13 Smart Facebook Engagement Strategies To Grow Your Business

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13 Smart Facebook Engagement Strategies To Grow Your Business

Facebook is nowadays considered the home for more than 2.7 billion people around the globe. It is the best social media platform with the highest reach and helps businesses increase their sales.

For a couple of years, people have been facing a hard time gaining followers and increasing their sales on social media platforms. But still, there are many ways to increase your Facebook engagement and gain more grip on your posts.

Through Facebook engagement strategies, you can analyze whether people are liking your content or not. The metric decides engagement through interactions with people on your Facebook posts. Interactions generally mean Facebook reactions such as likes, comments, and sharing of posts by your audience.

Also, Facebook engagement tells Facebook’s algorithm what are the likes and dislikes of people according to which Facebook shows its content to its audience.

Nowadays, most businesses are using Facebook for different purposes, competition is tough and you have to work hard to reach the position where you can get the desired results. So, here in this blog, we are going to look at a few Facebook engagement strategies that will help you increase your reach and grow your audience.

Let’s get started!

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13 Ways To Boost Your Facebook Engagement Strategies:


1. Know your audience:

Everything depends on your content. It should be about what your followers want to see, what they are interested in rather than only focusing on your brand. Your content should be interesting as it helps your audience to turn into your customers.

For example, if you have a sweet shop, are you going to post only about sweets? No. There are many more things that can be related to your brands and products and posted according to your audience.

2. Keep learning from your success:

Just imagine, one of your posts got so many likes, shares, and comments. So why don’t you analyze that post to know about its success in social media and use this information for your future posts to get tons of likes, shares, and comments?

Suppose your post is of educational information, entertainment, and experience of many things. Keeping your content relevant to keep your audience engaged is hard these days.

3. Share compelling content:

Always think of your audience and create posts that the audience will like and give the required reactions, likes, and shares. A post with good content can compel your audience to take the required action. Your content should show the benefits that your audience can get from your business along with its promotion.

So, always try to post unique content different from your previous one that people might have seen many times before.

4. Carefully display your brand’s personality:

While trying to promote your brand with products and services, don’t be too professional. Social media has other rules for it. It is the reason why many posts posted by brands seem to be too boring with a low Facebook engagement.

Try to show your brand’s personality that will add engagement to your posts. The personality of your brand makes it special for your audience with tons of likes. But how to do this?

There should be consistency in the awareness that your brand spreads through ads. Even when you achieve success, maintain the same brand voice.
Show what your company is up to and what is the goal. Also, you need to show what benefits they can get from this company. It will make your company unique and you can win the hearts of your audience.
Show off your employees who work for you. Your employees work hard to achieve your goals. So, you should show them and their work to your audience. Also, in this way, you can win the trust of your audience.

So, there are many ways to engage your audience. Showing your brand’s personality is most important.

5. Encourage user-generated content:


Using user-generated content for your brand can be beneficial for your business. It can give a unique edge to your brand and boost your organic reach. This organic reach can help your business to have long-term growth.

When the user sees their content being used by your brand, they can get more excited and create much more content for your future posts. It will also encourage other Facebook users to check out your Facebook page and post that content on their website. It will ultimately bring more audience to your page.

Generally, user-generated content is unique and authentic and drives more views to your website than regular content.

6. Ask questions:

It is important to interact with your audience to know what they think about your brand, what their expectations are, etc. This information will help you improve your Facebook engagement strategies. But what type of questions do you need to ask? Let’s see.

Close-ended questions:

This type of question is asked when you want your answer to be yes or no. people generally find it easy to answer this type of question as it does not require a lot of time to think.

Open-ended questions:

These types of questions do not end with yes or no. people need to think deeply before giving answers to such questions. If they answered, this means they value your brand.

Brand related questions:

These types of questions are asked to know what your audiences are thinking about your brand. You can get connected to your followers and know what they need from you.

Image-based questions:

Words are effective, but images work better. People often engage with questions in the form of questions and love to answer them. This increases engagement.

Ask for opinions:

Asking for their opinions can also prove as the best way to interact with your audience, increasing Facebook’s engagement rate.

7. Use eye-capturing images:

As we have said earlier, images work better than words. People like to engage with image posts rather than words and quotes. Images drive more engagement than words. So, create high-quality pictures to gain more audience reach.

8. Post creative videos:


Images work better but videos are the best. Isn’t it funny? But it’s true. Short videos attract more audience than static images. So, create short videos with quality content to boost Facebook engagement.

9. Go live|Facebook engagement strategies:

Going live can also be an important part of growing Facebook page engagement. If you have a new service available and you want your audience to know about it, going live and promoting is the best option. Through a single click, you can easily communicate with your audiences.

So, the next time you want something to reach your fans, just go live and enjoy audience interaction!

10. Auto-schedule your posts:

Creating posts instantly and posting at the same moment can be risky. So it is better to have some time with your hand and schedule your posts earlier to reduce the chance of mistakes. Also, when you schedule your posts, your fans will get to know about your upcoming posts. In this way, you can have your content posted even when it is a holiday.

Pro tip: post when your maximum audience is online to get maximum engagement. This is also an important point of Facebook engagement strategies.

11. Use Facebook stories:

The best way to reach your audience and share your content is through Facebook stories. It appears above the news feed at the top of your Facebook home page.

You can upload photos, short videos, etc. in your Facebook story. But remember it remains only for 24 hours. Post entertaining content in your Facebook story and enjoy seeing when your Facebook engagement rate increases.

12. Facebook verification:

Have you verified your Facebook page? Due to this Facebook verification symbol, people trust your Facebook page blindly. This blue checkmark on your business name makes people believe that your business is trustworthy.

This symbol says that Facebook believes in your brand and your website. It can be the reason to engage with your brand.

13. Boost your posts on Facebook engagement strategies:

To get more engagement, there is a feature on Facebook that helps you boost your Facebook posts. How to do this? Let’s see.

– Navigate to your Facebook page.
– Select one of your posts that you want to boost.
– In the bottom right corner, there is an option called boost your posts. Click on it.
– Fill in the required information and the rest will be done by Facebook.
– Now click on boost and your post will be boosted.


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Isn’t it simple?

From this above discussion, it is clear that Facebook plays an important role in Facebook engagement, and due to Facebook engagement strategies, we can drive more sales with increased engagement.

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Wrapping Up:

Nowadays, Facebook is essential for most businesses, and Facebook engagement is required to achieve success in online business. So, follow these above Facebook engagement strategies to boost your Facebook engagement and drive more sales to your website. Use the above strategies in your upcoming posts to get the best results. Also, do not forget to check out PowerAdSpy to make your work easier.

We hope you like this article. If you want to ask any queries or add something to this article to make it more valuable, reach us through the comment box. We would love to hear from you!