How To Bulk Up Your Facebook Business: 03 Effective Ways To See Facebook Competitors Ads

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How To Bulk Up Your Facebook Business: 03 Effective Ways To See Facebook Competitors Ads

Running business on Facebook is on-trend. It has the highest reach with a wide range of audience. But having a successful business is not so easy. At the initial point, you may face a few problems which you need to handle carefully.

So, in this blog you will get to know 06 smart ways to grow your business on Facebook. Also we will discuss 03 easy and effective ways to see Facebook competitors ads.

Let us roll it into the blog!

How does Facebook help in the growth of your business?

Facebook with 2.7 billion monthly active users is not only a choice for reaching your dear ones but also has become a powerful tool for running most of the business.

As Facebook is continuously growing its social network, you will have to face thousands of rivals on Facebook. So, to fulfill your Facebook business goals you need to use few unique strategies with which you can grow your business despite your rivals.

Let’s see…

1. A personal profile should be used to promote business:

For running a business on Facebook, a personal business account should be there for the promotion. For marketing purposes, you cannot use your Facebook profile. But yes, you can share insights and information in your Facebook account along with links and posts.

2. Commenting on popular business pages on Facebook:

Small business owners often check the popular business pages to get more information about their marketing strategies, talk with their fellow followers and get more ideas to promote their own business.

Pro tip: add comments to a famous Facebook page by using your business name.

3. Start a private group:

Every business opens a personal group where important pieces of information and working credentials are shared. In your private group, you can share business tips and strategies, lessons, and business deals. This group can have common interactions about their business and can have planned for the development of their products and services.

4. Create advertisements for your page:

Of course, you cannot skip having an online presence for your business. Ads are the best way to have an online presence and reach millions of people around the globe.

Yes, you have to spend some money but think about the revenue that you will get from these ads. You will have more followers and leads. So, the content of your ad should be unique and it should have a CTA button through which users can reach you.

5. Conduct Facebook events:

Words from your mouth are more effective than visual description. Conducting small events like seminars or workshops can be a great idea to reach people, win their confidence and promote your business.

6. Produce videos:

Simply words framed in a box does not work. Images are good but videos are the best. Videos with quality content can be more interesting for the customers than ads in banners.

Your videos should have business insights and pieces of information along with a little entertainment. Along with Facebook, upload your advertisements and videos on YouTube to get more likes, views, and business reach.

The above discussion was all about business development through Facebook. Now let us know why we need to find your Facebook competitors’ ads.

Why do we see Facebook competitors ads?

why do we see competitors facebook ads

It is no big secret that in this business world where competition is reaching the sky, everyone wants to know what their rivals are doing and what are their approaches. Many businesses stalk their competitors to gain fresh insights and develop their marketing strategies.

There is nothing wrong and all companies should do this to help in their business development. Here I am going to share with you 3 easy steps with which you can check your competitors’ ads on Facebook and get creative ideas to implement in your business.

03 easy steps to see competitors Facebook ads:

1. Select your competitor business page:

From the lists of your competitors, select one of them and search their business page.

2. Go to page transparency section:

When you open the business page of your competitors, scroll down. You will see a page transparency section where you can get a lot of information about the page owner and the purpose of the page. Also, you can get insights into what is going on behind the business.

3. Navigate to Facebook ad library:

Now let’s move to the Facebook ad library to see ads of your competitors on their Facebook business page. There you can find a lot of valuable information regarding their ads.

You can even analyze how many ad versions are running currently. You can know how many platforms these ads are shared. To know more about the ads, you can click on the ad details.

How to see competitors’ Facebook ads using PowerAdSpy?


From the above discussion, we learned how Facebook ads are helpful to run a business and how you can see competitors’ Facebook ads to grow your business. But is there any tool with which you can search ads and also create ads?

There are many ad management tools available in the market. But the one which I would recommend you to use is PowerAdSpy. From self-experience, I would like to say that this tool can handle multiple tasks along with ad management.

PowerAdSpy is the largest software with which you can run ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Quora, YouTube, GDN and google.

It is the most powerful social advertising analytics tool which can improve your social ads advertising campaigns. It can find ads according to your keywords removing all hassle of content creation.

Now let us see more about this amazing tool..

What are the features of PowerAdSpy?

features of poweradspy

1. You can search for as many ads as you want and analyze them to know which performs well according to your niche.
2. You can visit live ad posts directly from the platform to cross-check the real-time engagement along with the opinion of the people over these ads.
3. It has the fastest-growing data with millions of ads in over 15+ countries. Get the latest ads is just a matter of a few seconds with PowerAdSpy.
4. You can filter the ads according to your requirements to avoid the confusion between so many ads. Its powerful algorithm helps you search ads according to your keywords.
5. You can find several ads that you want to use in your upcoming ad campaigns. You can bookmark it and save it for future use.
6. After you use ads, PowerAdSpy also informs you about the engagement oriented details of the social ads.
7. With PowerAdSpy you can get the idea for your video ads which works the best. You can download it for your ad campaigns.

Not only these, but there are also many more exciting features waiting for you in a single package. Don’t think much and grab it now!

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Wrapping up:

Well, it was a long article with many valuable pieces of information. With this information, you can conduct your ad campaigns with new strategies. If convinced, you can turn on using PowerAdSpy to experience the best Facebook ad campaigns.

I hope you like this article and yes do not forget to comment your views below in the comment box. Your voice should reach me in the form of words so that I can answer all your queries. Also if you want to add something more to this article, then feel free to comment on me.