09 Most Thought Provoking eCommerce Ads for Women’s Day

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09 Most Thought Provoking eCommerce Ads for Women’s Day

In the past decade, brands added more value and teeth to women empowerment with their ads on every International Women’s Day.

As a matter of fact, the media and advertising industry have evolved a lot. The audience HATES stereotypical content. It is something we witnessed with the renaming of one of the most popular fairness creams in India. Being mindful of such consequences, brands are now taking the high road and are very cautious with the content that they put out there. 

International Women’s Day is around the corner. Brands are doing everything on their part to lend more fuel to the girl power- from breaking the patriarchy to battling for equality, taking on criticism, and celebrating womanhood with their Womens Day campaigns. And truth be told, the eCommerce ads win the boat with their target audience and platform appeal. 

Over the years, we saw various ads that seemed to make a permanent impact on our minds. And in this article, we will discuss some of the eCommerce ads that put the final nail in the coffin. Right from celebrating her size, beauty, diversity, career choices to combating sexism, here are a few inspiring Womens day campaigns and ads that captured our hearts: 

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1. #FitToFight #BruisesCanBeGood (Reebok) 

Domestic Violence & Self Defense 


Reebok India launched this digital campaign back in 2018 to mark the celebration of International Women’s Day. The #FitToFight campaign shows how prevalent physical violence is among the women around us. And it aims at making self-defense education mandatory for students. 

A girl with bruises sits in a room surrounded by a few people from the common masses. When interviewed what they think is the reason behind her bruises, 85% believed it resulted from physical abuse. The girl gets up and what happens next leaves everyone speechless. The reason behind her bruises became an inspiration to the viewers. 

Watch the video to chin up, and it will inspire you to start taking self-defense more seriously. 

2. #WomenMade (Amazon) 

A Step To Entrepreneurship 


Amazon Saheli launched this campaign in 2020, in which they celebrated and shared the story of their courageous, passionate, and creative women entrepreneurs. Unlike the Womens Day campaigns, #WomenMade gives a pat on the back of the self-made businesswomen who have contributed to the eCommerce platform. 

A mother asks her daughter what she wants to be when she grows up. The little girl narrates her fields of interest and zeroes down to choosing three career paths. In the end, the daughter reciprocates the question to her mother, which inspires her to follow her passion. We then get a glimpse of all the women entrepreneurs who are their own bosses. 

Such eCommerce ads have inspired many women to stop giving up on their dreams to start with a family. 

3. #ChangeTheRhyme (Blush & Dove) 

Not Just One Kind Of Beauty 



A lifestyle channel, Blush, collaborated with Dove to ask provocative questions to the society with their Womens Day campaign in 2016. The #ChangeTheRhyme exposes the challenging notions of the ideal beauty and asks the women to break the shackles and accept themselves the way they are. 

The video begins with a preschooler reciting the nursery rhyme- Chubby Cheeks, Rosy Lips. The ad shows us various women in sports who do not cater to the singular beauty ideal. And thus, it makes us question if verses like these are even appropriate for the younger minds. 

Through this video, we understand how the seeds of society start growing at a very young age. It fuels conversations that challenge the stereotypes regarding the human form. 

4. #LetHerBe (Elle + WEvolve) 

Covering It Up 


The worldwide lifestyle & fashion magazine, Elle, partnered with WEvolve in 2017. The #LetHerBe digital campaign is a piece of clever visual storytelling to which every woman can relate. It makes us wonder if the notions of covering up arise from society, our peers, the biased mind, or all of them. 

The ad shows different women adjusting their dresses in varied social situations. Almost every scenario looks familiar, and every wrong looks normal. By the end of the ad, the viewers realize the importance of feeling confident with their dressing choices. 

Watch the full ad to know what every woman feels like every day with her own body. 

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5. #EachforEqual (Mindspace) 

Cognitive Bias 


The #EachForEqual campaign takes a deeper dive into the issues with gender equality in the workplace. Launched in 2020, we saw a lot of eCommerce ads flooding YouTube. Mindspace made the best out of it. They performed a social experiment that proved how and why cognitive biases affect our decision-making skills. And how they promote sexism unknowingly. 

In an experiment with 22 people, everyone has a different answer to the same riddle. It sounds tricky at first, even to the listeners. The answer turns out to be very silly. And we all get an answer to one question- are we sexists?

Watch the video to find out the answer! We bet you would find the responses just as relatable. 

6. #JeeLeZara (Reliance Fresh) 

The Role Of A Home-Maker 


Reliance Fresh came up with the campaign in 2017. Unlike other Womens Day Campaigns, this one focuses on the happiness of a home-maker. It shines a light on the very nature of almost every mother and wife. And we take a closer look at the lack of effort that a person has towards themselves. 

A happy, healthy lady prepares for a Goa trip while her husband complains and worries about it. The couple seems to be having a difference in opinion on the decision for the journey. But the woman doesn’t stop despite her husband’s melodramatic chaos. She has dedicated her entire life to everyone in her family, now is the time for her. 

With a refreshing appeal, #JeeLeZara asks the people- especially the home-makers to make some time for self-love, care, and freedom. 

7. #StopTheBeautyTest (Dove) 

The Flawed Beauty Standards 


Dove launched their 2021 campaign to raise a toast to all the ladies who went through the tedious screening of beauty and femininity. With this ad, the brand asks us how much beauty is apt for someone to be acceptable among all. And it urges people to look at the true shades of beauty instead of the flaws. 

Five young women get ready to meet their future spouses while the people around them make casual remarks on their body, complexion, height, and appearance. The conversations sound very normal to everyone, but they scar the girls and their well-wishers forever. Dove featured real-life stories and the women who narrated them into their video. 

The beautiful campaign portrays why it is never right to judge people. Let’s #StopTheBeautyTest forever. Watch the video and let us know if you ever experienced the same pain. 

8. #Connectedshecan (Vodafone) 

Gender Roles 


Vodafone launched a perplexing campaign named #Connectedshecan in 2018. It questions the society why women only choose limited career paths. And it throws light on the male-dominated sections of professionalism. It makes us wonder why young girls give up on their dreams to cater to the new norms. 

A little girl walks up to the podium. She asks why the number of female presidents is so less than men. More girls join up and ask more questions that concern the absence of women in every said field. In the end, no one has a plausible explanation for all the questions. 

Watch the video. It is one of the best Womens Day campaigns that will make you wonder if you gave up on a dream just because you are a woman. 

9. #ImWithYellow (Prega News) 

The Gender Neutrality Test 


PregaNews resorted to promoting gender equality with its digital campaign in 2020. The #ImWithYellow campaign is metaphorical in its core. It shuns associating the colors pink and blue with the different genders and asks the audience to choose the color yellow. And yellow promotes hope, happiness, and sunshine. Instead of asking about gender, it urges the viewers to enquire about the health of the baby. 

Preganews launched various ads under the campaign, and one of them takes on a social experiment. The host interviews a few people in a mall. He asks them if they are familiar with some of the popular women achievers of our country. The question that follows next will blow your mind.

Watch the ad to know why the gender of a baby does not matter. 

Some Remarkable Mentions 

Before we sum up, I would like to mention a few more Womens Day campaigns that we couldn’t help but appreciate. Not all of these are eCommerce ads, but they will make your heart go WOW, for sure:

1. #BesideNotBehind

2. #IkkamDukkam #ZidKaroDuniyaBadlo (Dainik Bhaskar)

3. #Unstereotype (Brooke Bond Red Label)

4. #ChangeTheClap (Asia Pacific Transgender Network)

5. #Thanks-a-Dot (SBI)

6. #BeTheChange (HDFC Bank)

7. #ShareTheLoad (Ariel)

8. #TheLittleThingsWeDo #BeautyThatInspires (Godrej)

9. The Misaligned Promotion (Titan Raga)  

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Wrapping It Up 

The social norms are changing. And we are no longer looking at societies with specified gender roles. The evolving behavior of the general masses reflects in the ads, and we are more than proud to look at them. I have listed some of the very thought-provoking Womens Day campaigns I came across. Which one touched you the most? Have you watched an ad that changed your mind? Drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to give them a read! 

“Love yourself first, and everything else falls into line.” 

Lucille Ball 

Happy International Women’s Day!!!