13 Tips For Better Facebook Page Engagement

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13 Tips For Better Facebook Page Engagement

We all are aware of the power that Facebook holds. Every single person uses Facebook nowadays. Business moguls, small ventures, large scale industries have turned towards this unique platform for marketing their services and products. Facebook has become a hub of marketing. It has become really tough for people to mark their presence on this platform.

As time passed, the Facebook algorithm has evolved. It is imperative that you should have a steady flow of audience engagement to your Facebook pages. Then only you will be able to survive on this platform.

There are a number of ways to boost engagement on your Facebook posts. Today, we introduce you to the 13 great tips that will not only increase your Facebook page engagement but will help you to make your online presence stronger.

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Let’s get started.

Tip #1. Asking❓ your followers to make a selection

One of the smartest ways to get people engaged is to post a “this or that” content. Ask individuals to pick a favorite, choose a side, or select b/w two things. Another advantage over these kinds of posts is it can divide fans and can lead to lengthy discussions in the comment section.

Generally, those conversations are great, full of fun, but you have to be aware of the trolls. You can blend in a slight controversy but avoid politics.

Tip #2. Post content when your followers are online✔

Tip #2. Post content when your followers are online✔

This is one of the most valuable tips that you should take into consideration. People log in to Facebook at different intervals. Some spend their whole day surfing on it, while some check it out in the morning hours or in the evening time. You can take the help of Facebook Insights to know the peak times when your fans are the most actively engaged.

If you want people to notice your posts, you should keep posting at different time slots and observe which one works best for you. It is okay if you are planning to post late at night. Though fewer people will notice, the ones who are online are more likely to indulge with your posts. If this engagement formula works, there’s a higher chance that your audience will notice your posts the following day when they log in the next morning.


According to a PowerAdspy study, the best time to post on Facebook is between 1pm-3pm on during Thursday and Friday. We also found that the engagement rates are 18% higher during these two days.

Tip #3. Drop a question !?

Tip #3. Drop a question !?

One of the most effective ways to boost engagement with your Facebook fans is to ask them a question. Induce interest in them, and if they discover that they can relate to the question, they will answer for sure.

Here are a few inquiries to pose:

Tips – How would you..?

Edgy – Do you think..? (controversial question)

Specific – What’s your favorite..?

Direct – Why do you..?

Events: Who is going/Who attended..?

Timely: Today is…, so what are you..?

Tip #4. Team up with ? Brands

Tip #4. Team up with ? Brands

No one ever said that you have to confine your FB efforts to your very own Facebook page. You should look around, post content to other Facebook pages & engage with successful brands when there is synergy and a shared audience.

When you engage with other brands, you can put yourself in front of a completely different audience. But you have to be careful, as the other brands and their followers know what your intention is, so never post spammy content. Move towards building the relationship, post content, and then engage with the community. You can step forward towards working up to an agreement to share someone else’s content. As both sides will get exposed to a massive audience, this will help to gain a mutually profitable boost in the organic reach.

Tip #5. Dole out relevant images?

Tip #5. Dole out relevant images ?

A picture is worth a thousand words. An appealing image can captivate the attention of the users and can even make a speedy page-scroller to a halt. The impact of the images is long-lasting as they are able to connect with the audience more on an emotional and personal level. You should always use colorful, relevant, and high-quality images.

Note – Do you lack photoshop skills but still want to spice up your pictures, try tools like Adobe Spark and Canva which are totally free.

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Tip #6. Include a ? Call-to-Action

Tip #6. Include a ? Call-to-Action

To get your audience involved and if you want them to take action and want them to do something, you have to guide them. You should smartly use CTA in your every post.  You can have the best-looking ad but if your viewers are confused about what to do next or don’t understand what’s in it for them, your ad breaks down. Your post should have a compelling CTA so that you get the most benefit from it.

While creating your CTA, be clear. Infuse the CTA which fits the overall theme of your Facebook page.

Do you want to know the successful CTA that your competitors are using and are winning big?

Meet PowerAdSpy, An exceptional social media intelligence tool that will help you spy on your competitor’s ads, reveal their success strategies and uncover the best running profitable advertisements in seconds. This excellent platform processes and submits 1000s of inspiring social media ads to their database daily. One of the best things you can do with this tool is – CTA base cataloging of the ads.

You can filter ads as per the CTA and see the winning ads and the success strategies of your competitors.

How to Filter ads based on CTA with PowerAdSpy

Step 1. Log in to your PowerAdSpy account


Step 2. Select Filter mode

PAS-filter mode

Step 3. Select Call To Action Option under the Filter mode


Step 4. Select the CTA as per your niche

PowerAdspy provides you list of CTA options from which you can select according to your business niche.


Step 5. PowerAdSpy will provide you results systematically and quickly


Note –  You can select more than one CTA from the lists provided by PowerAdSpy. This unparalleled tool will provide you with results in seconds without wasting your time for a second. You can click on ads, can view detailed analytics and can check the original post details too.

Tip #7. Give a Giggle ? to the people?

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? We all do and for good reason. We agree with the fact that we love to have those humorous posts in our Facebook news feed that gives us chills and smiles. Give your followers a chuckle. Keep your audience in mind and post content that brings a smile on their faces. The humor you infuse should be relevant.

Tip #8. Share? Latest Industry News & Trending ?Topics

Make your business more credible and trustworthy by sharing the hot topics and latest happenings in the industry on your page. People will come to know that you are not mainly focused on making money and promoting your business. If you keep them informed about the current topics, they will surely appreciate that and will respond.

Dwell out the industry news from a reliable and trusted source and ask your fans what they think about this. You can share the post and ask people to share their thoughts about it..

Tip #9. Create deep emotional Connection?

Want more people to connect with your posts? Try to engage people by posting appealing stuff loaded with emotions. Emotional posts have an immense impact on an individual’s mind. Share the content and put stories that catch the maximum of people’s interest, fears, and emotions. If we take Brand loyalty into consideration, it comes from the users’ joy at using the services or undergoing a shared sentiment. People do connect faster with the emotional posts that relate. Emotion is the key to achieving customer loyalty.

Tip #10. Never fail to Respond?


People will stop engaging with you if you don’t respond or acknowledge them. Responding to the comments is one of the essential ways to get people to hold off your Facebook page. It takes a few minutes to reply but make your replies smart and sensible.

In order to make your customers feel esteemed and privileged, you have to put efforts. They will notice every detail and will appreciate you for this behavior.

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Tip #11. Facebook Native Videos?

Are you still sharing your YouTube videos to your Facebook page? It’s high time to make a switch. You can directly upload videos to your page with Facebook’s native video.

It has seen that Facebook native videos have better reach and increased engagement than those which are hosted through other social media platforms and shared via a link. One recent case study found that there was a 135% increase in organic reach for native videos even compared to pictures.

One significant advantage of the Native Facebook Videos is they have their own section in the Pages Insights, and it provides you detailed information about the video views over 3 seconds and 10 seconds you received. It will give you information about your running videos and their engagement. If you post a YouTube or Vimeo video on Facebook instead, you will be able to check only the video views, but would not be able to see user interaction and engagement.

Tip #12. Post a Poll ??or Quiz ?


A Poll or Quiz is one of the most effective ways to boost engagement rates. Take topics related to your niche and which relates to your audience. Polls and Quiz generate personalized answers that can be shared.

It attracts attention plus discover the opinions of your followers and build relationships with them. People love taking quizzes and answering polls.

Tip #13. Host Contests and Giveaways?

Contests and Giveaways are fantastic ways to double your engagement, drive traffic, and find new customers and visitors. Facebook contests and giveaways are perfect for getting people talking about your business and increase awareness.

Over to You

Here are 13 tested tips that will surely be going to help you gain a lot of followers and will gear up the engagement rates. All you need is to play smart. Keep your Facebook posts short, simple for maximum impact. The ideal length of the post should be 50 characters or less.

Also, keep this noted, if you want more engagement on Facebook page, you have to post consistently and should respond to your followers on a daily basis. Building the connection is very necessary as it will provide credibility to your business and will pump up your engagement rates.

Have you used any of the above-mentioned tactics on your Facebook page? Which one of them works most effectively for you? Share your experience down in the comment section below!


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