Top 10 Ways To Use Video Ads For eCommerce Business

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Top 10 Ways To Use Video Ads For eCommerce Business

As time passed by, video ads have been taking over the marketing space. These days, a lot of eCommerce businesses are investing in video advertisements because it’s more engaging and better converting than any other format of ad campaigns. According to the analysis of Google, more than half of the internet users would like to check video reviews of products before their purchase. That’s because videos can really help you to win the trust of your audience and boost revenue in your business.

If you are also planning to use video ads for eCommerce, here we have shared some creative strategies that can help you gain more buyers for your products and services. So without further ado, let’s get started!

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Tutorial Video Advertisements:

What’s the best way to catch the attention of your target audience? Yes! It’s by showing them how to use your products and how it can benefit them. These days, most brands use demo videos to promote their products and services. They showcase the best features of their products to grab the attention of viewers. And the people who are pleased with the performance of the products may follow the brand and purchase them. Here we used the PowerAdSpy tool to search out for some tutorial video ads on YouTube.


While searching, we found this ad demonstrating the hair braiding product by Conair. In this video, they have compared their braiders with other brands to create different hairstyles and check whether they really work or not. Such ads are quite impactful as it shows how products really work and how effective they can be. 

Tell A Story That Evokes Emotion:

A good storyline is an important aspect of the filmmaking process that can make your videos more engaging. Nowadays, brands use emotional stories in their video ads to catch the attention of the audience. In a survey report of Google, it was found that women at the age of 18-35 were most likely to get impressed with emotional and empowering videos. And they have 80% better chances to like, comment, and even make a purchase in the end. 


Here is the video from GoDaddy showing how Liz VanPatten is empowering other women to show their presence in professional rock climbing and how she grew her business from scratch using GoDaddy.


Entertaining Videos:

People love to watch entertaining content! So if you are planning to use video ads for eCommerce, make sure to make it entertaining for your audience. Since entertaining videos can easily go viral on social media. Most of the brand focuses on making their video ads for eCommerce engaging so that they can gain better views, likes, and comments. To include the entertainment factor in your videos, you need to be more creative with your ad content. While there are also creators on short video platforms who can create amazing videos in just a few minutes only. And companies also collaborate with such influencers to deliver engaging video ads for eCommerce advertising.

Message From The Brand:

Don’t you want to convey your brand message to your audience? If yes! Then videos are the best way where you can raise your brand voice. There you can shoot some behind-the-scenes stories for your audience to let them know more about your brand. Such videos can help you to build trust for your brand so the people can readily convert into sales prospects for your business.

Mobile Users Crave Video:

Nowadays, most internet users have smartphone devices. Thanks to that, it has become easier for people to check videos and other stuff online. According to YouTube, almost 70% of viewers watch videos on their mobile devices. And that’s quite a big number. The best part is people who watch video ads for eCommerce on their mobile devices are twice as likely to interact with your brand compared to desktop users. So make sure to focus on catering videos to your mobile using audiences. That way, you can be sure to expect more views, likes, and conversions through your eCommerce ads.


Testimonial Videos:

Social proof can be a very important part of your video advertising strategy. Especially if you are planning to create video ads for eCommerce business, video testimonials can play a huge impact on your advertising. In a survey, we found that most people would like to check reviews and testimonials before purchasing anything. Since word of mouth is a powerful way of conveying the message for a long time and it is still quite effective.


Being an eCommerce retailer, are you also planning to invest in video ads for eCommerce? Then don’t forget to check out the powerful ad analytic tool -PowerAdSpy. It has custom filters, which let you find the most lucrative ads on social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc).

Show Users Perspective:

Get yourself into the shoes of your audience, and find out what your customers would like to watch. Having a customer’s perspective in your video ads can help you to bring more engagement to it. While you can also make use of user-generated content from your happy customers to show how effective your products are. It will help you to influence more people to check out your video ads for eCommerce and purchase your products.

Interactive Video Ads:

There is already so much competition on video advertising platforms. So, to achieve better engagement, you should try to make videos more interactive with the audiences. Nowadays, most creators go live on social media and interact face to face with their audience. This also helps them to know what their audience is expecting from them. And accordingly, they plan and create their content to be more alluring for their audience.


Influencers Endorsements:

Inviting influencers on your video ads for eCommerce can really help you to boost your engagement. And it also helps you to build brand awareness and win credibility for your brand. Influencer collaboration is quite effective, as it can help you to reach new potential customers. Nowadays many brands are collaborating with influencers to target their expected audience. And it also seems quite helpful in gaining more engagement, views, and followers on videos.

Charity Videos:

People would like to promote charity stuff! By organizing charity as a part of your e-commerce advertising strategy, you can bring more audience and conversions for your business. Doing charity helps you to build strong values for your business. And it will also put an impact on your audience to support and take part in your charity projects. Doing so will help you to create a positive vibe with your brand which would attract more people to join your campaign.


Video advertising can really help you to ensure more growth and conversion for your eCommerce business. There are so many ways that you can utilize to catch the attention of your target audience. In this article, we have shown some of the most popular video ad examples and tricks that you can use to make your ad campaign more effective.

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