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Everything You Need To Know About: Facebook Ad Manager

Some around ninety-one percent of businesses started funding in Facebook marketing back in 2016. It is uncomplicated to know that when you study the records: around 1.4 billion audiences use Facebook each day, and ordinarily, every user employs longer than 50 minutes in a day scrolling Facebook and Messenger.

Isn’t that too much attention! No matter what your group of the targeted audience considering any age, occupation, or gender, or including other filters- you can rest assured to proffer to them via Facebook Advertising.

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Now the question is- How do investors organize, run and interpret their Facebook advertisements? The answer to this is Facebook Ad Manager.

Facebook Ad Manager can seem daunting in the first place. Do not worry when you will get to know about Facebook Ad Manager, you will find it is a great tool, providing everything you require to enhance your advertisements and conduct strong advertising campaigns.

In this blog, we have tried to incorporate everything you require to understand to become familiar with the term Facebook Ad Manager and how to run and interpret your Facebook advertisements.

Let’s dive right into it.

Where is the Ad Manager on Facebook?


To go to the Ad Manager on Facebook, you must direct to the left-hand sidebar and tap on the “Ads Center” indicator of the Facebook page, select “All Ads” from the listed menu, and tap on “Ads Manager” at the base of the Facebook page.

You will arrive on the Facebook Ad Accounts page, and there you will have a fast summary of your Facebook ad accounts. If you get access to more ad accounts, you get to choose which ad account to operate, as well.

Otherwise, you can directly go to https://www.facebook.com/ads/manager.

You are directly landed on the Facebook Ads Manager of the ad account. If you run more ad accounts at a time and wish to shift to other ad accounts, you need to go to the account menu to run other accounts.

Making Your Way Through The Facebook Ads Manager Dashboard

You can control every phase of your Facebook advertisements experience via the Facebook Ad Manager dashboard. There are numerous aspects to it! It is where you can obtain all the necessary tools, menus, and keys.

Create advertisements
Expenses in the last 07 days
Facebook ad filters
Reporting summary of all the Facebook advertisements
Stats filters
Top navigation bar

Discover Your Way Through Facebook Ads Manager

Here is a glimpse of the important options available on the top of the navigation bar:


Facebook lately renewed its dashboard and relocated most of the options into the menu. Tapping on the hamburger icon on the menu draws up all the Facebook ad choices such as:

Ads Manager
Ad Account Settings
Power Editor, and more


The Facebook search bar enables you to explore your relevant ads, ad campaigns, ad sets, and some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Business Notifications

Tapping on the globe icon in the menu displays you simply the notifications of the Facebook Pages.

Your Pages

Selecting the flag icon from the drop-down menu permits you to instantly check any of the Facebook Pages.


With this option from the menu, you can enter Facebook ad tips, Frequently Asked Questions, and advertisements glossary.

Edit Advertisements on Facebook Ad Manager


If you want to edit Facebook advertisements, then you might have noticed a typo in the ad after creating it. And a set of ads which are operating well and you want to double the budget of it.

Furthermore, if you want to edit an existing Facebook ad campaign, ad, or ad set, click on the edit icon and hover over such ad name. At the right side of the page, a pop-up will appear, from where you can edit the ad campaign, ad, or ad set.

Facebook Ads Manager has a great feature that enables you to edit multiple ad campaigns, ads, or ad sets at a time. For a bulk edit, there is a collection of ad campaigns, ads, or ad sets, terminate the boxes present at the first column & pick the Edit option above on the navigation bar.

1.For such ad campaigns, you can

  • Edit your campaign name
  • Set a limit on campaign spending (optional)
  • Turn your campaign on/off

2.For ad sets, you can

  • Edit your ad placement
  • Edit your ad set name
  • Edit the target audience
  • Edit the schedule and budget
  • Edit your delivery and optimization (That is what the ad set optimized for)
  • Turn your ad set on/off

3.For the ads, that you can

  • Edit your ad name
  • Edit the ad creatives (Call-To-Action, Image, link, text)
  • Edit the destination (That is, the Facebook Page from your ad has come)
  • Turn your ad on/off

It is a great thing to edit the ads, and it is advised against the edited advertisements to break-search the ads:

A Hint on Editing Ads

Some of the advertisers make use of this feature to break search ads. If the ad is not running well, then they change the imagery or copy. Maybe it’s not a good idea.

Initially, Facebook distributes the ad according to its receiving response. But, users are obliged to react differently, if you change the imagery or copy,

Secondly, such things will mess up the Facebook reporting. But, when did the change made itself? Did it the only purpose in the make-over of ad performance?

If you are all set to change the messaging or imagery, you have to build a separate ad, Specifically if your ad has previously run for some time.

Reporting Facebook Ads

All set to move your business further on social media?

Then, you might want to see your Facebook ads performance next to your goals.

Like, if you make use of Facebook ads to grab signups for your products or services, then you may be interested in the ad where your campaign is driving maximum signups, how much is the cost for each signup, and the strength of the people who signed up in your ads.

How Can PowerAdSpy Help You Out?


PowerAdSpy is one of the most dominant social media advertising analytical software. It appropriately develops your social media advertising campaigns. It can discover unknown niches and powerful possibilities for you, eliminating all the nuisance of building the content, distinguishing campaign objectives, niche analysis, and more.

Filter By Ad Positions

You hold the complete authority to go through as many advertisements you wish, section the social advertisements on the basis of positions as News Feed and Side Location to interpret which displays fine in your niche to most reliable conversions.

Complete Visibility

To provide you with crystal clear clarity of advertising analytics, PowerAdSpy enables you to check the live advertising posts straight from any platform. You can revisit and analyze the audience engagement simultaneously with their opinion regarding the advertisements.

Data Of Millions Of Advertisements From 15+ Countries

PowerAdSpy has the fastest-increasing records with Millions of advertisements from around 15+ countries by now. It enables you to obtain the most advanced and strong advertisements in simply a few taps. We keep on adding thousands of recent advertisements to our library every day.

Narrow Down Your Ad Searches

It begins with the understanding to explore advertisements based on relevant keywords of your niche, marketers, and also the domain of the competitors of your Facebook ads. Additionally, you can hit the high-powered marketers/competitors and view nearly all the advertisements they are managing.

Bookmark The Best Advertisements

You will come over numerous advertising ideas that you may want to apply in your forthcoming advertising campaigns, bookmark these ads with simply a tap, and it will get saved in your customized ads file. It is not required to hunt for them over and over again.

Powerful Search Algorithm

Find specifically the advertisements you are looking forward to by exploring successful keywords/terms/phrases in between the advertisements. You can sort these advertisements by date, likes, shares, and comments to quickly obtain the best advertisements to develop your campaign.

Search Ads With Exact And Relevant Keywords

The dominant social media advertising analytical tool enables you to explore advertisements with your specific or appropriate keywords. It provides you the capacity to search advertisements from specific to extensive results for more skilled analysis.

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Wrapping Up

With Facebook adding some updates every day, you also need to keep your advertising campaigns up-to-date. The guide must have helped you find Facebook Ad Manager quickly and start building your campaign.

I hope the article helped you know about Facebook Ad Manager. Is there something that we can incorporate? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!