07 Facebook Ad Tools To Save Your Time And Money

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07 Facebook Ad Tools To Save Your Time And Money

Facebook doesn’t need any introduction! It is well-known to all. With more than 2.45 million monthly active users, Facebook has become the most famous and biggest social media network with a high reach.

Businesses who ignore Facebook to do ads are missing a big. The only goal of businesses to do advertisements is to reach more and more users and promote their brands.

In this scenario, Facebook has the highest reach with more than 2 billion daily active users that is highly beneficial for all businesses. Isn’t this exciting? So, why be late? Let us start involving in Facebook ads.

Also, Facebook is less expensive if you see it as a long-term investment. Even if you spend $5 per day, you can see good results and earn a lot of money out of your business.

But, how will you get the desired results with less time? It is possible with Facebook ad tools. In this blog, we will go through some Facebook ad tools which you can use in your next ad campaign with guaranteed success.

09 Facebook ad tools that will save time and money:

1. Socialpilot:


It is also a Facebook ad tool used for managing Facebook ads working both for entrepreneurs and agencies. It is a simple Facebook ad tool that you can use to promote ads online.

Features of SocialPilot:

It gives complete control over advertising campaigns to users.
With analytics reports, it monitors and analyzes ad campaign performance.
It selects multiple goals for the engagement of Facebook users.
It reaches the right audience with its targeting options.
It optimizes campaigns with durations, budgets, etc.

2. PowerAdSpy:


It is the most powerful ad intelligence tool which will help you improve your advertising campaigns. It removes all hassle of content creation and finds lucrative opportunities for you to identify campaign targets.

Here are some power-packed features of PowerAdSpy:

You can search for as many ads as you want and analyze them to know which performs well according to your niche.

You can visit live ad posts directly from the platform to cross-check the real-time engagement.

It has the fastest-growing data with millions of ads in over 15+ countries. Getting the latest ads is just a matter of a few seconds with PowerAdSpy.

You can filter the ads according to your requirements to avoid the confusion between so many ads. It’s a powerful algorithm that helps you search ads according to your keywords.

You can find several ads that you want to use in your upcoming ad campaigns. You can bookmark it and save it for future use.

PowerAdSpy also lets you know about the engagement oriented details of the social ads after using ads.

With PowerAdSpy, you can get the idea for your video ads that works the best. You can download it for your ad campaigns.

It helps you find the most engaging ads run by Shopify store owners that can be analyzed and used in the next ad campaigns with maximum profits.

With PowerAdSpy, you can get the best call-to-actions working in your niche to make your ad campaign successful.

PowerAdSpy has the fastest growing video ads to give a better idea about the interest of your audience. You can also download them for your upcoming ad campaigns.

There are many more features of PowerAdSpy which you need to know. Visit PowerAdSpy official website and know about all its features.

3. AdEspresso:


This ad tool is used to create, test, and optimize ads for social media. This web-based tool has advanced options such as creating reports in PDF format for all advertising campaigns. Complex ad campaigns can be created using this Facebook ad tool.

Features of AdEspresso:

Web-based ad management tool.
Comprehensive platform for all businesses.
Create complex campaigns and search for the best performing version.
Automatically generates PDF reports of all ad campaigns.

There are some cons of AdEspresso:

Bad online customer support.
No manual creation of audiences.
No free trial is available.
More expensive.

4. Hootsuite Ads:


It is a Facebook ad tool with which you can design your first ad with its built-in tools that contain features like photo, shape, and copy. When it comes to promotion and ad creation it is user-friendly. It can support a maximum of 3 social media platforms that are insufficient for small businesses.

Few pros of Hootsuite Ads:

Best suitable for big ad agencies.
It scans Facebook automatically to select posts to promote.
Creates ads automatically.
Provide reports on Facebook ad campaigns.

5. Driftrock:


With the automatic creation of ads, Drift rock saves a lot of time. It optimizes the process of promotion and creation in a straightforward manner. Within a few minutes, you can have ads to promote them on Facebook. It updates Facebook automatically and targets similar audiences.

Pros of Driftrock:

Get new ad campaigns with creative content in less time.
Easy tool to create ads.
Offer free trials.

6. Facebook ads manager:

facebook ads manager

Facebook ads manager is the native application of Facebook with which you can access marketing tools required for ad creation for reaching targeted audiences. Ad creation, management, and optimization are easy with this standard tool.

Pros of Facebook ads manager:

Free platform but charges for ads.
You can have access to all business apps on Facebook.

7. Revealbot:


It is a Facebook automation tool that automatically manages ad campaigns with its autopilot feature. It is easy to use with many advanced features. It gives a 14-day free trial and its charges start from $99.

Pros of Revealbot:

An automated tool with advanced features.
Simplified ads management.
Built with an auto-boosting module that is reliable.
Improved marketing performance.

Tips for smart Facebook advertising:

facebook advertising tips

1. Create engaging content:

Your ad content should be interesting and engaging to hold the eyes of your audience and compel them to take the required actions.

2. Create short video ads:

Images are good, but videos are the best. They are more interesting than static images. Short videos with quality content can be the best ad to reach targeted audiences and generate leads. Also, do not forget to add captions that can boost view time.

3. Use Facebook pixel:

Facebook acts like “Chota packet bada dhamaka”. It is code that has a heavy impact on your Facebook ad campaigns. It monitors conversions, viewers who view your website, and generates look alike-people. When you optimize your ads, you must go for the data collected by the Facebook pixel.

4. Use quality content:

The content should be engaging and interesting to make viewers stop scrolling. Good content increases the view time. In this way, you can create a good impression in front of your viewers.

5. Monitor and optimize ad performance:

Always track the performance of your ad campaigns so that you can take necessary actions if required.

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Wrapping up:

With Facebook ad tools, we can manage our ads and make our upcoming ad campaign successful. So, narrow down your search and uplift your ad campaign with less pressure.

Here in this blog, we have few tools to manage your Facebook ads with less effort. Also, we have some tips for you to follow to make your ad campaigns successful. Which among these tools you feel will be suitable for your business? Mention down in the comment box.

If you have any queries or want to add something to this article to make it more valuable, frame your voice into words and reach me through this small comment box below. I would love to hear from you!