5 Facebook Advertising Tips To Help You Maximise Your Budget (Update 2020)

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5 Facebook Advertising Tips To Help You Maximise Your Budget (Update 2020)

Probabilities are if you are reading this, then you are a business owner or a marketer looking for ways to learn how to use Facebook Advertising more effectively.

May be you have spent some cash on Facebook but never seen the results you were after.

Are you looking for the ways to crush it in 2020? These five FB advertising tips will definitely help you to make the most of your Facebook Ad Budget –

#1. Always keep in mind who you are targeting

With Facebook advertising, it is not at all about reaching the most number of people rather than it is all about reaching the right people.

It is obvious that Large number looks really good on report sheets but you definitely need to reach people who are eager to know about your business, open to discover your content, approachable to your message. And that might be very less people than you think.

You need to first understand few things when it comes to reaching and targeting your audience with a well fitted message.

A proper research and verified data can help you a lot in terms of finding answers to the above questions.

Facebook brings tons of targeting options with it, you can then create almost any hyper niche audience you want.

But you should not always do that.  There are times when you can in reality make your audience too small, driving up your ad frequency for what is really limiting performance and a pretty general campaign.

Before you select your real targeting criteria, you need to make sure that you know who you are targeting. Do not get frantic or agitated by all the options given over there. Once you are in there to target “yoga interest” and “vegetarians” do not get distracted with the other five interests just because it makes sense.

#2. Meet your boon companion – Retargeting

Retargeting is a type of online advertising that brings back the site visitors who haven’t changed over to potential customers on their first visit to an online store. At the point when a particular person goes to your online shop, a “cookie” is set on their program. The cookie gives you a chance to recognize and take after your store’s visitors when they visit different websites, and display advertisements to these individuals. Many efficient  brands use retargeting. Some of them use this to its complete potential.

Retargeting helps you to advertise and connect with people who have already gone through your website.

Facebook’s retargeting abilities let you target based on two different categories:

People who are already in your Facebook list

These list could be made up of  email subscribers, blog subscribers or past customers. This is best used when you want to created targeted, timely offers that are relevant to these specific groups. Think an exclusive sale for “platinum customers,” or a new product that works well with services certain audience members have purchased.

People who recently have interacted with your business

This could be taking an action on your site, or watching a certain percentage of a video on platform. Now, there’s even an option to retarget people who interacted with your store-in person. These can be set up with offline events.


Chronologically and astutely organized FB retargeting advertising campaigns ensure that you are giving your users what they require the most when they need it the most while meeting your business objectives in a considerably more brilliant way.

#3. Consider the Facebook Ads Placement Meticulously

You can reach users from different locations and in different ways. You can also select if you want to run advertisements on mobile placements, desktop placements or both.

Your Facebook ad campaigns will be affected by the ad placement you select. You have to choose wisely. It has been seen that newsfeed ads perform better and brings in Higher CTR rates.

#4. Emphasize First on Mobile Content

As we all know that mobile usage has been increased like a fire in the present time. You need to first focus on the place from where people engage the most.

It is a fact that – A content which has been created for desktop use will not fit in perfectly for the mobile but the content which has been created for mobile will definitely work on desktop  with ease. That is why it is important to first majorly focus on the mobile content.

You need to guarantee that your ad content meet best practices for mobile. Try to include more vertical video in your ad campaigns because the people who are using mobile, watch the videos in full screen without having  to tilt their phone. It may sound a little goofy to you but it seriously matters.

#5. Get most out of Lookalike Audience

Do you really need to catch up to a lot of customers along with your Facebook ads?

Facebook lookalike audiences associate innovative targeting possibility that strictly goes on the far side the first interest and demographic targeting practicality. They’re presently the utmost powerful Facebook targeting gizmo to get your ideal potential client.

Unlike interest-based targeting, lookalike audiences enable you to make the supply audience, providing you with a lot of management. As a result, you finish up with better-quality audiences and also you’ll be able to notice new audiences that measure nearly just like your existing ones.

Lookalike audiences are best to target new cold audiences at the highest of your sales funnel. As an example, you will run on top-of-funnel content campaigns to all or any of the lookalike audiences you build. This is able to begin to heat them up as you’re taking them from the highest of the funnel to rock bottom.

Wrapping Words

Facebook ads proves to be an efficient way to reach billions of people out there. They are very impactful and proves to be a powerful approach to reach such huge amount of people within a very less span of time. The above mentioned Facebook Advertising tips will surely help you to achieve higher ROIs, pumped up conversion rates and minimized ad costs. All you need to do is to be wise and play well with your ads.

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