Top 10 Ecommerce Advertising Strategies You Can’t Afford To Ignore

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Top 10 Ecommerce Advertising Strategies You Can’t Afford To Ignore

Year by year, the E-commerce industry is growing bigger and stronger. According to a study, since 2023, there has been quite a growth in online purchases. Statistics show that there is a rise of more than 21% in global online shopping. And in 2025, it is expected to cross over the record figure of 2.14 billion purchases. Amazing, isn’t it?

While seeing such a great response from the consumer end, e-commerce advertising seems to be quite tempting. The fact is that with the growth of e-commerce businesses around the world, marketers are motivated to spend on ecommerce advertising. And it’s expected to be growing more and more in the upcoming years.

So if you are also thinking of investing in the e-commerce business, here you will find some of the best advertising strategies that you simply can’t ignore.

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What Is Ecommerce Advertising?

E-commerce advertising is the process of placing paid content on the online platform that would help you drive more sales in your business. Basically, in ecommerce advertising, you need to promote your stuff using paid ads. You can place content in different formats (text, images, videos, podcasts) and platforms (website, search engine, social media, newsletters, emails) to get more traffic to your store.

These paid ads can help you to grow your reach with the audience who might be really interested in purchasing your products. It can be categorized into three different phases of the sales funnel- Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion. Based on the marketing goals, you have to strategize your campaigns to gain more clicks, signups, and sales.


In this article, we are showing you some ecommerce advertising strategies that have been utilized by many marketers around the world claiming huge success in their businesses.

Personalize Your Ecommerce Advertising Content-

What marketers seek the most is engagement in their content. Most marketers believe that personalized content helps them to gain better engagement. While looking at the market, it’s quite obvious that the power of personalization has a great impact on ecommerce advertising.

However, to make this work at the core level, you will have to learn more about the audience who can be converted. By knowing the priorities of the audience, it becomes easier for marketers to show them relevant products and services only. The more information you have, the better way you can personalize your e-commerce ad campaigns to be more effective.

Mobile Advertising-

Nowadays, mobile advertising is very effective. In fact, most people use their mobile device to purchase online stuff, since it’s quite convenient and easy to use. Even the people who visit the store can easily check the online reviews and pricing of the products before purchasing them for real. Nobody has the time to open their desktop to simply make a few purchases. In fact, if you see the stats, the number of smartphone users is increasing more and more. And it is expected that in 2021, almost more than 70% of online shopping will be happening using mobile only.


Native Advertising-

Native advertising is the right choice for ecommerce advertisers looking to reach a new audience or even target existing customers. It can help you target audiences in different segments and sections, which makes it even more effective for ecommerce advertising. In fact, native ads can deliver much more than traditional display ads. According to research, native ads can bring out higher acceptance and conversion rates with a comparable more than 18% hike in sales.

Looking for highly converting native ads, check PowerAdSpy which finds you the most winning native ads for your e-commerce campaign.


Pay Per Click (PPC) For Conversion

As the name says, in PPC, marketers have to pay for every single click they get on their ads. For example, suppose 100 people have seen your ad, and in between them only one person clicked the ad, then it would cost you for a single click only. And in most cases, only the users who are really interested in the brand products click on such ads. Keep in mind that more than 60% of users check PPC ads on Google why they are looking to buy anything online. From that only, you can assume that PPC can be a great choice to bring more conversions to your e-commerce business.

Post Click Optimisation

Now that you have started your ecommerce advertising and getting clicks on your campaign. But the next important part is the conversation. Even putting in so much time, effort and money won’t help you to grab the interest of the audience without a generic landing page. While most of the advertisers succeed in personalizing the ad content the landing page remains the same. Post-click optimization is the process of improving the after-click experience of the user. So the people who come with their expectations will be satisfied and make a purchase from your store.


Conversions Rate Optimization

If you want to get better conversions from your e-commerce ad campaigns, then you should test and analyze them by comparing them with other ads that are already doing great. Conversion rate optimization refers to the same. It is the process in which you have to analyze ad content and figure out the details that can help you enhance the success ratio of your advertising campaigns.

To improve the conversion rate of your e-commerce marketing campaign, make use of the best ad analytical tool like PowerAdSpy. Using its niche-based search results, you can easily find the ads going to the top e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce Magento, etc.

Omni-channel Marketingmultiple-ecommerce-advertising

Do you know that people who spend time on multiple platforms have a 3 times better chance of getting converted? So, it’s better to advertise your commercial campaign on multiple advertising platforms. You can see that most of the big brands have their presence on all social media platforms. You can find ecommerce ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, etc. The thing about omnichannel marketing is that it allows you to provide seamless content across every channel where you can optimize it according to the interest of the audience.

In a way, you can say that it creates a whole journey for a customer from just being a viewer to getting converted into a buyer. Nowadays, most brands are trying to approach their potential customers to give them the best buying experience, and omnichannel marketing is one of the best ways to achieve that.

However, with omnichannel marketing, it’s quite easy to get out of ideas. So, what can you do? Get PowerAdSpy, which lets you search for the most promising ad campaigns in your niche. Just replicate the same in your ad campaign and claim more revenue in your business.

Programmatic Advertising

Nowadays, you can see that ads are also programmed in a way that could automatically suggest the next step for the users. These kinds of ads help to avoid any human error, which plagues the conversion from your campaign. In the future, it is expected by most e-retailers that almost 25% of the revenue to the digital advertising industry will be from programming advertising. With time, the advertising techniques are improving better and better making it even easier for buyers to make a purchase.

Artificial Intelligence-

The role of artificial intelligence is growing in the advertising industry, as you can see nowadays, people can use voice assistants to look for their favorite brand products. Along with smart speaking technology, we also have an AI-based chatbot system that’s capable enough to convince buyers. And the good thing about AI is that it makes the buying process more simpler. So, definitely, you can expect to see more conversions because of the use of AI in the e-commerce industry.


Last but not least, you can’t forget about remarketing in your e-commerce advertising. This cookie-based technology can literally help you find the users who have shown their interest but haven’t made a purchase yet. According to the research of e-retailers, only 2% of the audience gets converted after the first visit to an e-store. So it’s better to prepare your remarketing strategies to target such users by reminding them about their previous interests. You can also enhance the chances of conversion by simply offering something extra, which can really satisfy the needs of your potential customer.

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Wrapping Words:

These are some of the best ecommerce advertising strategies that you can take advantage of while there might be many more. If you have further suggestions to add, write to us in the comments section. Make sure to check on the powerful ad analytic tool- PowerAdSpy which lets you find highly converting ads within a few clicks only. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends so that they can also benefit from it.