The Complete Guide To Native Ad Networks

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The Complete Guide To Native Ad Networks

Native ad networks are a type of paid advertising network that provides the same feel as a standard advertisement. Yet it is not exactly like the typical advertisements that you see. It generally gets posted on social media platforms and the content of the websites.

It is different because it does not pop up or stretch like an advertisement. It feels like a part of the newsfeeds in the social media platforms and the content on a website.

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How Do These Native Ad Networks Appear?


As mentioned above, the native advertisements are for social media platforms and websites, so here are some ways in which they appear in the news feeds or the content on many native ads networks.

You must have seen some advertisements while scrolling through your social media (Like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). Well, these are said to be the native advertisements. It is because they are not exactly like other advertisements.

They either redirect the viewer to the social media profile of your brand to check other content, or they directly take the viewers to the website where they can explore more about the products and services provided by the company.

The advertisement’s appearance also depends on the Google search results of the user. The ads generally get promoted according to their search on other websites as well.

So it is a tactic to list the advertisements of their interest so that they might feel like visiting your website or social media profiles.

You must have also seen that when you read an article on a particular website, they tend to show you more articles related to your searched keyword.

It is because if you put up similar blogs related to their keyword at the end, they might continue reading them too. It is a strategy to increase engagement in the blogs posted on your website.

How Can You Tell If It Is A Native Ad Network?


If the users viewing your native advertisements on social media do not realize that it is an ad, then it is a huge disadvantage for your company. It is because you have to pay for these ads and if they do not do any good to you, then it is not at all worth spending any amount for these advertisements.

Several factors distinguish these native advertisements from the regular content. Let us check them one after the other.

The first trait is the native ads that redirect the users either to your social media page or directly to your website. The users can easily distinguish between other content and the ads by this factor. It is because pop-ups are showing at the bottom of the post and clicking on that will redirect the user.

Hence, if the user wishes to see more of your content, then he/she can explore more without any hassle. It is because they are directly taken to your page so that they do not have trouble finding your website or the profile on any social media platform.

You must have seen some posts or advertisements on social media or a website which show “Recommended for you”. It is the second factor that helps in distinguishing the native ads.

It is easier because the advertisements that belong to the “Recommended for you” category are generally the result of the viewer’s top searches either on a particular social media platform or any other website.

Social media puts up your paid advertisements on the news feeds of those users who wish to view similar content with which your brand is dealing.

Similarly, there are some ads where you can see a “Sponsored” or “Suggested” tag. It works exactly like the “Recommended for you” badge and conveys to the user that it is not an ordinary post, but is a paid advertisement of a brand.

Another way to differentiate between regular content and native advertising is to check for a small icon. It is usually present at the top of the ads. If the user clicks on the icon, he/she will get to know that it was a paid advertisement by a particular brand.

Relationship Between Content Marketing And Native Advertisements


The relationship between content marketing and native ads is that they both have similar aims. That is, they are built for the users to know more about a particular brand.

The companies that advertise their products either by content marketing or native ads have to make sure that their ads are appealing and can grab the attention of more users.

The advertisements should express very clearly about the top products and services provided by the company. So that if the user searches for your brand’s website or profile or in case native ads are redirected, they should find similar content and can make a purchase.

Comparing Content Marketing And Native Advertisements


Content marketing is the traditional form of advertising about your brand. It is the process of conveying the products and services that your company deals with elaborately.

In this practice, the companies have to create engagement within the audience. They have to do everything by themselves. That is, they have to build their targeted audience and also have to reach out to other audiences, even those who are unaware of their brand.

Hence, it becomes a very lengthy process for the companies and, apart from that, it also indulges a good lump of money.

On the other hand, native ad networks are a paid advertising tactic in which the brands have to pay for their advertisements to be at the top. All the work depends on the social media platform or the websites where you want to put up your advertisements.

It is just that you have to create fascinating and relevant advertisements that describe everything about your brand. The advertisements must show the top products and services that your company offers.

The social media platform or the website will put your ads accordingly, which will increase engagement in your ads.

You do not have to worry about creating your targeted audience because the ads will show up to those users who share a similar interest. The best part of native ads is they directly take the user to your website or social media profile, so they do not get misguided.

Reasons Online Marketers Are Adapting to Native Advertising Increasingly

marketersThe native ad networks are very different from regular content. So the viewers will never get tired of it because these ads are separate, so this uniqueness makes more users get involved in it.

Studies have proved that brands posting native ads on social media tend to increase the percentage of consumers. It is because if your advertising is appealing, then users will wish to perceive more of your brand’s content.

Hence, these ads redirect users to your brand’s website or social media profile. Ultimately there is more engagement on your page or website. Then, the interested users will make a purchase which will give a hike to your sales.

The native ads are in the form of other posts displayed on social media platforms. Therefore the users will never get bored out of it until the ads are interesting and relevant to the products and services provided by your brand.

They can comfortably know about your brand by looking at the native ad. They do not have to spend their time watching long advertisements to perceive which products and services your company deals with. It is another reason why companies are willing to post more native ads than regular content.

How PowerAdSpy Supports Native Advertising Network?


PowerAdSpy is an advertisement management tool that will help you if you want to post better advertisements than others. It is a tool that will search the advertisements according to your keyword. So you can bookmark them and use them later for designing the ads for your brand.

It is a tool that will search for advertisements related to your interests so that you can check on your competitors. You can build ads that reflect the products and services of your brand more precisely. It will also help you design appealing advertisements so that they can stand out from others.

It is necessary because when you post these native ads on social media platforms, it must grab the attention of an increasing number of audience. Hence, your brand can reach out even to users who do not already know about your organization.

PowerAdSpy provides its facilities for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google.

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To Wrap It Up

Native ad networks are a tactic that can bring a tremendous change in the advertising sector. This is because native ads are a new type of advertisement that gets displayed as content on any social media platform.

The “Recommended for you” badge puts the ads in the news feeds of users sharing a similar interest. Hence the users will never get disturbed out of it. This is because some users might feel irritated if too many ads show up while they are using social media. So it is a better practice as it creates more engagement in your profile or website.

I hope this article was helpful to know about native ad networks. Is there something that you would like to add? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!!