How To Get More Followers On Instagram?

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How To Get More Followers On Instagram?

Instagram has amazingly outperformed many social media platforms within the last few years. And presently, it is shining like a star with 1 billion monthly active users under its territory. Instagram has also successfully changed its outlook in the eyes of people from just being a photo-sharing platform to a reliable business marketing tool. 

Every business nowadays giving their best shot to get recognized on Instagram. Well, it does not matter, whether you have a business account on Instagram or individual, huge follower’s count is the most valuable ingredient for cooking the recipe of Instagram stardom. So, neither you ignore it nor get away by it. 

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So, do you want to achieve a large following base on Instagram? If yes, then it is a perfect place for you to step in and read the following below-mentioned tips regarding how to get more followers on Instagram in 2019. Thus, are you ready? Ergo, here you go!! 

Hashtagging Is A New Trend:

A few years later, hashtags were not that popular. But, now the scenario is quite insane when it comes to hashtaging. People love using hashtags in their Instagram posts vis-a-vis to showcase their real vibe through it. Besides this, the use of hashtags is truly the best way to make yourself more discoverable on Instagram. 

But the use of hashtags should be done carefully. Of course, hashtags are there for adding a fun element to your Instagram posts. However, it does not mean you can add random hashtags in the posts. You have to look after this thing. Also, the use of relevant hashtags makes your Instagram posts more discoverable to people who most probably take an interest in them. 

Like here in this Instagram post shared by Pepsi, they smartly use hashtag #NationalHamburgerDay to promote their brand. It is one of the best examples to use hashtags with relevancy. 

Create Your Own Hashtags:

Creation of your hashtag is also a great hack to gain the attention of Instagrammers. But, do people know about that hashtag? Nope! So, for making people aware of your created hashtag, you have to advertise it, so, they come to know about you or your business inside out. 

Now, what are the things you can do regarding the promotion of hashtags? There’s a lot you can do about this. Like, you can make use of other social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and all to tell people about your new hashtag. Otherwise, you can also access different entertainment media landscapes like radio, television, live shows, and lots more concerning this. 

Here’s an excellent example for the creation of your own Instagram hashtags. Let’s check it out!

View this post on Instagram

|Avenged Sevenfold – So Far Away| first solo and chorus rhythm part ❤️? And really, screw the mistakes I made.. I didn't really care because I thought it was alright anyway! – I made this video last Friday I think along with another as well but I've been so busy and exhausted because I'm in internship on my old elementary school again so I haven't been uploading much.. I have had a few songs in my sleeve to record but don't worry, I'm still practicing new songs! ? My days are just a bit filled up and I use most of my energy on the work I have to do instead of making videos, and I just think that my videos wouldn't be as entertaining with an exhausted me playing guitar in front of a camera as if I did it while not so exhausted ❤️ Thanks for the support, y'all rock! ?#AvengedSevenfold #SoFarAway #AvengedSevenfoldSoFarAway #firstsolo #chorusrhythmpart #lovethidsong #lovethisband #internship #elementaryschool #loveit #covermusic #coverups #coversongs #CocaCola #CocaColaislife #CocaColahashtagshastpbehere

A post shared by Oliver Paul Christiansen (@muskelvand) on


Hone Your Instagram Bio: 

Instagram is a social network of newbies. It has become a great medium to get in touch with people all around overseas. So, bio is an aspect of your account that can surely fascinate people towards your Instagram presence. 

As we’re all aware, bio is a dedicated section of the Instagram accounts where we can provide insights about our personal life. But, Is it pretty much all about that only? I think no. Bio is an incredible place to make people get tempted by your online persona. You should drop some unusual glimpses about your professional as well as personal lives there. 

The biggest mistake that people usually do with an Instagram bio is they don’t hone it from time to time. You should update your Instagram bio at least within every two weeks. Including your website link in Instagram bio is fabulous, but not always. You can add a clickable link of the new content in it, so drive more traffic to them. Making alterations in the Instagram bio is necessary to display something new all the time for the visitors. 

Here is one of the best examples of Instagram bio. It is a fashion clothing website ASOS’s Instagram account. They drafted their Instagram bio like wow.


Use Catchy Instagram Captions: 

No doubt, Instagram is very much about visuals. Be it images, videos, Gifs, boomerang, and various other graphical illustrations. However, you can’t ignore the writing creativity completely. Beautifully written captions make the existence of pictures even more amazing on Instagram. And the best example of this you can check by glancing at the Instagram posts of Discovery network. 

They are brilliant when it comes to writing the best Instagram captions. Here’s one example of Instagram caption we took it from their account. Let’s see! 

Unlike other conventional media networks, Discovery is growing massively on Instagram and generate high engagement with their posts regularly. 

Practice Influencer Marketing: 

Influencer marketing has become commonplace nowadays on Instagram. Working with Instagram influencers open multiple doors of opportunities regarding getting fame and name. So, search for Instagram influencers of your niche and collaborate with them. By virtue of it, you will be able to influence their followers towards your Instagram place. 

The mildest step you can take forward in the direction of this is to visit profiles of the Instagram influencers and turn on notification. Hence, you will always get updated whenever they share new Instagram posts. 

Let’s peek into the Instagram account of Cristiano Ronaldo- the most famous Instagram influencer & personality of 2019 with 172 million followers. Hats off to him!  


Many of you may think he’s famous, that’s why he has so many Instagram followers. Then, Why this is not happening with other celebrities? There are things unique about him. Check out his account and get the inspiration behind his Instagram success. 


Be Acquainted With Local Posts: 

As we are all aware of the fact that Instagram is a vast network and possess above 1 million monthly active users. So, it’s become quite impossible to consider all users in one go concerning advertisements, events, marketing, and blah blah. Hence, we should target people sequentially on the basis of location, age, gender, language, and all. 

When it comes to knowing local posts, it is quite easy to implement on Instagram. For this, you have to visit the search page and then, choose the places tab. Afterward, you have to type the place name to see all the geotagged Instagram posts of that specific location. How easy is that! 

That will make you aware of the trending nitty-gritty followed in different places. As a result, you can make changes in your marketing strategies and come up with something legendary for your business. 


Manage Tagged Photos: 

As they said, the first impression is the last impression. The same goes for your Instagram profile. It should only consist of the best content of yours. Unless people can perceive your Instagram account as something average and not something like exceptional. 

That’s why you should manage it like a professional. Start this with tagged photos of your account. Must remove poor quality tagged images. It’s okay that you cannot delete all the tagged photos by manually editing tags. But, you can go with some of them by selecting “hide from profile”. Make sure you do it carefully. 

Here’s one of the best examples I found regarding use of Instagram tagged images. Have a look!

Create Unique Instagram Aesthetics: 

Instagram is all about standing out of the crowd in a chic way. There are examples of some Instagram accounts that have created their own Instagram style. Uniqueness is a great virtue. So, try to be one of your own. People on Instagram like to watch different and unique things. 

Here’s the best example of Instagram account for aesthetics. Frooti Instagram account is best for this. Over the years, they have created their specific visual aesthetics on Instagram. Whenever you see their Instagram post, you feel that belongs to them only.

Write Best Call-to-action:

Eventually, everybody wants desired actions vis-a-vis their business revenue. Instagram is not a platform only for fun. Businesses are making enormous money on it by marketing their brands in the best possible light. So, what you want for your business from Instagram? Don’t know it! Then, find out as early as possible. 

Desenio is a famous posters and art prints creation website. Its Instagram post is remarkably rich when it comes to including engaging call-to-action. Let’s have a look! 


These days, the call-to-action feature has become immensely famous in Instagram ads. Also, there are some fabulous tools like PowerAdSpy, which can help you find thousands of Instagram ads based on call-to-action.

Instagram Analytics

Instagram analytics can significantly boost your growth on the platform by providing valuable insights into your audience’s behavior and engagement patterns. By analyzing metrics such as likes, comments, shares, and follower demographics, you can understand what content resonates most with your audience. This data helps you tailor your content strategy, post at optimal posting times, and refine your marketing tactics to better engage your followers. Additionally, insights into your reach and impressions allow you to gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns and adjust them for better performance. Overall, leveraging Instagram analytics empowers you to make informed decisions that drive growth and enhance your presence on the platform.

Hence, which tip you liked the most? Have any more suggestions regarding how to get more followers on Instagram? If yes, then please share them with me by commenting in the section below. I am waiting for your responses. 

So, these are some of the best steps you can take forward concerning to get a grand number of Instagram followers this year. 

If you are curious about how to get more followers on Instagram with powerAdSpy, so now let us learn about it.

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Instagram’s rise to prominence has been nothing short of extraordinary, transforming from a simple photo-sharing app to a powerhouse business marketing tool with over a billion monthly active users. In this competitive landscape, gaining a significant follower base is essential for both businesses and individuals striving for Instagram stardom. The tips and strategies outlined in this blog, from mastering hashtags to leveraging influencer marketing, provide a comprehensive guide on how to get more followers on Instagram. By following these steps on how to get more followers on Instagram and utilizing tools like PowerAdSpy, you can enhance your visibility and engagement, setting the stage for greater success on this dynamic platform.