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Instagram Advertising 101: Know All About Instagram Giveaway

People are attracted not just to the prospect of receiving something for free but also to the possibility of winning. Hosting a giveaway for Instagram advertising is a terrific method to increase engagement, create a sense of excitement, and even earn Instagram followers. It makes an Instagram giveaway an excellent strategy to increase engagement while also producing a positive vibe in your audience.

There are numerous tried and tested engagement post ideas for creating well-deserved Instagram giveaway interactions with your existing audience while attracting countless new views and followers.

Here are a few more dependable strategies for increasing your Instagram following by holding a contest. Learn what, why, and how you can host an Instagram Giveaway.

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What Exactly Is An Instagram Giveaway?


An Instagram giveaway is a marketing tactic for Instagram advertising in which marketers give away a product or service to one or more participants. Typically, brands demand contestants to do specified tasks to be eligible for the giveaway prize. Some of these tasks could include:

  • Like an Instagram post
  • Comment and tag a friend.
  • Follow an Instagram account
  • Subscribe to an email newsletter, and so on.

Brands can then choose a winner from among those who successfully enter.

Why Should You Host Instagram Giveaways?

If you’re on the fence regarding whether or not to offer giveaways, consider the data below:

  • Contests have a 34% conversion rate, which indicates they outperform all other content categories.
  • Accounts that host freebies have increased their followers 70% faster.

We cannot ignore such staggering figures and data and deny how much is Instagram advertising affecting your brand. You can use freebies for a variety of purposes. For example, you could: Reward your followers for their participation or involvement,

Reward your new followers or consumers for their first purchase, for example.

  • Increase blog traffic with Instagram,
  • Increase the rate of engagement.
  • Increase your follower numbers organically.

How Does Instagram Advertising Work For Giveaways?


#1: Establish a Goal for Your Instagram Contest

The first stage is to establish a contest goal. Contests are a terrific method to boost your audience and reach on Instagram. A giveaway campaign can generate enthusiasm and interest in a new product or service. UGC is a robust tool for product-based firms to develop new materials and acquire a new perspective on using their product.

#2: Plan Your Instagram Contest

You’re ready to arrange your contest now that you’ve decided on a goal.

  • Determine How Users Will Participate
  • Define Contest Rules or Conditions
  • Choose a Hashtag for Your Campaign
  • Determine how to select and notify the winner

#3: Start & Publicise Your Instagram Contest

Choose an image that links to the campaign’s theme/content. Include the terms of entry and legal disclaimers indicated above in the caption of your contest post.

The length of the campaign will determine how your Instagram advertising is. Determine the optimal times of day to publish based on your Instagram Insights (which may differ for different days of the week). Decide whether you’ll post many times per day or once per day.

#4: Finish Up Your Instagram Contest

When the contest is over, there are two options for dealing with the original post. You either archive the actual contest or giveaway post or update the caption of your contest post to include “Contest CLOSED” at the beginning of the post description.

#5: Examine the Results of Instagram Contests

Track the outcomes of all your contests to determine participation, increase in followers, website clicks, and other Instagram engagement metrics. You may start comparing the statistics from each game to see which types of rewards, times of year, content, and types of participation produce the best outcomes for your business based on your specific goals.

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06 Giveaway Ideas For Instagram Advertising


Let’s look at some contest ideas you can apply where you can cut down Instagram advertising cost.

#1 Celebrity Giveaway Collaborations

Working with Instagram influencers is an excellent method to improve your platform presence. An influencer or celebrity can help your giveaway get traction and expose your company to thousands of new followers. Furthermore, because someone outside your company is recommending it, the giveaway will capture a sense of authenticity rather than the impression that your business is solely interested in self-serving marketing.

#2 To Win, Like, And/Or Comment.

There’s no need to exaggerate things.

One of the most common modes of Instagram giveaways is relatively straightforward: encourage your participants to like and/or comment on the post to enter. This contest format is simple for all parties involved, and entrants do not need to do anything to get their names into the running. Furthermore, you do not need to follow Instagram hashtags or anything else to keep track of entries.

#3 Tag Friends & Follow the Instagram Page

Request that your followers tag one or more of their friends in the comments section so that they, too, can begin following your Instagram page. This form of the giveaway will help you gain many new followers and dramatically enhance your brand’s visibility in a short period.

The bulk of your new followers will stick with you when the contest ends. As a result, you will have a vast and warm audience to target in the following time.

#4 Challenge Competition

Make a challenge for your Instagram followers to participate in your giveaway. It might be as simple as completing a song lyric or as complex as completing a scavenger hunt over your last four articles. These kinds of Instagram freebies can be a lot of fun, but they usually require more work — both on your part and on the part of your followers.

While arranging your giveaway, keep the plan in mind and your target audience. You don’t want to make it too complicated for the audience to engage. If you’re giving away a large reward, this could be an excellent idea to make the audience work a little harder for it.

#5 Photo Competition

It is one of the most popular Instagram advertising concepts.

Your target audience will post content (photos, selfies, and videos) on Instagram. You can use this behaviour to your advantage by urging them to post a picture of your product/brand.

To achieve optimum brand visibility, you should also encourage the use of your branded hashtag. It is one of the most effective Instagram giveaways for increasing brand awareness and interaction.

Your giveaway participants’ Instagram followers and friends become aware of your brand when they upload photos with your branded hashtag to their Instagram profiles.

You can even encourage your audience from this more comprehensive network to participate in the giveaway with the correct tool and technology to create demanding ad copies keeping the Instagram advertising policy in mind.

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  • Click the Instagram symbol. Further, look for advertising using niche-specific keywords.
  • You may look at the ad data of your competitors’ best-performing commercials. You can also examine the target audiences’ engagement and demographic information.


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#6 Planned Giveaways

One Instagram advertising strategy to generate interest in your Instagram giveaways is to announce them frequently. You may, for example, create a weekly or monthly giveaway series.

It provides your audience with something to anticipate. Such anticipation is incredibly good for increasing interaction and reinforcing loyalty through your Instagram giveaway ideas.


When you conduct your first contest, you’ll realize that the process is fun and it’s more straightforward than you anticipated. Choose a contest theme, write the regulations, and establish a hashtag. Cross-post the contest on Facebook to increase user involvement.

If you’re apprehensive about hosting your first Instagram contest, get in touch, and we’ll help you plan (and assist you with your other digital marketing efforts).

Encourage folks to ask their friends to participate in your Instagram advertising or giveaway. The more people who see your competition and content, the better.

Encourage folks to ask their friends to participate in the contest. The more people who see your contest and content, the better.