Best Ecommerce Ads Strategies To Transform Your Business

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Best Ecommerce Ads Strategies To Transform Your Business

We all know how competitive eCommerce has become now. It is no wonder how business owners discover hundreds of new ways to sell and launch their products and services online. If you are also interested in online marketing to run eCommerce ads, you must know ways to sell products on different eCommerce platforms.

Starting from dropshipping to Facebook marketplace categories and Etsy, there is no hidden platform that has not been explored by advertisers.

Before this era, business owners had to sit down and plan out a budget to market their products. The eCommerce platforms have made it so easy to advertise using different platforms within their advertising budget. It is not required to have a particular amount to start a business. It all depends on how you can manage it with a little funding.

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Let’s Get Started


E-commerce is an enormous platform for exploring new niches. There is always a place for new products and services, and yes, it proffers more. Marketers can find different eCommerce ads to acquire more customers who share an interest in your niche.

They do not have to undergo any other procedure. It is quite simple and straightforward. Just pick out a niche and start advertising more and more. New business owners or the ones trying to explore the world of online marketing can always select Facebook as their first preference.

The reason behind this is Facebook is a vast platform. It acquires enormous customers having different niche interests. So you can always be on top if you advertise more appropriately.

Facebook’s eCommerce platform keeps constantly updating itself. You can keep on hunting new categories every other day. And you can appropriately put in your products and services.

Facebook attracts new business owners to advertise eCommerce ads on this platform every day because of its flexibility to market products. And they can also invite more customers each day to interact with their goods and services.

You only need to know what is trending on Facebook story. Marketers must take care of the type of advertisements that Facebook users prefer to watch. You must also check their engagement rate and the posts which have enormous traffic.

If you can get information about all these, you can be one step ahead of your competitors.

Learn What Runs on eCommerce Platforms


You can learn what is trending on Facebook by running your ad campaigns on the platform. You can also check out variations and can enhance your ad campaigns accordingly. But if you keep on building different advertising campaigns and running them, you might end up spending a lot of time.

It will also become expensive because whatever ad campaign you create will include funding. So, as an alternative, you can go for implementing and investing in an advertising intelligence tool. From this tool, you can keep a check on your competitor’s advertising campaigns use their tactics and perfectly build your campaign.

PowerAdSpy- Built By Affiliates, For Affiliates


PowerAdSpy is one of the best ad management tools. It helps you to search and identify thousands of ads on this platform. You need to enter your niche, and you can go hunting for new advertisements every day.

Also, you can check your competitor’s eCommerce ads campaign and employ those tactics in yours.

Moreover, you can also seek hidden niches to provide your target audience with the most organic and creative advertisements. You can filter the ads and bookmark those ads you find relevant. You can check out these advertisements later. You can also create appropriate ads by looking at other campaigns and using their approaches.

Hence you can work with the best trending eCommerce ads on different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube.

Do you need a shortcut to eCommerce Facebook advertising? Well, here we have a list of examples to assist and promote your ad campaigns.

Beautiful Pictures


For the best Facebook eCommerce ads, you have to use high-resolution, perfect, and professional shot pictures. It has to stand out. Create a different vibe on the news feeds of the users.

Do not use the images already in stock. Try clicking new pictures exploring every angle of your products, and post them on Facebook. Do not keep using the same pictures over and over again. It will be more clumsy and monotonous.

Go for a more colorful and clear presentation of your goods and services. We all know that social media users prefer pictorial or video advertising over text ads. Hence, create or build stunning image ads.

Try to keep it simple yet elegant. Let your audience know about every inch of your products. The reason is whatever text you add to the post, the focus will be on the picture itself.

So, it is necessary to put up a picture that is stylish yet speaks about your products. It must stand out from your other posts and must not look dull and flat.

Feature New Faces


Featuring faces in eCommerce ads is a whole new tactic to market your products more appropriately. The reason is you are advertising your products to human beings.

And customers connect more when they see different faces in the ads. They would not highly prefer clipart images as they would have to live ones.

Try using faces that look more appealing and welcoming. There is some kind of mindset that attracts and grabs the attention of new users. Try putting up a video advertisement showing the proper utilization of the product.

The customers will visualize using it themselves. The approach that we have mentioned here works wonders for the fashion industry.

If they have fresh and new faces with each of their new launches, they tend to attract more users. The potential customers can imagine how the product would look on them after seeing it on the model. Hence they go to initiate a purchase.

Keep It Simple


We talked about designing appealing and creative advertisements. But what indicates keeping it simple? See, we do not have to make our ads look OTT.

We need to keep it simple and transparent so that our target audience can understand the reason behind the post. We do not have to cover our images with numerous texts, emoticons, or other distracting elements.

Try to keep it simple and provide more clarity so that your products grab the undivided attention of the posts you publish.



It is an essential element that you should add to your advertising campaign. The users scroll Facebook in their leisure time and not with the intention of initiating a purchase. If you are advertising on it, you have to make sure that your ads attract more consumers.

You also have to put up different CTA buttons. These call-to-action buttons should redirect the users to your official website. Now it makes it easier for your potential customers to interact and go through your products and services.

They do not have to search for it on any other platform even after getting interested in the products you sell.

Social Proof


Online customers keep comparing different brands having a similar niche. They search for more appropriate products at a reasonable cost. They also go to check the engagement and traffic on the ads of the products to see how to perform on social media. Facebook is a platform where the community is always kept in focus.

So if you are publishing ads on this platform you have to put up posts showing customer testimonials and proof. It must show that your products are getting liked by the increased number of users and what they feel about it.

Oh! Did we just forget to mention video advertising? But you should never do that.

Video Advertising


Give it a try to put up video advertisements. With video advertising, you can have more exposure to different platforms and acquire more engagement. Video ads can be viewed in the Video and Watch section of Facebook. You can also put up stories that include videos.

Creating an appealing video advertisement that stands out will help you step ahead of your competitors because it is trending nowadays. It has become considerably more comfortable to build video ads. You can also do it with Facebook ads manager and design movable graphics with music playing in the background.


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Bringing It All Together

Remember how your followers and target audience engage and create traffic on your posts before building another eCommerce advertising campaign. If you are designing a campaign, try to target the entire group of users. Create something appealing and entertaining. Your posts should be worth taking some time and watching rather than just scrolling them down. The reason is in the end, you need to stand out from your competitors.

We hope the article helped you know about eCommerce Ads. Is there something that we can incorporate? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!