The Most Important Facebook Ad Metrics You Should Follow Up & Optimize [2019 Update]

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The Most Important Facebook Ad Metrics You Should Follow Up & Optimize [2019 Update]

Beyond question, Facebook is the place for most organizations to fabricate a target group of people and beget income.

In any case, the organic reach on social sites isn’t really satisfying. Many organizations are associating to social media platforms each day and that’s the reason for the increase in competitiveness of newsfeed of various such platforms.

In case you’re beginning a page starting with no outside help, you’ll experience considerable difficulties fabricating your fan following naturally. That is the reason you totally need to put resources into Facebook Ads, so as to be noticeable on the news feed in one way or the other.

So you’ve eventually abducted your new Facebook ads fully operational… what more? The continuous procedure of checking and streamlining for key Facebook advertising metrics is pivotal to the accomplishment of your promotional campaign. So as to scale achievement, you should know about the best Facebook ad analytics strategies that you can use to actually follow up and optimize your Facebook ad.

Since your cash is at stake, you must quantify the ROI you’re picking up from your digital marketing campaigns. Numerous advertisers are only limited to keep track of their Facebook likes and comments and measure the prosperity of campaigns. This is an atrocious way to do this. Let’s dive into the concept and develop a deeper understanding of Facebook ad metrics.

Conversion rates

Have you ever thought of the drive of your audience after clicking on your ad? If not, its high time you should start doing this. There is a possibility that your ads are getting enormous clicks, but are they all converting? Perhaps not! What can be the reason behind this? Following are the conversion rates that you can have a look at and enhance your conversions.

Lead generation

Many individuals can click on your ad, but only a few sign up to the offer. Determine the percentage of people signing up to your website for availing the offer after getting navigated from facebook. Also, determine the total cost of producing the ad and then decide if it is worth the cost!

Sometimes, a low-cost ad could also generate enormous clicks, but the visitants aren’t transforming into leads. This is a clear indication that the landing page of your website needs to be optimized.

Procreating sales

If you’re endeavoring to sell of your pieces of stuff, at that point you just need to reckon what number of sales you produce.

In case your ads aren’t coming up with a good number of clicks, at that point either increment your financial plan or go simple on those new profile visitors. When they’re accustomed to your marque, you can redirect and convert them into your potential buyers.

Generating website traffic

For this situation, you just need to quantify the complete number of link clicking to your site, subsequent to overfeed a post. Till the moment your advertisement set is exceptional, don’t hope to pay under thirty cents for every click.


In case you have a publicizing spending plan of a couple of dollars for each day, at that point, this measurement won’t be of much enthusiasm to you.

Just in case you’re burning through several dollars on Facebook advertisements consistently, at that point you have to intently screen the frequency.

As the name recommends, this number discloses to you the absolute number of times an advertisement has been served to a normal client.

Spend and Returns on Ad Spend[ROAS]

It’s regular astuteness that you have to generate quality traffic on your site.

But, what may be the actual reason behind this?

You will not get much by virtue of just likes and comments on your posts. The main challenge is to structure an endurable trade.

Since you are remunerating to get your marque before prospects, you need data on the cash that you’re making to direct forthcoming advertisement crusades. Income alone, however, isn’t enough!

Just asses a series of ads created by you and then decide the budget for your future ad campaigns. You can get an idea of ROI from a reliable Facebook ad pixel. This tool basically has a code that could be placed on your site to trace the number of website visitors. This data is then utilized to refocus those individual with your ads later.

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CPC reveals the expense of usual click from your posted advertisement to your site. Whereas, CTR is the proportion of individuals that have tapped on your site, in the wake of seeing your advertisement.

In case you notice a high CPC, at that point you need to monitor your CTR.

A low CTR shows that either your advertisement creatives don’t speak to your intended interest group or your advertisement focusing on itself is nuts!.

These metrics are not that imperative but they are considered to be a nice indication of the attractiveness of your campaign.

Cost per action

Facebook Ad Analytics

You may have a general expectation from your prospects. It could be anything like a click, like, view or comment.

If I were a prospect, I would click on the ad that produces more actions. But, does this will lead to an appropriate ad choice? Perhaps not!

The CPA will give you an increasingly precise perspective on your promotions. In case you can bring down your CPA, at that point, you’ll oversee better conversion rates and drive higher income for the equivalent spend.

I would suggest that you assess the CPA parallelly with your advertisement frequency, total expense and other similar metrics for an improved context.

How to Create an Effective Ad?

All the important Facebook ad metrics have been clearly mentioned in the article. Now let’s discuss the most appropriate way to create an ad by utilizing these metrics.

The Facebook ad like is working great on the web. Why?

It is basically a task administration tool serves to both desktop as well as mobile users. In the ad, its concord with Mac computers have been demonstrated by blending its own trademark with apple brand in rainbow shades.

If you also desire to grow your trade as that of, it’s a savvy thought to turn off the brand consciousness of easily recognized names. By replenishing the Monday trademark with Apple’s renowned rainbow tincture, the advertisement above entices Mac clients who’d perceive those vintage rainbow stripes at any point.

What the Secret of this Brand’s Facebook Ads success?

Its discernible

Rainbow tints have been used to color the logo that is not only fascinating, but also allures Mac users. The background of the ad is kept black so as to make the rainbow colors look more appealing.

Its germane

There are various individuals and brands that frequently organizes their tasks, this ad can be imperative to them!

Its worthwhile

The advertisement points out Monday’s correspondence with Mac PCs, thereby making the item’s client experience increasingly profitable to Mac clients.

It features strong call to action

This ad has a clear CTA. “Learn More” option is provided on the bottom right corner of the ad. Users can click the ad to know more about the product.

How to choose a Facebook ad spy tool?

Several ad managers may already be working on your niche and so it’s important to determine which type of ads are currently in trend. For this, you’ll need a Facebook ad spy tool that can spy on your competition with ease. I am also an online marketer and that’s the reason I was really very curious to know which tool can be chosen so as to make my ad do wonders! I have researched on this and came to know that PowerAdspy tool is one of the most popular and efficient tools that one can have a look at!


The world of marketing is growing rapidly and the marketers need to keep themselves advanced with the recent technological innovations. PowerAdspy is one of the efficacious ad intelligence tools that helps you do that! Numerous features have been provided by this tool that makes it the best among the others-

Advanced search and filtering capabilities

These tools enable you to search for a specific type of ads. You can also filter the ads on the basis of certain specifications like age, location, gender, keyword or relationship. This means you would be able to watch the ads that match your interest!

Spying competition

Wanna know what strategies are used by your competitors? This tool could be a great help with spying your competition. Just take ideas from their ads and recuperate your own ads.

Comprehensive analytics

With PowerAdspy tool, Target trade segments can be easily visualized and you can have a deeper analysis of your competitors’ ads.

Facebook is recouping more eminent day by day and marketers are utilizing this tool for generating more sales leads.

When you’ve just started with your Facebook ad campaign, it can be breathtaking to rummage through each of the metrics provided in the blog. Due to this, many marketers overlook these points. They remain confined to boosting their social engagements and that’s all!

In this blog, I’ve discussed some of the vital metrics that you can bear in mind and improve the performance of your ad. Individual metric would not make much difference, but when taken as a whole it can crossbar your expectations.

Are you currently using any tool to know the trendy facebook ad metrics? How is it working for your business. Share with us!

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