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05 Sneaky Ways To Spy Competitors Facebook Ads

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05 Sneaky Ways To Spy Competitors Facebook Ads

You may love using Facebook, or you may not- but none of that is going to change the fact that Facebook is now a hub for social media advertising! 

The prerequisite to having a commendable marketing strategy is to understand what sells and what doesn’t. For instance, you may have created the best banner ad for your next campaign, but how do you know if it is going to grab all those eyeballs? 

Also, if you are a newbie, are you even sure your advertisement looks good? 

You only have one answer here- spy competitors Facebook ads. 

No, wait. We are not talking about seeing competitor ads- we are talking about analyzing and scrutinizing the types of content they post, their reach, types of audience, the response they get, and everything else. Only then will you be able to devise a strategy that works in your next advertising campaign. 

But before we get into this tangent, let us first discuss why some ads get more traffic and conversions than others. 

Some Basics of Facebook Ads 


Facebook shows its ads to all the people who have an account on the platform- which is literally everyone now. 

Nevertheless, Facebook tries to keep its interface relatable for all of its users. Thus, it displays targeted ads according to the type of content that the user likes. Thus, you can look for ads in these three broad criteria: 

1. Type of Product

2. Type of Audience

3. Position and Composition of Content 

Focusing only on these three can shape your overall social media marketing strategy. Dig deeper into everything, including the geolocation of your audience. You will be able to comprehend why some ads make the hit. Now, let us get into how you can do it. 

Spy Competitors Facebook Ads 

It is easy once you know how to do it (no kidding). Facebook has become pretty transparent in recent years, and you can make use of it to dig deeper into your competitor’s advertising strategies. Here are the top 05 ways to uncover those extra Facebook marketing tips that your competitors would never tell you: 

1. Manually Study Competitors Ads 

Facebook came out with one of the best competitor research tools in recent years- the very new Info and Ads tab that appears on every Facebook Business Page. 

Facebook introduced this feature in June 2018 to provide more accountability for bad actors- but it proved to be a sneaky way for marketers to see how the most popular brands are promoting themselves. 


Go to a competitor’s Facebook page to use this tool. Click on the Info and Ads tab. You will be able to view every single live ad on Facebook that your competitors are running. It will help you spy competitors Facebook ads. 

I know it sounds too good to be true- but it gets better from here. Apart from viewing the ads currently running in your region, you can also see ads from around the world by changing the location in the dropdown menu. 

Facebook also displays other information- like page history, people who manage the page, and many more. Thus, it would be a good guess that if an ad works for your competitors, it might as well be worth drafting a similar ad for your company. 

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2. Analyze Competitors’ Messaging Strategy 

If you don’t realize it yet- using Facebook Messenger proves to be a game-changer for a majority of businesses. 

Consider it this way- in less than two weeks into 2019, Facebook redesigned the app yet again. Thus, the effort that Facebook is putting into Messenger makes it clear that Messenger is going to stay. 

To analyze your competitors, visit their Facebook page and check their average response time. It will indicate how much they depend on Messenger as a part of marketing. Set it as a benchmark for your page engagement. 


Facebook Messenger Bot of LEGO

As a matter of fact, if your competitor uses a Messenger bot, you can directly interact with it from their page. There remains no secret here. 

You will be able to know what your competitors use to engage with interested customers and visitors on a regular basis. Plan your strategies accordingly. 

3. Use Ad Spy Tools 

Various tools and software assist market experts and advertisers in knowing what’s up with their competitors on Facebook and other social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Google, native ads, etc. 

Use a tool that lets you analyze everything that comes with the ads. Look for literally everything- from the gender and age of the targeted audience to the lander page that the audience visits after clicking on it. 

PowerAdSpy is one such tool that allows you to spy on competitors’ Facebook group ads in detail. You can target the type of ad that you want to view on the basis of geolocation, date of running the ads, keywords used in the caption and image, domain registration date, etc. 


4. See What Their Fans Love and Hate 

One of the primary reasons why I called Facebook transparent is that a majority of the info available on it stays open for public consumption. 

If it is a business page, then it is probably going to be an open one. Meaning, you can view their content even without liking or joining the page. You can go directly to the wall. 

Once you visit the home section, you can see updates- posts, stories, everything. But wait. The gold doesn’t lie here. The next thing you will do is go to the posts > visitor posts. You will be able to see the comments on each of them. 


Here, you can check all the positive and negative feedback on the brand’s products, packaging, customer support, etc. If you want to spy competitors’ Facebook ads, you have to keep customer feedback as your top-most priority. 

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5. Learn How To Respond To Criticisms 

The very next thing that you must do once you check the customer feedback is to check how the company responds to it. You get to learn both positive and negative lessons here. 

Analyze and study what the moderators say and how the customers respond. Look for the areas that you can improve on the basis of the lessons that your competitors are learning in real-time. 


This way, you can gauge how your customer service ranks among the brands in the same industry as yours without any hassle. 

Apart from Facebook, you might as well consider checking other platforms like Instagram to see how a company resolves a complaint. However, do not look for scattered messages- follow a single thread.

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Wrapping It Up!! 

Gone are the days when Facebook used to be that social media platform where we would occasionally log in to know who got married- now it’s pretty much a part of everyone’s online life. 

Pull up your socks, if you are a digital advertiser, and start analyzing your next marketing campaign based on other advertisers. Spy competitor’s Facebook ads by following the steps mentioned in this article and let us know if it worked. 

Do you want to add something? Are you having any doubts/ queries? Drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!