Their major pain points and the areas in which they will question?
  6. In which funnel stage they are in reality?
  7. Main aim of the campaign?
  8. What Do I want?  Brand Awareness, Site Traffic, Leads, Sales, or anything else?

The absence of strategy will always lead you to failure. One of the greatest and the smartest move that you can take up is to spy Facebook ads of your competitors so as to get the ideas what they are up to, to whom they are targeting, to know their winning ad contents, the response and the feedback of the users and much more. You can take the help of some very fine and excellent  Ad intelligence tools present in the market and can easen up your work. So first make your own winning game plan and then move ahead.

#2. Select your objective

The major initial thing that you need to do when creating your Facebook campaigns –  To choose your main objective and that too the Right one. The reason behind this is- Facebook will amend and optimize the advert placement grounded on your set objective. Remember the right objective will surely lower your CPC and will improve and embellish your results.

Below mentioned are the major objectives from which you can select –

  • Brand awareness
  • Traffic
  • Reach
  • App installs
  • Lead generation
  • Video views
  • Engagement
  • Conversions
  • Messages
  • Store Visits
  • Catalogue Sales

You  must choose an objective that should cohesively lines up with primary goals which you have set. If, for ex- , you are running a video campaign which is basically created and designed to drive in sales, select the “conversions” instead of the “video views” choice. Sure, you do want video views, but not at the expense of more conversions.

#3. Targeting Your Audience

Targeting is the key to your Facebook success. You should begin creating your Facebook ad campaign by keeping into consideration the major factor – Who you want to target?

Targeting can be done in the following ways –

  • Custom audience – Target the existing customers
  • Lookalike Audiences
  • Location Targeting- allow you to target people based on geographical locations
  • Gender – focus audience by gender(male or female)
  • Interest Targeting
  • Connections-  connect users who already like your page, products, services.

#4. Select the Place where you want your ads to be displayed

The next step, at the advertisement set level, you will be selecting what applications, devices and placements you need your advertisement to be appeared. You can pick desktop only,  mobile only or both mobile and desktop. You will likewise have numerous alternatives on Facebook, several on Instagram, and the network audience.

#5. Plan your budget

Scheduling your adverts, selecting an optimization method and selecting your budgets come under this section. Either you can select the lifetime budget, daily budget or can have your advertisements run or schedule them to begin and end on particular set dates. You also have the option to make use of dayparting, which enables you to run your advertisements just at specific occasions or on certain days of the week.

#6. Wisely Select Your Ad Format

Facebook has in total five major advertisement formats that all have the varied technical requisites in terms of the size and aspect ratios that are prime for posting. These five formats include:


  • Single image ads
  • Single video ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Slideshow ads
  • Canvas ads


Every single advertisement type is different and their benefits are also unique but the carousel and videos ads majorly have the highest CTR rates and engagement rates.

#7. Don’t miss out the details

At the extremely bottom of the creative segment, there are tiny details that are barely noticeable. These incorporate different segments where you can put copy, alongside things like URL descriptions and CTAs.

You must take the benefit of every single of them. CTA button will help drive conversions, and utilizing the right ad copy in the correct places will improve things significantly on your campaigns.

#8. Analyse your advertisements

After you have started with your ad campaigns, you must keep an eye on them. A few campaigns may begin to see increases in CPC after the frequency gets too high and others may start out at a significantly higher CPC than you’d expect. Others may just not be performing the way you’d like.

Your live active campaigns details can be seen at the Facebook’s Ads Manager. Look the frequency, CPC, relevance scores, and various other option taken significantly. As these are major metrics.

Facebook ad campaigns proves to be an efficient way to reach billions of people out there. They are very impactful and proves to be a powerful approach to reach such huge amount of people within a very less span of time. Act smart and play well with your Facebook ads.


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