6 Case Studies Showing The Success Of Clever Instagram Marketing Campaigns

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6 Case Studies Showing The Success Of Clever Instagram Marketing Campaigns

Ever thought about why your campaigns are not performing well on Instagram? If yes, then you are not the only one who thinks so. This is because so many marketers are trying to leverage through Instagram marketing campaigns.

Most marketers are not doing any worse on Instagram. Still, we suggest you look at the following innovative campaign ideas that can make you win more. In this blog, you will learn about some unique Instagram marketing ideas that would help you enhance your marketing.

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1# Nike Starts With Personalization-

Being one of the largest sports brands, Nike’s secret marketing strategy is to take personalized approaches to target its audience. With the usage of computational analytical software, it has significantly become easier for Nike to learn more about the audience they are targeting. They are utilizing innovative solutions like AI and machine learning strategies to cope with the requirements of their modern consumers.

The social media manager of Nike – Wess Warfield said, “We don’t respond as individuals, we respond as Nike. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t treat each conversation as if we’re talking human-to-human.”

Here have a look at one of the posts done by Nike’s social media management team.


Here are a few tips suggested by Wess:

  • Find something that can move your audience. For example, Nike has used gamification to attract audiences. And it really worked to bring more engagement.
  • If the content is sharable, it would definitely get a broader reach. Although you can’t share posts on Instagram, you can share stories to gain more views.
  • Use social media to build relationships and connections with audiences. Nike is doing the same and engaging its consumers to enhance their overall user experience.

2# Airlines Nailing Influencer Marketing-

Airline companies struggle a lot in differentiating their own brands from their competitors. And that is the reason why such companies are adopting marketing strategies that allow them to reach their business goals and objectives. Many airline companies collaborate with top Instagram influencers to create engaging content. And that brings them high audience engagement.

In particular, airline companies partner with influencers who espouse their aspirational lifestyle to encourage audiences to plan for traveling abroad, vacation tours, or holiday planning. If you are a traveler, you may know about the Instagram campaign #WeekendWanderer Campaign launched by Alaska Airlines while collaborating with many micro-influencers.


Their Instagram marketing campaign was a great success due to the highly engaging content from influencers. They created hype by sharing their traveling experience and posting photos with the hashtag #WeekendWanderer.

3# Old Spice Dream Runner-

Old Spice has a great reputation for running engaging ad campaigns. Most of their ad campaigns are innovative and full of wittiness. But that is also why their audience always has higher expectations from them. Thinking of an idea, they found a creative way to reach people by giving them a task to complete and winning great prizes. With ample apps in the market that track the running and highlight the routes, they thought of exploiting it to gain more.


They started a campaign drawing people’s attention to share their running course that should be in the shape of items they want. And by sharing the same on Instagram with the hashtag #runoldspice, many people have claimed the prizes.

4# Adidas Neo-

The easy way to draw attention from Instagram marketing is through spending money on sponsored ad campaigns. Or you may also collaborate with popular influencers to bring views and engagement. But all such methods will make you spend more. Instead, why not just ask your audience to promote your brand in front of others?


That’s the idea implemented by Adidas to get exposure for their Neo brand, where they asked their followers to publish Adidas-inspired posts on Instagram and share their own experiences. It really helped them get a great boom of conversions, where they generated more than 71,000 mentions of the hashtag #MyNeoShoot and gained more than 41000 followers in return. It shows the power of Instagram marketing when you get enough social engagement.

5# Chanel| Clever Instagram Marketing Campaign-

As one of the most followed luxury brands on Instagram, Chanel already has quite an advantage with Instagram marketing. They also run engaging campaigns that make them gain engagement and bring the user interest in trying their products. Chanel’s masterstroke was to collaborate with fashion bloggers and influencers. They have also launched an Instagram profile- ‘@welovecoco,’ where they publish only user-generated content. There you can find posts from various creators and influencers sharing their own experiences after trying cosmetics, perfumes, and other products.

In a campaign to promote their new perfume, posts with the hashtag #newchanel5 went viral. More than 1600 content was generated by people (with some influencers) to make their campaign a huge success which got quite an engagement in a single month.

6# Swiggy India-

Being one of the most popular food delivery platforms, Swiggy has always been looking for better ways to enhance its reach and grow its customer base. Seeing the great potential for Instagram marketing, they have come up with great story feed ideas that substantially helped them grow their customer base.


It is one of the first in India brands that have used Instagram story ads to promote its services. It really helped them get a great boost with their app installation and the growth of their business across India.

What You Can Do?

Instagram marketing is not as easy as it may seem. There are many experts competing on the same ground where you want a spot. And to crack this nutshell what you need is an ad intelligence solution that can keep you ahead of the competition, and that is PowerAdSpy.

PowerAdSpy gives you access to search for the most trending Instagram ads. It has the best ad analytic features that pique the interest of many marketers. This tool helps marketers find their target ad campaign and replicate the strategies in their own marketing strategy. And that is how they ensure getting more success.

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